Intimist version 80s Part 5 - The best of the International Category

The playlist of phew in which you will find all the biggest hits 'International Intimist' of the 80s.

For those who know nothing about it, the ideal way to find everything you need to organize a most memorable romantic evening.

For connoisseurs, the means to complete their knowledge or to find titles whose names they no longer remember.

Take out the handkerchiefs !

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Minor Detail - I've got a friend 1983

  • Silent Circle - Love is just a word 1986

  • The Church - Under the milky way 1988

  • Midnight Oil - Put down that weapon 1987

  • Flock Of Seagulls - Wishing 1982

  • Paparazzi - Midnight in blue 1984

  • New Musik - On islands 1980

  • Erasure - Ship of fools 1988

  • Alison Moyet - All cried out 1984

  • Billy Ocean - Suddenly 1985

  • Bob Marley - Three little birds 1980

  • Level 42 - Leaving me now 1985

  • Monsoon - Wings of the dawn 1982

  • Bruce Springsteen - One step up 1988

  • Zucchero - Come il sole all'improvviso 1986

  • Orange Juice - Love love 1981

  • Barbra Streisand - Woman in love 1980

  • Fake - Memories of Pan 1984

  • Tina Turner - What's love got to do with it 1984

  • Heart - These dreams 1986

  • Five Star - Rain or shine 1986

  • Marillion - Sugar mice 1987

  • Supertramp - Don't leave me now 1982

  • Chicago - Hard to say I'm sorry 1982

  • Al Bano & Romina Power - Tu, soltanto tu 1982

Clips :

1983 ... a particularly inspired track which shows the full extent of their talent. And talent, there is in this group, it is clear !

Full Article Minor Detail

1986 ... very versatile, the group subtly mixes Dance hits and Intimist register. They are good in both registers little guys, it is clear !

Full Article Silent Circle

1988 ... the title of the consecration, the real one. They sign here the biggest success of all their discography and above all finally obtain the first global top hit after which they have been chasing for years. Undoubtedly one of their best titles. HU-GE !

Full Article The Church

1987 ... difficult to compete with the 2 steamrollers that the group released previously. But this title still offers a new notorious success to the group and everything is good to take as they say !

Full Article Midnight Oil

1982 ... surely one of their most beautiful titles. A title that will remain as their biggest commercial success. A well-deserved global success. MAS-TER-FUL !

Full Article Flock Of Seagulls

1984 ... a hint of finesse in addition does not harm, quite the contrary. Good in all areas, little guys !

Full Article Paparazzi

1980 ... the group signs here a HUGE title which will undoubtedly remain as one of the most striking titles of the beginning of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

Full Article New Musik

1988 ... welcome to the Grand Bleu remix. It goes without saying ... for a title full of finesse. An alternation of style that allows them to show their full potential. And what potential !

Full Article Erasure

1984 ... a sumptuous track, all in finesse and which shows the full extent of the singer's talent. And talent, there is also at home !

Full Article Alison Moyet

1985 ... the WONDER ! Surely one of his most successful and inspired titles. A sumptuous Ultimate slow that will undoubtedly remain as one of the most beautiful of the decade !

Full Article Billy Ocean

1980 ... still a BIG year for the artist than this year 1980 with a plethora of titles and especially Premium quality on all levels. A decade that should have taken the artist to incredible levels of success. Unfortunately, he won't have time ...

Full Article Bob Marley

1985 ... one of their rare forays into the Intimist register. And like all the Greats, they are just as good in Dance as in the 'With emotions' register

Full Article Level 42

1982 ... simply spellbinding. A song that literally floats in the air. All in Bollywood fashion. MA-GIC !

Full Article Monsoon

1988 ... another magnificent ballad of which he has the secret. A mastery of himself and of the elements that are confirmed, title after title, year after year ...

Full Article Bruce Springsteen

1986 ... passed Master in the Art of the ballad. Here he signs his biggest success to date. A success always limited to the 'Boot' unfortunately ...

Full Article Zucchero

1981 ... after the euphoria of the first titles, here comes the moment of the sweet break. A rise in power that makes them pass definitively in the big leagues

Full Article Orange Juice

1980 ... his 2nd WONDER OF WONDERS. And especially the biggest hit of all his discography. We reach heights of intergalactic success. She signs here undoubtedly one of the biggest Ultimate Slows of all time. A sublimated voice carried by a tailor-made melody. A title written by ... the Gibb brothers, better known as the Bee Gees, as if by chance. Once again A-MA-ZING !

Full Article Barbra Streisand