Anna don’t need another hero...

Tina Turner, whose real name is Anna Mae Bullock, is an American singer, actress and dancer whose career spans almost 50 years !

She started her musical career in 1958 as a chorister of Ike Turner on the title “Box top”.

Two years later in 1960 she again played the choristers on another title "A fool in love". This time, her voice caused a sensation and she suddenly became unavoidable. The title is a real hit.

Ike Turner renames her "Tina" in stride because he thinks that this name suits him better. The singer's career is well and truly launched, finished supporting roles.

The duo formed with Ike Turner began to function well and a second title "It’s gonna work out fine" was released in 1961. Another success.

The hits will now be linked.

In 1966, the singer will produce her first solo single “River deep - Mountain high” with modest success in the United States but which hits the mainland.

And it was not until 1974 that she released her first solo album "Tina turns the country on !» which will earn her a Grammy award nomination !

In 1976, the adventure with Ike Turner ended with a forced separation in cries and tears. The separation was due in part to the violent reports that gangrene the couple and Ike Turner's over-addiction to cocaine.

We had to wait seven years and the year 1983 to see the singer release her first major solo hit, namely "Let’s stay together".

Faced with this unexpected success, the Capitol label signs an agreement for 3 albums with the singer, the first of which "Private dancer" will be released in 1984. After "Let's stay together", the second single from the album is "What's love got to do with it" and it's a huge success again.

Other flagship singles will follow in the wake of "Better be good to me" in the same year and "Private dancer" in 1985. The album will eventually sell around 11 million copies worldwide ! And will remain as the greatest success of his career.

A success in calling another, her participation in the film "Mad Max beyond thunderdome" will definitively raise her to the rank of interplanetary star. On the one hand because she plays a role there as an actress, and on the other hand by signing two tracks of the soundtrack and not the least namely "We don't need another hero" and "One of the living" .

In 1986 it was the album "Break every rule" which released the three hits "Typical male", "Two peole" and "What you get is what you see". The album will sell four million copies worldwide.

It took three years and 1989 to see the album "Foreign Affair" which contained the top mega hit "The best". Single flagship which will be the last major success of this singer with incredible energy and who will have known how to last much more than most singers of her generation.

As such, she deserves our greatest respect.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Baby get it on (Ike Turner) 1975

• You don't bring me flower and sometimes when we touch 1978

• Sometimes when we touch 1978

• Back stabbers 1979

• Let’s stay together 1983

• Help 1984

• What’s love got to do with it 1984

• Better be good to me 1984

• Private dancer 1984

• Show some respect 1985

• We don’t need another hero 1985

• One of the living 1985

• Typical male 1986

• Two people 1986

• Girls 1987

• What you get is what you see 1987

• Break every rule 1987

• Afterglow 1987

• Tonight 1988

• The best 1989

• I don’t wanna lose you 1989

• Steamy windows 1989

• Look me in the heart 1990

• Foreign affair 1990

• Nutbush city limits 1991

• Way of the world 1991

• Love thing 1991

• I want you near me 1992

• I don't wanna fight 1993

• Why must we wait until tonight 1993

• Goldeneye 1995

• Whatever you want 1996

• On silent wings 1996

• In your wildest dreams 1996

• When the heartache is over 1999

Clips :

1975 ... the beginnings of the "Lioness". The tone is set immediately. With her, she will pulsate !

1978 ... we find a Tina solo this time and with finesse. Yes, yes, she can do it too. And she will prove it time and time again !

1978 ... the proof with this new title which literally floats in the air. A sumptuous Ultimate Slow in which she can show the full extent of her talent

1979 ... even if we are far from the top of the Charts for now, it is clear that the quality is there. You just have to be patient to see her explode ...

1983 ... change of decade and everything accelerates in a prodigious way. Here comes the first of her HUGE tubes. An extraordinary personality and voice that will deeply mark the 80s

1984 ... it's a flood of mega hits that will now befall the planet. And this for the next 20 years !

1984 ... which will undoubtedly remain one of its most emblematic titles. A global mega hit that propels the singer to the top of glory

1984 ... a literally exceptional year 1984 with no less than 3 mega hits. Plus 1 'little' hit. Who says better !

1984 ... everything she touches now turns to gold. Or rather everything she sings. A success that few singers of the time can boast !

1985 ... an year 1985 which will be lived in 2 stages : an average start with this title. And a second part of the year to follow with a huge title ...

1985 ... and the huge title, there it is. A cult soundtrack for a cult film. When Mad Max meets Tina, that gives it. A legendary title that will remain as the biggest success of her entire career. MAS-TER-FUL !

1985 ... a new extract from the soundtrack of Mad Max beyond thunderdome. A soundtrack that never stops producing a global mega hit, a near record !

1986 ... the years go by and nothing changes, everything is stable in the exceptional ! New global mega hit, but we don't even pay attention to it ...

1986 ... back in Intimist mode, well, it was a long time ago. And you can imagine the result : a new planetary tidal wave !

1987 ... a title that will go somewhat unnoticed and yet not demerit in an ocean of mega hits

1987 ... for the year 1987, the only big success will be this one. After 3 completely euphoric years, the rate of production of hits suddenly slows down ...

1987 ... a year inside but the titles produced are still of a quality well above the average, whatever happens !

1987 ... a funny year 1987 with titles of quality but which will touch little, or not at all the public. Like this title, go understand ...

1988 ... probably the deepest year of the decade for the singer. Difficult to keep close to the stars indefinitely. A break that does not prevent her from making exceptional duets like this ...

1989 ... shattering return in 1989. After 2 average years, the Lioness is reborn from its ashes and uses the tube of interplanetary class again. One of the biggest hits of that year and the decade itself. MAS-TER-FUL !

1989 ... a new pearl to put in its box 'Register of emotions'. An end of decade on the hats of wheel with a plethora of title of very large caliber

1989 ... the pass of 3 ! An Olympic form and ideal for preparing for the transition to the next decade. Who will already be her 3rd in activity ...

1990 ... a transition which is done in the best conditions with this new title with certain quality. She has this ability to be able to cross the decades while adapting to it in a spectacular way

1990 ... Charts side, we went back a notch compared to the previous year but the sales scores still make the competition fade

1991 ... when Tina started EuroDance at 52. Incredible but true. Not only is it delirious but it also works. New planetary success !

1991 ... a simple style, with perfectly calibrated melodies that hit the mark every time. An incredible longevity that lasts, that lasts, that lasts ...

1991 ... another BIG year with a new triplet of hits. Admittedly, this year will not remain as its best vintage but we are not far from it ...

1992 ... new year 'without'. We will have to be content with this 'little' hit. There are years with and years without ...

1993 ... business resumes. On average, it's a year out of 2 now. New global mega hit. We don't count them anymore so there are ...