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A heart big like that...

Heart is an American group formed in 1971 and originally composed of Steve Fossen, Roger Fischer, David Belzer and Jeff Johnson. Which will be joined later by the Wilson sisters (Ann and Nancy). A group that can boast of having sold no less than 35 million records to date around the world.

Their first album "Dreamboat Annie" was released in 1975 and achieved excellent sales scores as soon as it was released, notably thanks to 2 flagship singles, "Crazy on you" and "Magic man".

Two years later in 1977, the album "Little Queen" was released, which in turn exceeded one million sales in the USA. It’s a huge success. Album which will mainly produce the hit "Barracuda". The same year, the less successful album "Magazine" was released. Who will still succeed in producing the hit "Heartless".

New album success the following year in 1978 when "Dog and butterfly" was released. Of which the single "Straight on" will be the main hit.

1979 rhymes with the departure of the 2 Fisher brothers, a departure which will inevitably have repercussions on the style of the group for the years to come.

The year 1980 saw the release of the album "Bébé le strange", which then became the group's highest-rated album in the United States. "Even it up" will be the only single in the major ranking.

The years go by but they don't necessarily look alike. The following three years hold some unpleasant surprises for the group with sales scores well below the previous ones. This was the case in 1982 when the album "Private audition" was released. As in 1983 when the album "Passionworks" was released. To the point that no single turns into a hit ! Only "How can I refuse" will manage painfully to succeed.

Change of course and sound from 1985. And the result is spectacular ! Released the album which is simply called "Heart". It’s a global tidal wave in terms of success. The disc is certified Quintuple Platinum only in the United States. There will be 5 million copies sold there.

The album produced an impressive number of hits with no less than 4 mega hits and one minor hit. With in mind "These dreams" and "Nothin’ at all" which capture the best places in many Charts worldwide.

The momentum of success continued in 1987 with the release of the album "Bad animals" which in turn was a hit all over the planet. And even does better than its predecessor across the Channel. He will also offer the group his best ranked single with the huge "Alone" which smashes everything in its path. And to a lesser extent "Who will run to you".

Stratospheric cruising speed maintained in 1990 with the album "Brigade". Album that records record sales again ! From which will be extracted the top mega hit “All I wanna do is make love to you”. As well as "I didn’t want to need you" and "Stranded". The number of hits produced in 3 albums is literally staggering !

In 1993 the album "Desire walks on" was released. Success there is but without common measure compared to the previous three. He will produce the hit "Will you be there (In the morning)" which this time will indeed be the last notorious success of the group.

The adventure will continue anyway thereafter but with a level of success to say the least limited...

In more than 40 years of existence Heart has produced an impressive number of albums and can boast of having classified a number of singles like few other groups classified Triple-Decade 70/80/90. They will remain as one of the most prolific and gifted American groups of their generation.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Crazy on you 1976

  • Magic man 1976

  • Dreamboat Annie 1976

  • Barracuda 1977

  • Heartless 1978

  • Straight on 1978

  • Dog and butterfly 1979

  • Tell it like it is 1980

  • This man is mine 1982

  • How can I refuse 1983

  • What about love 1985

  • Never 1985

  • These dreams 1986

  • Nothin’ at all 1986

  • Alone 1987

  • Who will you run to 1987

  • There’s the girl 1987

  • I want you so bad 1988

  • Wait for an answer 1988

  • All I wanna do is make love to you 1990

  • I didn’t want to need you 1990

  • Stranded 1990

  • Secret 1991

  • You're the voice 1991

  • Will you be there (In the morning) 1993

  • The woman in me 1994

  • Strong, strong wind 1998

  • The perfect goodbye 2004

  • I need the rain 2004

  • Red velvet car 2010

  • Hey you 2010

  • Fanatic 2012

  • Walkin' good 2012

  • A million miles 2012

  • Two 2016

  • Sweet darlin' 2016

  • Heaven 2016


Clips :

1976 ... the first title classified. Very 1970s, completely in tune with the times. All you have to do is wait for a sequel that will turn out to be huge in the years that follow ...

1976 ... the title that will really reveal them. 100 % Rock ! A sound that pleases in any case throughout the Anglo-Saxon sphere ...

1976 ... on a Country basis, a nice title with finesse which ends a decidedly exceptional year for girls

1977 ... we go from one extreme to another. After the lightness, here comes the time of beating in good standing. And it works more !

1978 ... after a mixed year 1977, here comes a year 1978 a little more interesting. Well, we stay on the same rock bases but the style is refined ...

1978 ... two voices that blend perfectly. Not sisters for nothing ! Things are finally moving in the right direction ...

1979 ... ah, finally a little Intimist. It was high time for the girls to show that they can do this too ...

1980 ... sumptuous cover of the title of Aaron Neville which dates from the 60s. Definitely, they know how to do everything !

1982 ... an early 80 where the group is looking for and especially wants to find a style and sound more compatible with the time ...

1983 ... well, for the moment, he still hasn't found himself. It evolves, slowly but not necessarily fast enough compared to the sound evolutions already underway in competition ...

1985 ... then comes the salutary turn, finally ! The style, the sound, everything is finally moving in the right direction. The start of mega hits !

1985 ... the 2 sisters are finally at the height of their possibilities. How to resist them ? Nobody a priori given the sales scores !

1986 ... the WONDER ! A rock-romantic ballad tailor-made for the 2 Amazons. Here they sign their first global mega hit. The first, but surely not the last !

1986 ... and it's not over ! Now it's a flood of hits that nothing and no one can stop

1987 ... this time, it's the planetary jackpot. They simply sign here the biggest hit of their career, all on a sumptuous Intimist basis. MA-GIC !

1987 ... 1986 was an exceptional year. 1987 will more or less approach it. A dynamic that never falters and that allows girls to literally walk on the water ...

1987 ... surely one of their best titles. A highly inspired title that works perfectly and once again shows the extraordinary talent of the girls

1988 ... small air hole in 1988 with few titles but the bit is of extreme quality. The proof with this sumptuous title ! Once again MA-GIC !

1988 ... a title which will pass completely under the radars. We really wonder why but sometimes there is nothing to understand as we say ...

1990 ... the 1970s will have revealed them, the 1980s will have seen them explode. One would have thought that the 1990s would be unfavorable to them, to say the least. Oh no. We continue in excellence !

1990 ... 100 % rock, 100 % top. The group continues to groom the summit of the peaks with disconcerting ease. The brand of the Great !

1990 ... full of strength and softness, one of the only bands of the decade capable of such prowess. A mind-blowing 90's that sees them transform everything they touch into gold !

1991 ... yet another magnificent demonstration of their dual strength-finesse versatility. One of the very few groups to excel at this point in this area !

1991 ... one of the very few bands to have crossed 3 decades without going out of style. Thanks to a timeless style that is constantly renewed ...

1993 ... all the best things come to an end, here comes the last notorious hit. Almost 20 years after their debut, the circle is almost complete ...

1994 ... when the group does luxury cover. On a title by Donna Summer dating from 1983. And my faith, the result is up to par !

1998 ... we end in beauty with this sumptuous title which shows, once again, all their talent. Unquestionably one of the best American bands of the end of the 20th century !

2004...actually it's rather over in terms of major success in the Charts, but the adventure is far from over. The girls still have things to offer and especially to sing... any case, it's the basic fans who are delighted each time they come back. Especially since the quality is always in order which does not spoil anything...

2010... they begin their 5th decade of career here, who would have thought that possible ? We're not going to lie to each other, the best years are now behind them but the adventure continues to be beautiful no matter what...'s just the level of inspiration that has dropped somewhat but for the rest, the quality level is more than enough to allow them to continue to sell albums...

2012...the desire to continue the adventure as far as possible is obvious. Especially since a significant number of groups from the 80s have also decided to come back. They're not alone anymore...

2012...and still this versatility that allows them to produce titles with a certain finesse. That's also what we like about them from the start...

2012...and here they are again in full beating mode. They have always had this incredible ability to alternate strength and finesse with a more than obvious mastery...

2016... in the end 3 albums just for this decade 2010, which shows the certain state of form of the girls. Hope it lasts...

2016... the girls are still in their 5th career decade and have no intention of stopping there. Who would blame them honestly...

2016... so we imagine that this title will surely not be the last because we now know that with her, everything is still possible and a next return is more than likely...


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