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N°1, N°2...

Silent Circle is a German group formed in 1985 by singer Martin Tychsen, keyboardist/composer/leader Axel Breitung and drummer Jurgen Behrens.

The group was formed for the first time in 1979, but it failed and the separation was immediate.

It reformed six years later and started again on better foundations.

In 1985 the single "Hide away - Man is coming" was released and to everyone's surprise, it was a huge national success !

Building on this success, 4 other singles were released in the process, namely "Touch in the night", "Stop the rain","Love is just a word" and "Time for love".

From that moment, success becomes international.

In 1986 the first album "N ° 1" was released. A year later in 1987, two new singles were released : "Danger, danger" and "Oh, don’t lose your heart tonight".

We had to wait three years and the year 1990 to see the release of the second album called "No. 2".

Two more albums will be released, one in 1994 and the other in 1998.

Group a little less known than some other side Deutschland, it nevertheless deserves the detour.

To discover or rediscover absolutely.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Hide Away - Man is Comin' 1985

• Touch in the night 1985

• Stop the rain 1986

• Love is just a word 1986

• Time for love 1986

• Danger danger 1987

• Oh, Don't Lose Your Heart Tonight 1987

• Moonlight affair 1987

• I’m your believer 1989

• What a shame 1989

• 2night 1993

• Every Move, Every Touch 1994

• Egyptian eyes 1996

• Love can last a lifetime 1998

• Save me 1998

• It's not a secret 1998

• Night train 1999

• Just another moment 2018

• Hide in your shell 2018

• Night falls in Shangaï 2018

• Don't ask me why 2018

• 2night 1989 2018

• Luxury 2018

• The sweetest dreams 2018

• Night after night 2018

• I'm back to stay 2018

• Face to face 2018


Clips :

1985 ... a very promising start for a group which will prove to be one of the best of the 80s on the Deutschland side...

1985 ... an obvious sound quality which confirms that they are not there to do only some figuration, it's obvious !

1986 ... the hits will now follow each other at an impressive speed. As often with the Germans, when quality is the order of the day, it's a deluge of titles !

1986 ... very versatile, the group subtly mixes dance hits and Intimist register. They are good in 2 little guys !

1986 ... a big year 1986 year with no less than 3 heavy hits. It unrolls, it unrolls ! And it's far from over ...

1987 ... a clear rise in power from year to year. The group now has a large place in the Big League !

1987 ... this group is a real war machine for Dance titles. High quality know-how made in the Rhine !

1987 ... they unquestionably sign here one of their biggest titles. At the height of their possibilities and their art !

1989 ... astonishing, nothing will happen in 1988. We therefore find them a year later, in 1989. And still as effective !

1989 ... HUGE title which will remain as one of the best, if not the best. The consecration which makes them definitively enter the musical legend of the 80s...

1993 ... change of decade, change of sound, change of tempo...a rightly negotiated turning point...

1994 ... an end of reign which rhymes with Italo Dance. Far from being ridiculous our little Germans, a good job as usual. But with them, nothing surprising !

1996 ... here they are in Arab-Teutonic in the middle of the 90s. You had to try this one ! And my faith, a cultural mix which turns out to be rather effective...

1998...even if the best years are now behind, the group continues its adventure and still believes in it a little. Rightly or wrongly, that's something else...

1998... he will no longer produce a major hit and sees the frontrunners recede year after year, but what he continues to offer is far from deserving. We take, we take !

1998...despite all their efforts to adapt, nothing will help and they will gradually disappear from the radar. Hard law of the trade...

1999 ... come on, it's not quite over yet. We leave in beauty with this last title, once again, with certain quality...

2018...while we thought the case was definitely over, here they are back in this year 2018, who would have thought that possible ? A return that will inevitably delight the basic fans...

2018... a return at the end of the 2010 decade which will above all allow them to bring old songs that have never been released up to date. And we will realize that there was a hell of a lot to do...

2018...we will thus realize the enormous work accomplished by this group for years and years. All thanks to a level of inspiration among the best of its generation...

2018...because many unreleased titles frankly deserved to be. It is only fair to present them to us now...

2018...they will release two albums of unreleased tracks just that and prove by the same token that their success at the highest level is due to anything but chance...

2018...they will present almost as many unknown titles as officially released titles, which further underlines their impressive level of productivity. But coming from them, nothing surprising...

2018...unreleased titles mostly Dance oriented but not only. The proof with this title with a much softer tempo and which shows once again that this group is really talented in all areas...

2018...they will concentrate the release of these unreleased songs at the end of the 2010 decade but given the number of groups from the 80s who are making their comeback during this decade, it could be that we will find the group with new titles soon ...

2018 ... we will benefit anyway from all these 'old' unreleased titles that they will have wanted to bring back to light. Bravo gentlemen for all of your work !

2018...we imagine and we especially hope that this title will not be the last. So we're going to wait quietly for them to prove to us that with them nothing is ever over...


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