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Alison Moyet is an English singer, songwriter and composer whose particularity is to have an atypical contralto voice.

She will have placed no less than 7 albums in the Top30 English albums of which 2 will have reached the place of N ° 1. As well as 9 singles in the Top30 singles including 5 in the Top10.

After leaving school at the age of 16, she did odd jobs and participated in groups like "The Vandals", "The Screamin’ Ab Dabs ","The Vicars " and other " Little Roosters "....

It was at the age of 21 that her destiny changed when she formed the duo "Yazoo" with an ex member of the Depeche Mode, namely "Vince Clarke".

The duo will produce in 1982 the cult single "Don’t go" and some other titles of good invoices before separating in 1983. Clarke forming for its part The Assembly then Erasure and Moyet leaving it in a solo career.

The singer released her first solo album "Alf" in 1984 from which no less than 3 world hits will be extracted, including "Love resurrection", "Invisible" and "All cried out". The album will be a huge success.

In 1985 the single "That Ole Devil Called Love" was released, which will be ranked N ° 2 in the Top English singles and remains to this day its biggest commercial success.

A year later, in 1986, she continued to ride the top of the wave with her single "Is this love" (co-written by Dave Stewart of Eurythmics) which in turn had a very good journey.

Like the single "Love letters" which came out in 1987.

It took four years to see the less successful album "Hoodoo" released in 1991.

Followed three years later by the album "Essex", which was also less successful despite the presence of the excellent "Whispering your name".

These will be the last major successes of this extraordinary singer.

Out of the ordinary as much by the physical as by this very particular voice which makes her a unique model !

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• All cried out 1984

• Love resurrection 1984

• Invisible 1984

• That ole devil called love 1985

• For you only 1985

• Is this love 1986

• Weak in the presence of beauty 1987

• Ordinary girl 1987

• Love letters 1987

• Sleep like breathing 1987

• It wont be long 1991

• Wishing you were here 1991

• This house 1991

• Falling 1993

• Whispering your name 1994

• Getting into something 1994

• Ode to boy 1994

• The first time ever I saw your face 1995

• Solid wood 1995

• Should I feel that it's over 2002

• Do you ever wonder 2002

• More 2003

• Windmills of your mind 2004

• Almost blue 2004

• Slipping away 2006

• One more time 2007

• A guy like you 2007

• When I was your girl 2013

• Love reign supreme 2013

• Changeling 2013

• Reassuring pinches 2017

• The rarest birds 2017

• Other 2017

• Such small ale 2024


Adventure Yazoo :


Clips :

1984 ... the first solo title. Alison no longer needs anyone to shine on her own. The proof with this title more than certain quality !

1984 ... a second sumptuous title, all in finesse and which shows the full extent of the singer's talent. And there is talent !

1984 ... the pass of 3, a third top hit to end the year in style. An exceptional year 1984 which propels the singer to the summit of success

1985 ... a jazzy little parenthesis which, as paradoxical as it may seem, offers her its best sales score

1985...paradoxically, this title will pass 'through'. After having lined up 4 mega hits in a row, the singer will experience a very slight air hole without any consequences fortunately...

1986 ... the tempo re-accelerates. Only one small title for the year 1986 but quality, as always. With her, never bad surprises, it's clear !

1987 ... the beginning of the metamorphosis. Everything will change with the singer, except the voice. Changes necessary to be able to stay at the highest level, end of the 80s obliges !

1987 ... a track that spins at 200 km/h, rather rare at home. Admittedly, she excels in the Intimist but is not ridiculous, far from it, in other areas

1987 ... in duo mode. An extremely rare thing in her. Plus on a sumptuous Ultimate Slow that literally floats in the air

1987 ... new sweet parenthesis. Hunt the natural, it comes back at a gallop. Her last notorious hit unfortunately. Tough law of the trade as they say ...

1991 ... small air hole of 4 years and here she is again in great shape in this year 1991. Certainly, the style and the sound have slightly evolved ... For good or in bad ? Hum hum...

1991...we're not going to lie to each other, the best years are now behind her. The 90s will be a little more complicated to manage than expected...

1991 ... she delivers here a sumptuous ballad, with a certain inspiration but with a particularly dark universe ...

1993 ... nothing in 1992. We find her a year later in 1993 in an original musical register that we had never known before ...

1994 ... here comes surely one of her best titles thanks to this luxury cover of the title of Ignatius Jones dating from 1983. Like what, nothing is ever finished. HU-GE !

1994...the middle of the decade will see her go down another notch in terms of success in the Charts. The adventure is far from over but it is obviously getting more complicated...

1994...success is now almost exclusively limited to England. It's always better than nothing you say...

1995 ... she decides to revisit here the title of Peggy Seeger dating from 1957. A revisited version of certain quality but which will not bring her more than that unfortunately ...

1995...she will save her year 1995 with this title but narrowly. It is clear that her level of inspiration from the 90s is no longer really on the same level as that of the previous decade...

2002... she will disappear from the radar for almost 7 years and here she is again in this new decade in a form that we will qualify as relative. In any case, not enough to return to the front of the leading pack...

2002...she still manages to rank her titles but far, very far from the top of the Charts. She will therefore have to pay attention to the irreversible stall that is looming on the horizon...

2003 ... in any case, she continues to believe in it. And no matter whether there is success or not, the important thing for her is to continue to show that she is still there...

2004...she revisits here the title of Noel Harrison dating from 1968, a title originally composed by Michel Legrand. A resumption for the less audacious in this decade 2000... the series of luxury covers, here comes the one that revisits the title of Elvis Costello dating from 1982. Of the 2 covers, this is the one that will come out the best...

2006... it is MOBY which will allow her to temporarily return to the race. A comeback that will only last for a moment unfortunately...

2007... the very last hit. This time the singer comes to the end of the road on the singles side and none will be ranked despite all her efforts...

2007...and yet she is far from unworthy. But she is now part of the past and the younger generation does not even know that she continues to exist... consequent air hole with a disappearance of the radars which will last nearly 6 years. But once again she has the courage to come back...

2013...a desire to believe in it again and again, which undoubtedly commands respect. It must be said that with her talent, there is always something to believe...

2013...especially since the albums, them, continue to work. Which shows all the same that she still has a stable base of basic fans who continue to follow her on a regular basis...

2017...always and still there ! The production of titles remains significant and allows her to stay afloat to a minimum. Hope it lasts...

2017...she makes it a point of honor to come back every decade to offer new things. Which necessarily delights to the highest degree all those who have followed her for decades...

2017 ... so we imagine that this title will not be the last. It remains to be seen when she intends to return. In 5, 7, 10 years, good question...



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