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Something about you...

Level 42 is an English group formed in 1979 by Mark King, Mike Lindup, Boon Gould and Phil Gould.

The group released their first Single "Love meeting love" in 1980 under the label Elite Records. Single with very modest success.

A year later, in 1981, the Single "Love games" was released, under the label Polydor Records. This time, things get more serious with an entry in the English Top40.

In 1982 the album "The pursuit of accidents" was released which contained the Singles "Weave your spell" and "The Chinese way". The group is gaining notoriety.

The start of planetary recognition arrived in 1983 with the release of the album "Standing in the light", from which was extracted one of their very first hit, "The sun goes down (living it up)".

Followed in 1984 by the album "True colors", the Single "Hot water" will enter the Top20. Confirming the rise of the group.

World recognition came in 1985 with the release of two huge hits, "Something about you" and "Leaving me now" from the album "World Machine". Critics are unanimous on the quality of the latter.

But another title will be even stronger a year later, the now cult "Lessons in love" released in 1986 which remains to this day the biggest sale of the group in terms of Singles. It’s a real planetary tidal wave. The group becomes essential.

The album "Running in the family", which contains "Lessons in love", was released in 1987 and was a colossal success. Other titles will be extracted from it like "To be with you again" or "It’s over" among others.

Despite this, tensions are growing stronger within the group and the input-output are becoming more numerous.

The group came out as good as the album "Staring at the sun" in 1988, which made a very beautiful journey across the Channel, notably thanks to the Singles "Heaven in my hands" and "Tracie".

Their last major album "Guaranteed" was released in 1990, from which the flagship title of the same name would be extracted.

An adventure which will continue thereafter but with a much lower level of success than before unfortunately.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade : :

• Love meeting love 1980

• Love games 1981

• Turn it on 1981

• Starchild 1981

• Weave your spell 1982

• The chinese way 1983

• The sun goes down 1983

• Hot water 1984

• Something about you 1985

• Leaving me now 1985

• Lessons in love 1986

• Running in the familly 1987

• To be with you again 1987

• It’s over 1987

• Children say 1987

• Heaven in my hands 1988

• Take a look 1988

• Tracie 1989

90s Decade :

• Guaranteed 1991

• Overtime 1991

• My father's shoes 1992

• Forever now 1994

• Love in a peaceful world 1994

2000s Decade :

• Dive into the sun 2006

• The way back home 2006

• Just for you 2006

2010s Decade :

• Sirens 2013

• My independence day 2013


Tracks :

1980 ... after an unsuccessful first try, here comes the group's first classified title. Difficult to imagine at this stage the huge continuation which awaits them in the years to come !

1981 ... slowly but surely, the fame of the group extends to all Europe. The beginning of legitimate recognition !

1981 ... a year 1981 that saw them ramp up in impressive fashion. So we imagine that the rest will be up to par !

1981 ... title after title, the group confirms an undeniable talent as well as a truly unique style. A style that will be all the rage in the years that follow ...

1982 ... the hits follow one after the other. Certainly, we are far from the summit of the Charts but we are slowly approaching it, but surely...

1983 ... everything accelerates. The unique sound that will differentiate them from all other groups is now fully operational and it will change everything

1983 ... but it is THIS title that will change their destiny forever. From there, it is surging planetary hits and recognition of steamroller version. HU-GE !

1984 ... the Level42mania extends to the entire planet. The group is now playing in the Big League and is not about to leave !

1985 ... which will undoubtedly remain one of their biggest titles. Here they sign their first global mega hit. The first and probably not the last. MAS-TER-FUL !

1985 ... one of their rare forays into the Intimist register. And like all the Greats, they prove to be as good in Dance as in the register 'With emotions'

1986 ... the title of the consecration. It is THIS title which makes them enter definitively in the musical legend of the 80s. A consecration largely deserved. MAGNI-FI-CENT !

1987 ... an incredible dynamic that literally makes them walk on water. Result : 2nd mega hit in stride !

1987 ... the pass of 3. Admittedly, this title will not have a success as colossal as the 2 preceding ones but approaches it more or less

1987 ... a sumptuous Ultimate Slow to end the year in style. An exceptional year that sees them transform everything they touch into gold !

1987 ... a particularly prolific year with a very last heavyweight title. The 'little' hit of the year ...

1988 ... a new vintage which starts on the wheel hats. Surely the fastest title of all their discography. Thoroughly, thoroughly !

1988 ... almost 10 years of presence in the Charts. A longevity reserved only for the best. And the adventure is not yet over !

1989 ... the end of the decade looming on the horizon. The group is losing power, that's obvious. The classification in the Charts is feeling it more and more ...

1991 ... the group still passed the milestone of the following decade. And my faith, all is not lost. They still have some under the pedal !

1991 ... and still this inimitable style which has hardly changed since their beginnings. Their trademark forever !

1992 ... a title completely outside their usual melodic standards. And my faith, it works well all that !

1994 ... the last notorious hit, almost 15 years after their debut. A magnificent adventure that will have consecrated them as one of the best bands of the decade, just that !

1994 ... the very last title classified. This time, the circle is indeed closed. Anyway, bravo gentlemen !

2006...we thought we would never see them again and here they are back almost 14 years later, all in some form. Enough in any case to classify this new opus...

2006...they won't be able to classify any Singles but it doesn't matter what the main thing is that what they continue to offer is of quality, it is clear...

2006...and it is inevitably the basic fans who rejoice at the highest point as soon as they see new titles coming out. And new with them necessarily... disappearance of 7 years and here they are back again. This time the return will go much more unnoticed unfortunately...

2013... after the main thing being to participate, we will be satisfied with what they have to offer. Waiting for a possible return later...


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