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Chicago is an American group formed in 1967 in Chicago by saxophonist Walter Parazaider, guitarist Terry Kath, drummer Danny Seraphine, trombonist James Pankow, trumpet player Lee Loughnane and singer Robert Lamm.

A group that has the distinction of being considered as one of the longest-lasting groups that has sold no less than 100 million titles worldwide. And who can boast of having 23 Gold discs, 18 Platinum and 8 Multi-Platinum, 5 albums number 1 and 21 singles classified in the American Top10.

Originally, the group took the name of "The big Thing" and then "Chicago Transit Authority" from 1968 after they signed with the label Columbia Records. In the meantime, the group has been joined by the one who will become the charismatic leader over time, namely the singer Peter Cetera.

Their first production was released in 1969 and was extremely rare, it was a double album, named after the group. And it’s a huge success, selling over a million copies.

In 1970 the group again released a double album but this time under the name of "Chicago", album which will eventually bear the name of "Chicago II". Followed in 1971 by “Chicago III”, then “Chicago V” in 1972, then “Chicago VI” in 1973, then “Chicago VII” in 1974, then “Chicago VIII” in 1975. All of these albums will be success.

But it was in 1976 that the planetary consecration arrived with the intergalactic title "If you leave me now", extracted from the album "Chicago X". Superb title with a captivating melody and which will earn them their only Grammy Award.

A year later in 1977 the album "Chicago XI" was released, from which "Baby, what a big surprise" was released and which was their last Top10 of the 1970s.

In 1978, the group restructured after the accidental disappearance of Terry Kath. Restructuring which destabilizes the group and which will result in three album releases, "Hot streets" in 1978, "Chicago XIII" in 1979 and "Chicago XIV" in 1980, with very average success. To the point that the label Columbia Records thanks them outright.

1981 was synonymous with a change of label, Warner Brothers, but also a change in style and sound.

Beneficial changes which will allow the release in 1982 of the album "Chicago 16" from which will be extracted a huge hit which is "Hard to say I’m sorry/Get away".

And two years later in 1984, it was the album "Chicago 17" which in turn came out and which will remain in the history of the group as the best-selling album among all. Album which contains in particular the flagship singles "You’re the inspiration" and "Hard habit to break".

In 1985, Chicago lost its leader, Peter Cetera, leaving for a solo career. This will not prevent the group from still having some big successes.

Especially thanks to titles like "Will you still love me ?" from the album "Chicago 18" released in 1985. Or "Look away" and "I don’t wanna live without your love" from the album "Chicago 19" released in 1988.

A group with a particularly long and prolific career, Chicago will leave history with several pieces of anthology. To consume without moderation !

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Questions 67 and 68 1969

  • Make me smile 1970

  • 25 or 6 to 4 1970

  • Does anybody really know what time is it ? 1970

  • Free 1971

  • Beginnings 1971

  • Questions 67 and 68 1971

  • Saturday in the park 1972

  • Dialogue (Part I & II) 1972

  • Feelin' stronger every day 1973

  • Just you 'n' me ? 1973

  • (I've been) Searching so long 1974

  • Call on me 1974

  • Wishing you were here 1974

  • Old days 1975

  • Brand new love affair (Part I & II) 1975

  • Another rainy day in New-York city 1976

  • If you leave me now 1976

  • You are on my mind 1977

  • Baby what a big surprise 1977

  • Alive again 1978

  • No tell lover 1978

  • Gone long gone 1979

  • Thunder and lightning 1980

  • Hard to say I’m sorry 1982

  • Love me tomorrow 1982

  • What you're missing 1983

  • Stay the night 1984

  • Hard habit to break 1984

  • You’re the inspiration 1984

  • Along comes a woman 1985

  • Will you still love me ? 1986

  • If she would have been faithfull 1987

  • Niagara falls 1987

  • I don’t wanna live without your love 1988

  • Look away 1988

  • You’re not alone 1989

  • We can last forever 1989

  • What kind of man would I be ? 1989

  • Chasin' the wind 1991

  • Explain it to my heart 1991

  • You come to my senses 1991

  • Here in my heart 1997

  • The only one 1997

  • All roads leed to you 1988

  • Show me a sign 1998

  • Feel 2006

  • Love will come back 2006

  • Let's take a lifetime 2008

  • Now 2014

  • More will be revealed 2014

  • All over the world 2019

Clips :

1969 ... first title and already first success. The group began its career in an ideal way and is ideally positioned for the transition to the 1970s

1970 ... success begins to spread to the whole planet. The rise in power is evident title after title and necessarily a good omen for the rest of the events ...

1970 ... everything is now going in an ideal way for the group. The fame grows with the success and the group just has to unroll and especially show all of its talent ...

1970 ... the first very big success. A start to the 1970s to say the least shattering and which allows the group to consider the rest in a more than serene way...

1971 ... the year 1971 will be a little notch below the year 1970 but no need to worry about them. The best is yet to come, that's for sure !

1971 ... their 'big' title of the year 1971. Nothing exceptional but quite simply a good job, isn't that the essential ...

1972 ... the rise in power will be accentuated from this year 1972. The style is refined, just like the sound, it is obvious. We are therefore impatiently awaiting the rest ...

1972 ... this one will do a little worse than its predecessor but the dynamics of success are now well in place and this is the main thing ...

1973 ... 1973 started again on a better basis but without putting the group back in the lead. Be careful not to fall asleep on their laurels ...

1973 ... a very 70s style, the group is perfectly in tune with the times. The successes follow one after the other at high speed and it is not about to stop ...

1974 ... a magnificent foray into the Intimist world which shows the group's full potential in this field. And the following years will prove it vividly !

1974 ... a beautiful year 1974 with a plethora of titles of more than certain quality and a level of success that matches as a result. All good little guys !

1974 ... another sumptuous track with 3 members of the Beach Boys as backing vocals, just that. Incredible but true !

1975 ... we are in the mid-70s and the sound is evolving a little, especially the tempo which accelerates. An obligatory step if the group wants to stay in contact with the best ...

1975 ... a title which will not remain as the best classified of all but which at least has the merit of being finesse and lightness, at least at the beginning. It's already that...

1976 ... a year 1976 which will prove to be absolutely exceptional for the group. Not on this title even if it is not devoid of quality but especially for the next one ...

1976 ... comes the WONDER. A mind-blowing title, with extra-terrestrial inspiration and which will offer them their first planetary mega-hit. They sign here one of the most beautiful titles of this end of the XXth century, quite simply! ABSOLUTELY MA-GIC !

1977 ... impossible for this title to compete with its predecessor as the bar has been raised. It must be said that on the tempo side we went from one extreme to another ...

1977 ... with them, since their beginnings, it's on average a top hit per year. For the year 1977, this will be it !

1978 ... the adventure continues to be beautiful and the group continues to unroll with ease to say the least impressive. It must be said that with a talent like theirs, nothing surprising ...

1978 ... a timeless title, halfway between the Intimist and the Dance. And always this 'Chicago' style, unique and recognizable among all

1979 ... 10 years of career and a number of stars among the most flattering of the moment. It remains to be seen how the group will pass the course of the next decade ...

1980 ... a change of decade which sees a very clear acceleration of the tempo. An essential adaptation to start the new decade in the best possible way

1982 ... the new WONDER. With them, it is a Masterpiece per decade. One of the very few bands to have signed 2 exceptional pieces in the Intimist area. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1982 ... a continuation of certain quality but which, of course, cannot compete w