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Strange parishioners...

The Church is an Australian group formed in Sydney in 1980 by singer and bass player Steve Kilbey as well as guitarists Peter Koppes and Marty Willson-Piper.

The first album "Of skins and heart" was released in 1980 from which the single "She never said" will be extracted. Single with meager esteem success.

It was not until the release of the second single "Unguarded moment" in 1981, followed shortly by the single "Tear it alla way", that things accelerated and the group finally achieved its first successes.

In 1982 the album "The blurred crusade" was released, from which "Almost with you" was released. New successes. This will not be the case with the album "Séance", released in 1983, which will prove to be a commercial failure.

It will take two years and the year 1985 to see the release of a new title with the single "Already yesterday". Single again with modest success.

The album "Heyday" which comes out in the wake does not do much better.

In 1988, things changed with the release of two excellent singles, "Reptile" and "Under the milky way", singles from the album "Starfish". The titles are a hit, as well as the album.

The album "Gold afternoon fix" was released in 1990 and contains only one hit, namely "Metropolis".

In 1992, it was the album "Priest = Aura" which came out, an album of certain quality but which had only relatively success. This will also be the case for those who come behind.

Excellent group, much less known than Midnight Oil or INXS, The Church really deserves a visit, as much by the musical quality of the titles as by the atypical style of its members.

To discover or rediscover. ..


Discography (among others ...) :

80s  Decade :

• She never said 1980

• The unguarded moment 1981

• Too fast for you 1981

• Tear it all away 1981

• Almost with you 1982

When you were mine 1982

I am a rock 1982

• It’s no reason 1983

Electric lash 1983

• Already yesterday 1985

Tantalized 1986

Disenchanted 1986

• Under the milky way 1988

• Reptile 1988

• Destination 1988

90s  Decade :

• Metropolis 1990

You're so beautiful 1990

• Ripple 1992

• Feel 1992

• Two places at once 1994

Lost my touch 1994

Business woman 1994

• Comedown 1996

Louisiana 1998

Tranquility 1998

2000s  Decade :

• The awful ache 2002

Song for the asking 2002

Chromium 2002

Earthfriend 2002

Reward 2002

Telepath 2003

June 2003

Summer 2003

Crash ride 2004

Nervous breakthrough 2004

• Snowfaller 2005

• Heading south 2005

• Unified field 2006

• Easy 2006

• Never before 2006

• Pangaea 2009

• Sunken sun 2009

2010s  Decade :

• Pride before a fall 2014

• Laurel canyon 2014

Old coast road 2014

• Let us go 2014

• Vanishing man 2015

• Another century 2017

• Submarine 2017

• Undersea 2017

2020s   Decade :

• The hypnogogue 2022

• C'est la vie 2023

• No other you 2023

• Realm of minor angels 2023

• A strange path 2023


Tracks :

1980 ... beginnings that will go somewhat unnoticed. The basics are there but there is still work, it's clear ...

1981 ... the work begins to bear fruit. Second title and already first hit. Admittedly, success will be limited to the southern sphere, but it's always better than nothing ...

1981 ... a continuation which shows the enormous potential of the group. A group that will quickly prove to be one of the best of its generation !

1981 ... three titles classified just for this year 1981. The group stands out as one of the great revelations of the moment and undoubtedly ...

1982 ... the ramp-up is done slowly but surely. New year and new success. But the group still can't get to the next level ...

1982 ... the classified titles follow one another and reinforce the group's position as a sure value. It remains to produce THE title that will change everything ...

1983 ... on the sweet side, they can do too ! Admittedly, it's not really their cup of tea at the beginning but it works rather well

1983 ... the group is now at cruising speed and unfolds quietly. But still no major title that could finally set them apart from the crowd ...

1985 ... a year 1985 where we will have to be content with a single title. Rarity but quality, that's all that matters !

1986 ... business resumed in this year 1986 with this new one which sped squarely at the speed of light. Attention gentlemen not to confuse speed and precipitation ...

1986 ... 'small' year with a very limited level of success despite the release of several titles. There are good years and not so good ...

1988 ... then comes THIS title, the title of the consecration, the real one, finally. They sign here the biggest success of all their discography and above all finally obtain the first global top hit after which they have been chasing for years. Undoubtedly one of their best titles. HU-GE !

1988 ... the Golden Year with two of their biggest hits including this one. A title that makes them definitely enter the musical legend of the 80s !

1988 ... this one on the other hand will go unnoticed to say the least and this in spite of a certain quality. Not all their titles can finish at the top of the Charts, that would be too good ...

1990 ... 10 years have almost passed since their official beginnings and the quality is always in order. But it will be the last notorious hit ...

1990 ... the previous title was the headline of the year, this one will be the small one. But there will have at least been success, something which will become increasingly rare thereafter ...

1992 ... a change of decade passed without a hitch, certainly. Unfortunately, the decline is underway ...

1992 ... which does not prevent them from continuing to deliver, from time to time, particularly successful songs !

1994 ... we find them again in Intimist mode. On average, it is 1 time per decade. We imagine that this one will necessarily be the last ...

1994 ... a title which will not even be released as a single and which nevertheless frankly deserved to be. Sometimes you don't have to try to understand ...

1994 ... ditto for this one. Very surprising all the same that the group is losing momentum while it continues to deliver this kind of title ...

1996 ... after 15 years of good and loyal service, the group is slowly but surely bowing out. But the adventure was beautiful and that's the main thing !

1998 ... at least he will bow out on the Charts side because on the production side of titles, it is set to last a few more years. Even a few decades ...

1998 ... a career started almost 20 years ago and which has seen them produce a hell of a lot of titles of more than certain quality. And it's far from over, believe me ...

2002 ... the group begins its 3rd decade with a desire to do well more than obvious. When we see what they are still capable of at the start of the 2000s, we have every reason to hope to see them still produce great things in the years to come ...

2002 ... of course, the 'great' years are now behind, but their level of inspiration has hardly ever weakened. It is simply their style which no longer really corresponds to the new musical standards of the moment ...

2002 ... the group still has things to offer and especially to be heard, it's obvious. One of the rare groups from the early 1980s to still be active and to maintain such a high quality level ...

2002 ... two albums for the price of one this year ! Not only is there the quality but there is also the quantity, something which does not spoil anything on the contrary !

2002 ... a BIG year 2002 with an impressive number of titles produced. Where most of the groups of their generation have disappeared, they continue their way quietly without looking behind ...

2003 ... an incredible start to the 2000 decade with a number of albums produced which commands respect given the age of the group. We want more !

2003 ... for each title one could say that it is the last one concerning them. It is very bad to know them given all that remains to come !

2003 ... and it is not 1 title per album released now that holds up, it is at least 2, even 3, if not more. There is no denying it, this group really has a talent that is very much above average !

2004 ... and the great adventure continues unabated. The albums follow one another at an impressive speed to say the least and show once again that the group certainly does not intend to stop there ...

2004 ... the only downside is that the band has hardly changed its style since its origins. Hence the fact of not really succeeding in emerging more than that during this decade of 2000 ...

2005 ... the fact of hardly having evolved necessarily pleases at the highest point to the generations which knew them at their very beginnings. Much less to the younger generations ...

2005 ... what is also incredible is that the singer's voice also hardly changed one iota. Because very often, over time, the voices change and not necessarily in a good way ...

2006 ... new year and new album ! The group continues on a pace of production of albums for the less incredible. Especially for a group that started their career more than 25 years ago ...

2006 ... it is in the longevity of a group that we recognize its degree of value. We therefore deduce that for this group there, we can undoubtedly classify him in the very best groups of its generation, even of the 1980s !

2006 ... and as I said previously, each album contains several very high caliber titles which is a real feat. Respect as they say !

2009 ... here they are ending their 3rd decade in the best possible way with a new album of more than certain quality. We tell ourselves once again that it will be the last. See you the following decade !

2009 ... with them, nothing ever seems finished. Their will to believe in it over and over again commands respect once again. We really wonder how far they will take us ...

2014 ... here they are in this new decade 2010. Of course, album production has slowed down very much, that's for sure, but the quality level remains at the top, that's clear ...

2014 ... who could have imagined when they started in 1980 that they would still be there almost 35 years later ? Not many people, that's for sure and yet they are still there !

2014 ... not only are they still here but they still do not intend to stop there. Given their level of inspiration, they would be wrong to shy away !

2014 ... especially since the success in the Charts is back. Certainly, only on the album but it's always better than nothing as they say !

2015 ... unstoppable little guys ! The adventure goes on and on and nothing, and no one, seems able to quench their ardor. And so much the better !

2017 ... already almost at the end of their 4th decade of existence ! And always this level of inspiration which manages to maintain itself at an incredibly high level. Hats off, gentlemen !

2017 ... the sound is changing this time, it is clear. An evolution necessary to hope to stay a little while in the race ...

2017 ... the story ends for now here but with them everything is still possible. See you the next decade ? To be continued ...







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