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Little interesting information about Paparazzi, except that it is an English group from Birmingham and composed of singer Michael Dorian, keyboardist Nicholas Eugovni, bassist David Manray and drummer Glyn Ricard.

He produced several well-made titles during the 1980s and had some success with titles like "Stop" or "Don’t stay all night".

As such, he deserved at least this article.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Stop 1983

• Love motions 1983

• Don’t stay all night 1984

• In a manner of speaking 1984

• Midnight in blue 1984

• Montage 1984

• Surrender 1984

• Tell me 1984


Clips :

1983 ... a group destined for the most ephemeral. They will produce very few titles but with certain quality. Normal so that we talk a little about them ...

1983 ... a second title which confirms that this group has talent, that's clear. Admittedly, not sufficient to play in the court of the Greatest but sufficient to exist at the high level ....

1984 ... which will remain as one of their best titles. A group with obvious potential and which will remain little known in the end. Pity...

1984 ... they will never have found the little extra that could have made all the difference. Good work all the same but never anything exceptional unfortunately ...

1984 ... a hint of finesse in addition does not harm, quite the contrary. Good in all areas, the little guys !

1984 ... a group that had everything to do great things and that should have done great things. Unfortunately, fate will have decided otherwise ...

1984 ... an existence for the ephemeral to say the least but which nevertheless allowed them to leave a significant mark in the musical history of the 80s. That's already it ...

1984 ... we would have liked the adventure to last a little longer. Especially that they had the potential for. Fate will have decided otherwise ...


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