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Pure Sugar...

Zucchero, whose real name is Adelmo Fornaciari, is an Italian singer who takes this nickname from one of his schoolteachers who liked to call him that.

He started his musical career in diverse and varied groups such as "I Ducalli", "Le Nuove Luci", "Sugar & Daniel", "Sugar & Candies" and other "Taxi".

Everything really started for him when he stood out in 1982 at the San Remo festival with the title "Una notte che vola via".

A year later in 1983 released his first album "Un po’ di Zucchero" which was only a modest success.

The singer went to the USA the following year to work there with producer Corrado Rustici. The result is beyond his expectations. The album "Zucchero & the Randy Jackson Band", from which the Single hit "Donne" is extracted, is a real success.

We find the same tandem in 1986 on the album "Rispetto" which will also produce several hits including the enormous "Come il sole all’improvviso".

In 1988 the album "Blues" was released, an album which would become the best-selling album in Italian musical history and raise Zucchero to the rank of a planetary star. Album from which the hit "Con le mani", the controversial "Solo una sana" and the original version of "Senza una dona" will be extracted.

Single which will become a huge hit when he will interpret it a few years later in duet with Paul Young.

New album "Oro incense e birra" the following year and new big success thanks to the hit "Diamante".

We had to wait until 1992 to see the album "Miserere" released and 1994 for the release of "Diamante", 2 albums which unfortunately could not match the previous ones.

But the business resumes seriously in 1995 when the album "Spirito di vino" which contains the intergalactic hit "Il volo" which will smash everything in its path, as well as the minor hits "Daddy perched ?" and "X colpa di chi". Album selling more than three million copies in Europe alone. The success is colossal.

These will be the last major hits, but the adventure will be far from over for this iconic Italian singer, with a unique look and voice.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s  Decade :

• Una notte che vola via 1982

• Donne 1984

• Come il sole all'improvviso 1986

• Canzone triste 1986

• Con le mani 1987

• Diavolo in me 1989

90s  Decade :

• Madre dolcissima 1990

• Senza una donna 1991

• Diamante 1991

• Miserere 1992

• Il volo 1995

• Pane e sale 1995

• Cosi celeste 1996

• Menta e rosmarino 1997

• Va pensiero 1997

• Blu 1998

• Puro amore 1999

2000s  Decade :

• Baila (Sexy thing) 2001

• Ahum 2001

• Dindondio 2002

• Sento le campane 2002

• Ali d'oro 2002

• World 2003

• Il grande baboomba 2004

• Everybody's got to learn sometime 2004

• Cosi celeste 2004

• Bacco perbacco 2006

• Occhi 2006

• E delicato 2007

• Una carezza 2008

2010s  Decade :

• E un peccato morir 2010

• Chocabeck 2010

• Vedo nero 2011

• L'écho des dimanches 2011

• Quale senso abbiamo noi 2013

• Un zombie a la intemperie 2015

• Partigiano reggiano 2016

• Voci 2016

• 13 buone ragioni 2016

• Ci si arrende 2017

• Un'altra storia 2017

• Freedom 2019

• Spirito nel buio 2019

2020s   Decade :

• La canzone che se ne va 2020

• September 2020

• The scientist 2022

• Fiore di maggio 2022


Tracks :

1982 ... the beginnings of "Sugar". A first success which will mainly be limited to Italy. But that's already it !

1984 ... the character is this time perfectly in place. Like the sound that will do wonders in the years to come

1986 ... an incredible video ! One of the very few where we see "Sugar" in a most banal physical appearance ...

1986 ... passed Master in the Art of ballad. He signs here his biggest success to date. A success still limited to the 'Boot' ...

1987 ... the tempo suddenly accelerates and foreshadows the mega hits to come. A slow but necessary evolution ...

1989 ... surely one of his biggest Dance hits. Yes, yes, he can do it too. Success now extends to Europe ...

1990 ... a decade of 90 which begins with this Ultimate Slow of very very large caliber. New proof of his exceptional talent in this special register

1991 ... then comes the WONDER. A title released for the first time in 1987. But it is this version of 1991, in duet with Paul Young, which will go around the world. One of the most beautiful songs of that year and of the decade. The notoriety of the singer internationally explodes literally. MAG-NI-FI-CENT !

1991 ... the year of the duets. Same recipe and almost same result. Admittedly, the result will be a notch below but difficult to compete with the huge previous hit

1992 ... since the duets are particularly successful for him, why not do that again. And this time, it's 100 % Italian. When 2 huge stars of the moment agree, here is the result !

1995 ... surely what will remain as one of his biggest titles. A sumptuous title, which literally floats in the air and which will undoubtedly remain as one of its Masterpieces. MAS-TER-FUL !

1995 ... and what about that one. Admittedly, it will not have the success of the preceding title but it approaches it more or less in melodic quality !

1996 ... and it continues ! A 90s decade which allows him to really give the best of himself in the register 'With emotions'. MA-GIC !

1997 ... it's a mind-blowing wave of Intimist titles of very very large caliber. An inspiration constantly renewed and which really does wonders

1997 ... a very surprising cover of Nabucco. You had to try this one. For a daring bet, it is a successful bet in any case

1998 ... once again at the top of the Intimist register inspiration. A talent in this field decidedly out of the ordinary !

1999 ... come on, a little last for the road. Will he survive the next decade...? Oh yeah ! So this title will simply be the last of the decade but certainly not the last of the artist's career ...

2001 ... whereas we thought the artist in serious loss of speed, he will deliver here one of his most emblematic titles and relaunch his career in a spectacular way to say the least. MAS-TER-FUL !

2001 ... a year 2001 which will undoubtedly remain as one of its best vintages. Everything smiles at him as if by magic ...

2002 ... unfortunately, the relapse will be severe behind. Not on this title but on the following ones. The improvement will have been short-lived ...

2002 ... the years go by but are hardly alike. The proof with this year 2002 which will not really succeed for him, to say the least ...

2002 ... this one will do a little better than the previous one but nothing more. The artist will have to get used to going through ups and downs, at least on the Singles side ...

2003 ... because in terms of albums, fortunately, it continues to work rather well. The base fans are still there and continue to support the artist through thick and thin ...

2004 ... 2004 will be a year with 'ups'. The singer will manage to come back a little bit in the race even if we can not speak in this case of a return to grace ...

2004 ... it is above all this title that allows him to make a comeback on the front of the stage to say the least shattering. It must be said that covering the wonder of the Korgis dating from 1980 was an extremely risky bet. Risky but successful in this case !

2004 ... a beautiful and big year 2004 with quality on all levels. The artist wants to do well, it's obvious and it shows. Especially it can be heard !

2006 ... not much interesting thing will happen during 2005 and we therefore find him again in 2006 in a form that we will qualify as certain especially on the tempo side. It starts from a good feeling but that will not be enough to make this title a major success on the Dancefloors unfortunately ...

2006 ... another nice title of which he has the secret. He will have made a bunch of them like that with varying degrees of success. A few years earlier, this one would have had a much more favorable fate, it is clear ...

2007 ... and what to say about it. And yet this title will pass 'through' as they say. Totally incomprehensible given the quality of the latter ...

2008 ... whatever the results in the Charts he continues to believe in it anyway. A desire to move forward at all costs that undoubtedly commands respect !

2010 ... the beginning of the decade 2010 will see him rebound in a spectacular way to say the least. A return to the front of the stage that we no longer expected and which can only encourage him to continue the adventure ...

2010 ... a year 2010 which ends in the best possible way with this title which will remain as the best classified of the year. Like what, in music, you always have to believe in it. The proof !

2011 ... for the year 2011, it will be this title that will win the votes. Nothing exceptional but quite simply a good job which shows once again that we will have to count on him for the years to come ...

2011 ... a nice duo which will not make sparks but which will deliver a rather interesting copy. Given the talent of the 2 protagonists, we could have hoped for a little better anyway ...

2013 ... the singer continues to chart his course as he sees fit and especially at his speed. We will still salute the longevity of his career and remember all the same that he started more than 40 years already ...

2015 ... new shock duo once again 100 % masculine and 100 % Mediterranean. Corsica had done better for him on the previous duo, it is clear ...

2016 ... even if the level of success has nothing to do with what he experienced during the 80s and 90s, he still manages to get from time to time a 'little' hit by the way. It's already that...

2016 ... neither time nor the lack of success in Charts can stop him. The main thing for him is to simply continue to have fun. Isn't that the main thing...?

2016 ... he alternates without stopping a title which works and which passes 'through'. But when you look at it more closely, no title is devoid of quality, it is clear ...

2017 ... bringing together two talents of this size starts with a good feeling, but unfortunately there will be no miracles. Hard law of the trade as they say ...

2017 ... the end of the decade 2010 which does not succeed him more than that. Yet he once again puts good will into it, but that is no longer enough to lift the mountains as in the past ...

2019 ... anyway, he still managed to get through a decade more and more without being ridiculous, far from it. Talent is not lost as they say ...

2019 ... now remains to be seen how he intends to approach the next decade : continue in the same way or completely question himself ? It is the future that will tell us ...

2020 ... he proudly begins his 5th decade of career, hoping that it will take him as far as possible. Rightly or wrongly, that's something else ...

2020 ... new legendary duo. Once again we could have hoped for a result equal to the 2 talents but in the end it will not be quite the expected result ...




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