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Five Star is an English group formed in 1983 and composed of the Pearson brothers and sisters (Stedman, Lorraine, Denise, Doris and Delroy). Like the Jacksons 5, it’s the father of the Pearson tribe, Buster Pearson, who will set up and lead the group. Group that will place no less than 4 albums in the Top20 albums, as well as 15 singles in the Top40 singles. Including 6 singles in the Top10. Just that !

Their first single was released in 1983. Even if the latter had only very relative success, it allowed them to appear on TV and made them known to the general public.

The year 1984 will not be much more prosperous in terms of results despite the release of two new singles.

We will therefore have to wait until 1985 to finally see them rewarded for their efforts. In particular thanks to the single "All fall down" which will allow them to be classified on both sides of the Atlantic.

The same year, the album "Luxury of life" was released, the first album offering them a new top hit with the single "Let me be the one".

Increased success in 1986 with the flagship title "System addict" which enabled them to win a first Top10. Followed by just a few "Can’t wait another minute" and "Find the time", which in turn are close to the tops.

The album "Silk and steel" came out in stride and made a veritable global success to the point of selling more than one million two hundred thousand copies. The mega hits follow one another at an impressive speed and the single "Rain or shine" even allows them to obtain their highest ranking in the charts.

The same album will produce two new hits in 1987 with the singles "Stay out of my life" and "The slightest touch". The tribe is then at the height of its power and fame. The rewards are raining down and the level of success is such that the lifestyle of the different members sometimes borders on indecency and makes headlines in the press.

The same year the album "Between the lines" was released, with less success than the previous one, but the album was nonetheless certified by Platinum across the Channel. Album which will mainly produce the top hit "Whenever you’re ready".

The year 1988 saw the group make a major change in terms of image in order to appear more adult-oriented. Losing strategy because the public did not follow and the album "Rock the world" which came out that year had only a relative success. It will be their last album ranked in the Top20. The only album title to come out of it will be "Another weekend".

The years which will follow will be that of the forfeiture of the group, a group which will appear almost no longer in the press than in the news section. The group will be forced to take refuge in the United States to flee the scandals but will never find the dynamics of the past years…

A colorful group, both in terms of their costumes and their particularly careful choreography, it will also have left an impressive number of hits in the history of the 80s and will forever remain one of the leading groups of this decade.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Problematic 1983

  • Hide and seek 1984

  • Crazy 1984

  • All fall down 1985

  • Let me be the one 1985

  • Love take over 1985

  • System addict 1986

  • Can’t wait another minute 1986

  • Find the time 1986

  • Rain or shine 1986

  • If I say yes 1986

  • Stay out of my life 1987

  • The slightest touch 1987

  • Whenever you’re ready 1987

  • Strong as steel 1987

  • Somewhere somebody 1987

  • Another weekend 1988

  • Rock my world 1988

  • Let me be yours 1988

  • With every heartbeat 1989

  • Treat me like a lady 1990

  • Hot love 1990

  • Shine 1991

  • I give you give 1995


Clips :

1983 ... a first title which will go completely unnoticed. However the quality is certain but this is not always enough unfortunately ...

1984 ... this one will not do better but the rise in power is obvious. It is certain that at some point, all their efforts will necessarily end up paying ...

1984 ... the big takeoff is fast approaching. All the foundations are now laid and there is really nothing more missing so that this small group finally knows the long awaited success ...

1985 ... after 3 trials which had no future, here is finally the time for recognition. 1st planetary hit for this small group which frankly recalls another ...

1985 ... an obvious resemblance in principle. But also a real talent which will be revealed later

1985 ... a BIG year 1985 with no less than 4 hits including 2 mega, just that. This is one of the 'little' hits. We will be largely satisfied !

1986 ... the group takes an additional step here. On the road to glory and all in music, what could be better !

1986 ... a perfectly oiled machine, like choreographies for that matter. Everything is mastered from start to finish !

1986 ... surely one of their best titles. The group becomes a real war machine and each title released turns into gold instantly. HU-GE !

1986 ... a hint of finesse in addition does not affect the quality ! The proof with this pretty foray into the Intimist area 100 % successful

1986 ... a little last to finish the year in style. 1985 was an exceptional year. 1986 will be even stronger. Yes Yes, it's possible !

1987 ... little air gap in 1987. Another world class hit but the momentum is weakening, that's obvious. And yet, quality is always a must ...

1987 ... always also Dance, always as punchy but success is confined more and more to the Anglo-Saxon sphere ...

1987 ... another one of their best titles. A dazzling return of success which unfortunately will not last ...

1987 ... once again with finesse. A large caliber Ultimate Slow which will not be enough to get them back to the leading pack unfortunately ...

1987 ... the Olympic form ! In the end, a great year 1987 even if the level of success has nothing to do with previous years

1988 ... their last major hit. Even if the group is on the decline, it is clear that they have beautiful leftovers ...

1988 ... an end of reign which approaches on funds of Jacksonian mimics. We won't remake them again, that's clear !

1988 ... another nice and gentle title which once again demonstrates their very special talent in this field

1989 ... only one small title in this year 1989. The discographic production slows down in a spectacular way. The melodic quality endures no matter what

1990 ... a change of decade that rhymes with adaptation. But that will not be enough to put them back in the race, the competition is now far ahead ...

1990 ... still there ! The group clings and continues to produce titles of obvious scope. But for how long ?

1991 ... another year with one title. It becomes more and more difficult for the group to renew himself ...

1995 ... this time, it is indeed the end. Almost 15 years after their debut, the group signs here the last success of its career. A longevity of which they can be proud !


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