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A Woman in love...

Barbra Streisand, real name Barbara Streisand, is an American singer, songwriter and actress who has boasted 2 Academy Awards, 8 Grammy Awards, 5 Emmy Awards, 4 Golden Globes and more.

She is also considered one of the most prolific artists in terms of sales with 245 million titles sold worldwide.

She gave her first performance at the age of 7 and very quickly joined the school choir she attended.

She recorded her first demos at the age of 13 and sang in clubs arriving at the age of 18.

His first album "The Barbra Streisand album" was released in 1963 and won no less than 2 Grammy Awards !

It was during the 1970s that things accelerated considerably with the release of major titles like "The way we were", "Evergreen (Love theme from A star is born)", "No more tears (Enough is enough )” or “You don't bring me flowers".

At the end of this decade, she is considered the biggest female star in the US version and just behind Elvis Presley and the Beatles in terms of album sales.

But it was not until 1980 that she achieved planetary consecration when the legendary album "Guilty" was released, which notably included the enormous intergalactic tube "Woman in love".

In 1985, she did it again with the album "The broadway album" which, against all odds, given its very theatrical music content, became a huge success.

Other albums will come out later with more or less success without altering the Aura of this singer with an exceptional voice and who has deeply marked almost three decades of music.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Happy days are here again 1962

• People 1964

• Second hand rose 1966

• Stoney end 1971

• Time and love 1971

• Where you lead 1971

• Sing a song 1972

• Didn't we 1973

• The way we were 1974

• All in love is fair 1974

• My father's song 1975

• Evergreen 1977

• My heart belongs to me 1977

• Songbird 1978

• Prisoner 1978

• You don’t bring me flowers 1978

• The main event 1979

• No more tears 1979

• Kiss me in the rain 1980

• Woman in love 1980

• Guilty 1981

• What kind of fool 1981

• Promises 1981

• Comin' in and out of your life 1982

• Memory 1982

• The way he makes me feel 1983

• Papa, can you hear me ? 1984

• Left in the dark 1984

• Make no mistake, he’s mine 1985

• Emotion 1985

• Somewhere 1985

• Send in the clowns 1986

• Till I loved you 1988

• All I ask for you 1988

• We're not makin' love anymore 1989

• Places that belong to you 1992

• I finally find someone 1996

• Tell him 1996

• I've dreamed of you 1999


Clips :

1962 ... when 2 stars, one departing and the other in the making, meet, the result is necessarily up to par. The beginning of the genesis of a foolish career to come ...

1964 ... her first classified title. Everything is already there, the voice, the natural musical class. The jewel just has to be cut ...

1966 ... her first planetary top hit. On a luxury cover of the title of Fanny Brice dating from...1921 !

1971 ... change of decade and total change of style. A necessary adaptation that will quickly bear fruit ...

1971 ... a year marked by rhythm and the joy of living. Titles with simple but particularly effective melodies

1971 ... a decidedly exceptional year 1971 with an uninterrupted series of high caliber hits. A dynamic that is not about to stop ...

1972 ... the Carpenters version will remain forever the most famous. But this one is not bad either. The original title, composed by Jo Raposo, is actually a credits for a children's TV show called "Sesame Street". Even the Carpenters title is just an adaptation...

1973 ... a single title year but what a title ! A sumptuous ballad that shows his extreme talent in this area. And that's just the beginning...

1974 ... no need to be a diviner to know that the young Barbra is going to go far, very far. She signs here one of the most beautiful Intimist titles of the decade, if not of the end of this XXth century. MAS-TER-FUL !

1974 ... the sumptuous ballads follow one another at an impressive speed. A unique know-how that will always remain the trademark of the singer

1975 ... we continue with this magnificent Ultimate Slow. A title with extreme inspiration and which vividly demonstrates its total control over this area

1977 ... his 1st WONDER of WONDERS. A pure moment of hearing happiness ! And especially its first global mega hit. A well-deserved consecration ! SUB-LIME !

1977 ... each song is a sound event in itself. A totally extraordinary talent and an ability to provoke emotions almost unique in the world

1978 ... and it continues, and it continues, and it continues ! Mind-blowing lyric titles that follow one another in an incredible way. She literally walks on water ...

1978 ... nothing and no one can stop her. No waste, no failure, it's a veritable war machine of emotion !

1978 ... alone, she already produces exceptional pieces. But as soon as she sings as a duet, the sales scores become completely mind-blowing. MAS-TER-FUL !

1979 ... total metamorphosis, here she is now in Disco mode. And as incredible as it may seem, she excels at it too. Very rare versatility for the time !

1979 ... 2 divas among the most famous of the moment for a duo of charm, and especially of shock. Who says duet with Barbra says huge success. New proof with this title !

1980 ... the 60s saw her born, the 70s saw her explode, the 80s will consecrate her definitively as a living legend. Simply !

1980 ... his 2nd WONDER of WONDERS. And especially the biggest hit of all his discography. We reach heights of success at an intergalactic level. She signs without question one of the biggest Ultimate Slows of all time. A sublimated voice and carried by a tailor-made melody. A title written by...the Gibb brothers, better known as the Bee Gees, by chance. Once again SU-BLI-ME !

1981 ... again made-to-measure made in Bee Gees. When legend meets legend, we reach a level of inspiration almost unmatched in this decade !

1981 ... the 2 gifted put back the cover. Admittedly, it will not necessarily be the most exceptional of all that they will have produced but we will be content with it largely considering the level !

1981 ... once again the Gibb at the controls. A new dance track of very large caliber served on a set by tube makers

1982 ... year after year, decade after decade, each piece produced is a real delight and none is alike. Unbelievable !

1982 ... and here comes the 3rd WONDER of WONDERS. After one of the greatest Ultimate Slows of all time, here comes one of the greatest songs of all time. A-MA-ZING !

1983 ... a single-title year, extremely rare for her. Anyway, one more moment when time stands still, one more !

1984 ... when Michel Legrand writes tailor-made for Barbra. Only the best can compose for the best. Logical !

1984 ... an obvious change in tone and style. Did Barbra reach a turning point in her career ? The rest will tell us ...

1985 ... new duo of shock and charm. Certainly, this one will not have the success of the previous tandem but duos like those there, we want more !

1985 ... a much more trendy Barbra, much more in tune with the times. Indeed, the change is confirmed !

1985 ... a nice nod to West Side Story. Once again, the legend meets another legend. And at the key, a new extraordinary vocal performance !

1986 ... another year with one title. It is clear that the pace is slowing down. After years and years of bloated production, the star is seriously starting to slow down ...

1988 ... well, it's been a long time since she sang a duet with a male member. And of course, it is not just anyone, again. After an empty year 1987, it was necessary at least that to restart the machine !

1988 ... new luxury cover on this track by Andrew Lloyd Weber specially created for the musical "The phantom of the opera". Hunt the natural, it comes back at a gallop !

1989 ... the end of a decade like everything that has been done since the beginning. That is to say, always as effective, always as inspired !

1992 ... a decade that will prove to be complicated to manage. After 30 years of career and a plethora of exceptional pieces, it is becoming more and more said to stay in the know and renew yourself. Especially in this decade where everything is going very fast, too fast ...

1996 ... what better way to stay afloat than asking a friend for help. Especially when he is one of the most prominent artists of the moment !

1996 ... what better way to stay afloat than asking for help from a friend. Especially when he is one of the most prominent artists of the moment !

1999 ... she will have crossed 4 decades producing in each decade pieces which will remain in legend. Few singers in this 20th century can say the same. A literally exceptional and almost unique career !


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