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Vince or the man who loves to fade...

Erasure is an English group formed in 1985 in London by Vince Clarke, (ex Depeche Mode, ex Yazoo, ex The Assembly…). Group which will have placed 17 singles in the English Top10, 29 singles in the Top20, 5 albums in pole position of the Top albums and will have passed 46 times in the cult TV show Cross-Channel Top of the Pops !

The singer, Andy Bell is engaged on casting. Beginner singer who will have the merit of distinguishing himself from 80 other applicants.

The name of the group does not correspond in truth to… nothing.

Their first significant hit is the single "Oh love" which came out in 1986. Big success in France and Australia but very relative in England.

It’s only their fourth single “Sometimes”, released in 1986 and taken from the album “Circus,” that will provide the real starting point for their career and their meteoric rise. Three other hits will be taken from the album namely "It doesn’t have to be", "Victim of love" and "The circus".

In 1988 the album "The innocents" was released and it was a huge success. First album of the group to be classified N ° 1. From which will be extracted the excellent "Chains of love" and "A little respect".

Follow the albums "Wild!" In 1989, "Chorus" in 1991 and "I say, I say, I say" in 1994 which also will make a remarkable journey.

Other albums will be released thereafter but which will experience only relative success. And this in spite of the presence of excellent songs which will carry out for some a very beautiful course in the charts. Including in the early 2000s with titles like "Solsbury hill" and "Breathe".

A shocking duo, with an eccentricity sometimes bordering on caricature, this group will remain as one of the most gifted and prolific of its generation.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Who needs love like that 1985

• Oh l’amour 1986

• Sometimes 1986

• The circus 1987

• It doesn't have to be 1987

• Victim of love 1987

• Chains of love 1988

• Ship of fools 1988

• A little respect 1988

• Stop 1988

• Drama! 1989

• You surround me 1989

• Blue Savannah 1990

• Star 1990

• Chorus 1991

• Love to hate you 1991

• Breath of life 1992

• Take a chance on me 1992

• Always 1994

• Run to the sun 1994

• I love saturday 1994

• Stay with me 1995

• Fingers and thumbs (Cold summer's day) 1995

• Rock me gently 1996

• In my arms 1997

• Don't say your love is killing me 1997

• Rain 1997

• Freedom 2000

• Moon and the sky 2001

• Solsburry Hill 2003

• Make me smile (Come up and see me) 2003

• Breathe 2005

• Don't say you love me 2005

• Here I go impossible again 2005

• All this time still falling out of love 2005

• Boy 2006

• I could fall in love with you 2007

• Sunday girl 2007

• Phantom bride 2009

• When I start to (Break it all down) 2011

• Be with you 2011

• Fill us with fire 2012

• Gaudete 2013

• Make it wonderful 2014

• Elevation 2014

• Reason 2014

• Sacred 2015

• Love you to the sky 2017

• World be gone 2017

• Just a little love 2017

• Take me out of myself 2017

• Hey now (Think I got a feeling) 2020

• Nerves of steel 2020

• Fallen angel 2020

• Secrets 2021

• Time (Hearts full of love) 2021

• Same game 2021


Clips :

1985 ... the first classified title of an extraordinary duo which will quickly prove to be one of the major duos of the decade

1986 ... the Master and his apprentice. An explosive duo...and again the word is weak ! They sign with this enormous title one of the biggest Dance hits of the year and of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

1986 ... a mega hit is not enough. They reoffend in the process and offer a second ! With the key the biggest success of their career. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1987 ... finished the Dance. Come back to calm with this excellent title with finesse. Versatile little guys. The brand of Grands as they say !

1987 ... 1986 was an exceptional year for the group. 1987 will be a notch below despite the production of titles with more than certain quality

1987 ... back to pure and hard Dance. Field in which they excel, it is clear ! And other titles will come to prove it ...

1988 ... fully in the wacky ! They sign on this occasion one of their best titles. A duo of formidable efficiency !

1988 ... welcome to the remix of Le Grand Bleu. It flows naturally...for a title with finesse. An alternation of style which allows them to show their full potential. And what potential !

1988 ... an inspiration that does not falter from an Iota and hits that follow one another at a supersonic speed ! A rare talent ...

1988 ... of course, this title will be the least prestigious of this decidedly exceptional year for the group. But we will largely be satisfied...

1989 ... a change of vintage which rhymes with wacky side once again. Exuberance and excess that are, and always will be, their trademark ...

1989 ... the end of a decade that rhymes with sweetness. A little sweetness does not harm, quite the contrary. The calm before the storm...?

1990 ... we start the new decade as we finished the previous one. Slowly. Like what, when they want ...

1990 ... we go back into Dance. Maybe not their best title but it works, as usual !

1991 ... a BIG year that promises to be a first mega hit. One would have thought that the group would hardly pass the milestone of the 90s. Oh no, on the contrary !

1991 ... they put the cover back on. A royal suite which strengthens the "Grand Cru" year side

1992 ... good, still good, always good ! How far will they stop ? With them, impossible to know ...

1992 ... in "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" mode ! A completely crazy tribute to ABBA. EX-CELL-ENT !

1994 ... do you want more ? When there's more, there's more. You will be served with this Nipono-floral delirium !

1994 ... and it's not over ! Oh no. Well, there, we are touching the speed of Light on the tempo side. Limit, limit !

1994 ... another excellent title which shows that they are still damn under the pedal. A decidedly extraordinary duo !

1995 ... all in grace and restraint. A title that literally floats in the air. Beautifully beautiful ...

1995 ... what is very surprising is that their style has changed very little. But since they were already ahead of their time when they started, they manage to compete without any difficulty with the little youngsters of the moment

1996 ... a new ode to softness and finesse. A sumptuous title, highly inspired and rich in emotions

1997 ... between 2 styles, between 2 tempos. The last notorious hit of the decade. You think they will stop there. What denial ...

1997 ... I told you, impossible to stop them. And you tell yourself that they will not survive the next decade. Well you may be surprised ...

1997... the last title of a decade which once again showed that this duo really has extraordinary talent. And it's far from over...

2000...a new decade which starts in an ideal way with this new title with certain success. The group manages to stay ahead of the leading pack with more than obvious ease...

2001...a title which will pass 'through' as they say. We don't really understand why but sometimes we shouldn't try to understand... dare to cover one of Peter Gabriel's key titles dating from 1977 is a daring bet to say the least. Dared bet but damn successful bet given the Dance version of the most successful they deliver here...

2003...a year of covers, this time with Steve Harley's title dating from 1975. And it works again even if this title will experience a little less success than its predecessor...

2005...a 2005 that will stay as their best vintage of the decade. 20 years after their debut, the duo continues to unroll in a way that is impressive to say the least...

2005...two enormous titles released in this year 2005 which add two additional stars to a prize list which now has a hell of a lot of them !

2005...the end of the year will be less prosperous for the duo, but there's no need to worry about them at this stage. Everything continues to unroll in the best of ways...

2005...a huge year with quantity and quality, what more could you ask for. Not sure that the rest will be as favorable to them, but what is taken is no longer to be taken...

2006...the years follow each other but do not necessarily look alike, the proof with this year 2006. Mono-title year and with the success of the most restricted... resumed the following year with this title. They will have to take advantage of this year 2007 because it will be their last at the highest level... major success but which will be the last on the list. Which won't prevent the duo from continuing the adventure as if nothing had happened...

2009...a decade that ended in near general indifference, something that hadn't happened to them since their debut. Attention danger...

2011...which does not prevent them from moving on to the next decade with the firm intention of not giving up. A desire to believe in it to the end which undoubtedly commands respect...

2011...fortunately the United States is still there to enable them to exist at the highest level. It's always better than nothing as they say...

2012...even the United States are no longer there to support the group. Times are getting harder and harder for the duo and they will therefore have to quickly ask themselves the right questions...

2013...they are betting here to revisit a Christmas carol dating from 1582, this one had to be daring ! Dared bet but bet lost except once again in the United States...

2014...the low level of success achieved by the titles in no way discourages them. As long as they enjoy doing what they do, they will continue no matter what...

2014...and given the quality of what they continue to deliver, they are absolutely right to continue to believe in it. As we know, in music, everything is always possible...

2014...especially since they are making real efforts to keep sticking to the latest musical trends of the moment. While trying to keep some of their fundamentals...

2015...too bad the younger generations aren't more interested in them because they really deserve it. Hard law of the trade...

2017...they are not discouraged in any way. They will go all the way, no matter if there is success or not, all they care about is that the basic fans continue to follow them for a little bit... have to realize that they have been there for more than 30 years ! Where most of those who started at the same time as them disappeared a long time ago, they are still there anyway...

2017... when we see what Vince Clarke has been able to produce since his debut, we can only salute such a major list of achievements. Depeche Mode, Yazoo, The Assembly, Erasure, and still there. What talent !

2017... they will have excelled in Dance in an undeniable way but they will also have been able to offer titles with more than proven finesse. A duo that will have understood everything from start to finish !

2020... here they begin their 5th decade of adventure within Erasure, who would have thought that possible when they started in 1985 ? Not many people, that's for sure given the fact that Vince Clarke used to end adventures quickly...

2020...they were right to hang on because bands from the 80s are coming back in force in this new decade of 2020. At least the little that remains...

2020...will the 2020 decade be the decade of the big comeback ? Only fate can answer this question and them of course... any case they are doing everything it takes to try to come back to the fore. It would still be surprising if at some point it didn't pay more than that...

2021...they undeniably impress with the quality level of what they continue to offer. An inspiration that has hardly waned since their debut, a real feat...

2021 ... so we imagine that this title will surely not be the last. Because we now know with them, they will go to the end of the adventure whatever the result...

Top Bonus: 1995...a revisited version of their 1995 title which is not lacking in interest, that's for sure...

Top Bonus : 1995...the story of a lifetime


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