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Yeeaahh, Maannn !

Bob Marley, born Robert Nesta Marley, was a Jamaican singer born to a Jamaican black mother who was only 18 years old at the time of her birth and a white father of English origin, captain of the Royal Navy.

His musical career really started when he formed in 1963 the group "The Wailers" with Junior Braithwaite, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer.

Their first single "Simmer down" was released in 1964 and it was a huge success in Jamaica.

They will release other titles like "Rude boy", "I’m still waiting", "Put it on" and others "One love". Less successful.

Ten years passed before things started to accelerate when the album "Catch a fire" was released in April 1973. Esteem success but certain success.

Followed a year later by the album "Burnin", from which the now legendary "I shot the sheriff" will be extracted. Which didn't stop the group from imploding soon after.

Bob Marley therefore continues alone, recruiting new musicians while retaining the name "Bob Marley & the Wailers". And immediately released the album "Natty dread" which contains a title that will really launch her career : "No woman no cry".

In 1976, the album "Rastaman vibration" was released, an album which entered the Top50 US version.

The same year, the singer and his family were victims of a gun assault against a backdrop of political rivalry. This aggression will end happily without too much damage.

Following this narrowly avoided drama, the whole family left Jamaica for England.

Change of living location which will prove to be extremely productive.

In 1977 the album "Exodus" was released, which remained one of his most iconic albums. From which will be extracted the enormous "Exodus", "Jamming", "One love" and to a lesser extent "Waiting in vain". The album is a colossal success.

Two years later in 1979, the album "Survival" was released with strong political overtones. Less success.

The singer's latest album "Uprising" was released in 1980, followed in 1983 by a posthumous album "Confrontation" from which his latest hit, "Buffalo soldier", was released.

The incredible adventure of this gifted man will end prematurely on May 11, 1981 at the age of 36 following a generalized cancer.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Judge not 1962

• Simmer down 1964

• Donna 1964

• There she goes 1964

• I'm still waiting 1965

• Let him go 1966

• Rock sweet rock 1966

• Hypocrites 1967

• Chances are 1968

• Tread-O 1969

• Hold on to this feeling 1970

• Soon come 1970

• Soul rebel 1970

• Send me that love 1971

• Redder than red 1971

• Dub feeling 1972

• Stir it up 1973

• Get up, stand up 1973

• I shot the sheriff 1973

• So Jah Seh 1974

• No woman no cry 1975

• Jah live 1976

• Roots, rock, reggae 1976

• Positive vibration 1976

• Exodus 1977

• Waiting in vain 1977

• Jamming 1977

• One love 1977

• Natural mystic 1977

• Is this love 1978

• Satisfy my soul 1978

• So much trouble in the world 1979

• Could you be loved 1980

• Three little birds 1980

• Reggae on Broadway 1981

• I know 1981

• Buffalo soldier 1984

• Iron lion zion 1992

• Keep on moving 1995

• Sun is shining 1999

• Turn your lights down low 1999

• Rainbow country 2000


Clips :

1962 ... who could imagine at this stage the incredible career which awaits this young singer in the years which will follow. Not many people, it's clear ...

1964 ... it's cheerful, it's playful but for the moment, the young singer cannot manage to pass the landing which could allow him to access the big leagues. We will still have to wait ...

1964 ... no title from this year 1964 will allow him to stand out more than that. The style remains too fixed to hope for anything yet ...

1964 ... only this title will stand out somewhat. But it is clear that there is still quite a way for the young singer to hope to fight on equal terms with the competition ...

1965 ... the year 1965 will not change the situation unfortunately. We will mainly remember this pretty ballad which will be one of the rare titles to stand out somewhat from the lot

1966 ... despite a plethora of titles released each year, it still does not take off more than that. We will have to be a little more patient ...

1966 ... each year still allows certain titles to emerge a little from the crowd. The proof with this title !

1967 ... the number of titles produced slows down from year to year. Rather a good thing because we gain in quality, it's clear !

1968 ... what is clear is that the big fireworks will not take place during this 60s decade. Rather a decade to hatch and find its style, which is far from being done ...

1969 ... what is certain is that the young singer will have had plenty of time to get started given the impressive number of titles released. But for now, it's more quantity than quality except for a few rare cases like this title ...

1970 ... a change of decade which sees an evident sound evolution and especially a voice which is refined more and more. Rather auspicious for the rest of the events ...

1970 ... the rise in power is linear and suggests a huge potential which is revealed title after title. It smells good ...

1970 ... another bloated year in terms of titles. Once again, you really have to sort it out because there is everything and anything ...

1971 ... year after year, title after title, the singer writes his legend slowly but surely. A legend that will greatly increase in volume in a few years ...

1971 ... the year 1971 sees him getting closer and closer to the style that will become his reference. A unique style of its kind that will make all the difference !

1972 ... the big takeoff will not take place either during the year 1972. But we are getting closer and closer, patience, patience ...

1973 ... then THIS title arrives ! Originally recorded in 1967, the 1973 version will go down in history. A version that marks the real breaking point between the Bob Marley Version 1 and the Bob Marley Version 2, that of the legend, the one with a big L !

1973 ... the "birth" of the legend. After several years of trials, which had no future, the singer finally found the path to success. And what a success !

1973 ... the first engine of the Marley rocket has just started and the thrust is phenomenal ! And when we see what is on the horizon, we suspect that the orbit will be sumptuous !

1974 ... only one title in this year 1974. Title which will pass in addition completely under the radars. The years go by but are not alike, it's clear ...

1975 ... what will surely remain as one of his most beautiful "ballads". The artist's fame becomes global. MAS-TER-FUL !

1976 ... an inimitable style, unique in its genre and which will forever remain its trademark. Despite this, this title will go completely unnoticed. Go figure ...

1976 ... the singer is becoming one of the phenomena of the moment. Undisputed leader of the reggae movement, he popularized this style like no one else before him !

1976 ... not necessarily his best title but rare images, hence the interest. A transition title before the transition to 1977, a year which will prove to be particularly prosperous ...

1977 ... the first title of a year which will prove to be exceptional. After a particularly eventful year in 1976, the artist finally finds the path to consecration, the real one. Starting with this title !

1977 ... it is a flood of very large caliber titles which falls on this year 1977. The inspiration of the artist is truly amazing and produces title of Premium quality on title of Premium quality !

1977 ... which will undoubtedly remain one of its most emblematic titles. The legend is on the move and nothing and no one can stop her. Except fate ...

1977 ... the top hits are now linked at the speed of light. The artist's extraordinary inspiration produces titles that are no less so ...

1977 ... proof once again with this title which will also remain as one of its most emblematic. An incredible talent that leaves only crumbs to the competition. HU-GE !

1978 ... and what about this one! He signs here a new legendary tube. One more you will tell me. MAS-TER-FUL !

1978 ... a year 1978 which will not have had the brilliance of the previous year but which will still have seen the artist stay in the Elite with obvious ease. What talent !

1979 ... the last hit of the 70s. A decade that saw him explode and reach the rank of the Greatest. A well-deserved consecration !

1980 ... a transition to the 1980s which promises to be the ultimate consecration. He signs here the biggest hit of his career, just that. The future belongs to him, it is obvious. Except that fate will decide otherwise ...

1980 ... another BIG year than this year 1980 with a plethora of titles and above all Premium quality on all floors. A decade that should have taken the artist to incredible levels of success. Unfortunately he will not have time ...

1981 ... while everything smiled at the artist, illness, she, will decide to put a definitive end to this extraordinary adventure. Fatality when you hold us ...

1981 ... a premature disappearance which will have deprived the singer of a second part of his career which promised to be radiant. Especially since the singer was evolving sound side dramatically ...

1984 ... a posthumous title to honor one last time the memory of one of the greatest musical figures of the 20th century and which leaves behind an impressive work, both quantitatively and qualitatively !

1992 ... 10 years after the artist's disappearance, titles continue to be released. In particular this title which dates from 1973 and which will know a new youth in this decade 90. HU-GE !

1995 ... and it continues. Admittedly, all the wonders are already out but it still happens to see the arrival of large caliber titles ...

1999 ... when the young generation pays homage to the legend. A perfectly successful resurrection that shows vividly that this singer, and all of his discography, are now timeless !

1999 ... and what about that one! How to make new top with old top. A beautiful title where the 2 generations give the best of themselves !

2000 ... and the adventure continues, year after year, decade after decade. The young generation revels in this bloated discography and takes pleasure in remixing everything. And it works !


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