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100% Pure Juice !

Orange Juice is a Scottish group formed in Bearsden, a suburb of Glasgow, in 1979 by Edwyn Collins, Alan Duncan, Jamaes Kirk and Steven Daly.

Originally, the group was called "The Nu-Sonics".

Little is known about this group except that it will remain mainly in the musical history of the 80s for their hit "Rip it up".

Group which will have produced other songs and albums of good caliber.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Falling and laughing 1980

• Blue Boy 1980

• Simply thrilled honey 1980

• Poor old soul 1981

• L.O.V.E love 1981

• Felicity 1982

• Two hearts together 1982

• I can’t help myself 1982

• Rip it up 1983

• Flesh of my flesh 1983

• Bridge 1984

• What presence 1984

• Lean period 1984


Clips :

1980 ... the tone, the sound, everything is already there. And a style already atypical for the time. Everything is there to make this small group one of the future Great !

1980 ... light and limited Rockabilly. Completely outside the standards of the time. And yet it works !

1980 ... a BIG 80's with no less than 3 titles and 3 hits. For a first year of existence, rather flattering ...

1981 ... we start again more or less on the same bases in this new year. The group confirms once again that he is not there to do only some figuration...

1981 ... after the euphoria of the first tracks, here comes the moment of the sweet break. A rise in power which puts them definitively in the big leagues

1982 ... the tempo starts up again. Chase the natural, it comes back at a gallop. It's their trademark, we can't fight ...

1982 ... like an air of the tropics. And why not, this is called diversifying genres. It's obvious...

1982 ... still in super funky mode. But the English funky mode has absolutely nothing to do with its legendary American competitor ...

1983 ... which will undoubtedly remain their biggest hit. The pinnacle of a career for a truly unique group. A fresh and light style that is truly one of a kind !

1983 ... once again rhythmic and airy. This group will not necessarily remain as the most brilliantissimo of the decade but it will have really left a very special imprint of which he can be proud

1984 ... a style and a trademark that have hardly changed from the beginning to the end. Is it good, is it evil. Everyone has their own opinion ...

1984 ... a year that suggests a slight advance in rock. But really a hint. We will not remake them again !

1984 ... back to basics to end in style. A group with discography in the end quite dense and of quality, that is essential !


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