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For them, it's all about logic...

Supertramp is an English group formed in London in 1969 by Rick Davies, quickly joined by singer Roger Hodson after he was recruited on audition, following an advertisement.

The name of the group would be a reference to the book "Autobiography of a supertramp" by the writer Henry Davies.

The group's first album, of the same name, was released in 1970. Album with very meager results.

The second album "Indelibly stamped", with more rock tones, does little better if it is not to talk about it only through its poignant cover where we see a tattooed woman's chest.

In 1974 the single "Land Ho/Summer romance" was released, the fruit of the work of a group considerably reworked in terms of musicians. Once again, success is not there.

It was not until the next album "Crime of the century" that things began to evolve positively, both at the critical level and at the sales level. Album from which will be extracted the now legendary "Dreamer".

The success was enormous, to the point that the album became a gold record in 1975. Also in 1975, it was the album "Crisis, what Crisis ?" which comes out but the success will be less.

The success came back two years later in 1977 when the album "Even in the quietest moments" was released, which contained the single hit "Give a little bit" and which went worldwide.

The planetary consecration arrived in 1979 with the release of the enormous album "Breakfast in America". Particularly successful cover album with the Statue of Liberty replaced by a waitress holding a menu and orange juice on a tray.

The album quickly became a global phenomenon and produced many mega hits like "The logical song", "Goodbye stranger" and "Breakfast in America". 16 million copies will be sold worldwide !

Despite this colossal success, weariness won the members of the group and a break was decreed. Break which will last 18 months.

The business resumed in 1982 with the release of the album "Famous last words" from which will be extracted a new mega super hit namely "It’s raining again".

Despite this new success, Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies are no longer in sync and Hodgson decides to leave the ship in 1983.

In 1985 the album "Brother where you bound" was released. The album was a success thanks in particular to the flagship title "Cannonball". But this time it will be the last notorious success of the group.

The "Super Tramps" will bow out gently, leaving several pieces of anthology to the world musical heritage.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Aubade and I am not like other birds of prey 1970

  • Words unspoken 1970

  • Your poppa don't mind 1971

  • Times have changed 1971

  • Land Ho 1974

  • Dreamer 1974

  • Bloody well right 1975

  • Hide in your shell 1975

  • Lady 1975

  • Ain't nobody but me 1976

  • Give a little bit 1977

  • Babaji 1977

  • The logical song 1979

  • Breakfast in America 1979

  • Goodbye stranger 1979

  • Take the long way home 1979

  • Lord is it mine 1979

  • Child of vision 1979

  • It’s raining again 1982

  • Crazy 1982

  • My kind of lady 1983

  • Don't leave me now 1983

  • Cannonball 1985

  • Still in love 1985

  • Better days 1985

  • I’m beggin’ you 1987

  • Free as a bird 1987

  • Not the moment 1987

  • You win, I lose 1997

  • Listen to me please 1997

  • Slow motion 2002

  • Over you 2002


Clips :

1970 ... the first confidential steps to say the least. Impossible to imagine at this stage the incredible fate that awaits this small group in the years to come ...

1970 ... even if the first titles will not be classified, the potential of this group is obvious. Now they have to go from shadow to light ...

1971 ... on the big take-off side, it won't be for this year 1971. Even if the group is gifted, he still has a little work to do to hope to eventually integrate the big leagues ...

1971 ... despite their best efforts, for the moment, the mayonnaise is still struggling to take. But we feel that something is happening concerning them and that they are ready to touch the goal ...

1974 ... 3 empty years followed by a metamorphosis to say the least surprising and especially of very good omen for the continuation of the events. The sound, the style, everything has evolved positively as if by magic

1974 ... then comes THE title that will reveal them. A style, a sound, a unique voice that will make all the difference. The world is literally in shock...the sound of this group coming out of nowhere and promised a bright future. MAS-TER-FUL !

1975 ... a continuation which could not compete with the previous title as the bar was raised, it is clear. Anyway, the dynamics of success are now in place and that's the main thing !

1975 ... each title is now particularly inspired and even if this title will not even be classified, it is clear that the group has passed a musical level of the most important ...

1975 ... surprisingly, the previous title, despite a sharply declining level of success, achieved the feat of being classified in the USA. Unfortunately, this will not be the case ...

1976 ... the years 1975 and 1976 will not remain as the best years of the group, that's clear. But considering what is on the horizon, it is clear that the best is yet to come !

1977 ... the business resumes in a flagrant way in this year 1977. The group finds its brilliant inspiration of 1974 and what will follow will prove that this group is really completely out of the norm !

1977 ... few titles from now on will pass 'through' but this one will be part of it. But given what is on the horizon, no worries about them, that's clear ...

1977 ... this one will not be released as a single but it would have really deserved to be. Anyway, it shows once again that the group is now in full and total possession of its means ...

1979 ... then comes THIS title ! The group will simply deliver here one of the biggest titles of the decade, a huge title that literally explodes the reputation of the group. And that's just the beginning. MAS-TER-FUL !

1979 ... an equally HUGE suite which definitively consecrates the group as one of the biggest phenomena of the end of the XXth century. A-MA-ZING !

1979 ... a decidedly exceptional year in all respects for this group. A year that made them smash into the musical legend of the end of the 20th century. A well-deserved consecration !

1979 ... 3 mega hits and 1 top hit lined up the same year, this is called a near record. Exceptionally exceptional !

1979 ... a legendary album that will produce an incredible number of titles all as inspired as the others. And Premium version inspiration !

1979 ... each title on the album could have been released as a single, which is to say the incredible quality of this opus. Undoubtedly their Masterpiece !

1982 ... then nothing for three years. It is to return better in this year 1982, all in a dazzling form. They simply sign here the 2nd biggest success of their career. An extraordinary inspiration for an extraordinary group !

1982 ... where the art of going from one extreme to another. The previous single will have shattered everything, this one will go almost unnoticed. Astonishing turnaround, to say the least ...

1983 ... delirious single in tribute to the 60s. Totally and definitely vintage. A totally crazy bet in this decade where everything is electronic but what is certain is that the result is up to scratch !

1983 ... a sumptuous title which will pass completely under the radars except in the United States. A totally incomprehensible underperformance when you see the quality of the opus. Sometimes you shouldn't try to understand ...

1985 ... they still have some under the pedal as they say. 10 years after their debut, they continue to deliver very large caliber titles. Longevity worthy of the greatest !

1985 ... once again we go from one extreme to another. They alternate more and more the 'big blows' followed by relapse for the less brutal in the Charts. Times are getting harder and harder, it is clear ...

1985 ... this one will do a little better but nothing more. So, a slight temporary air gap or a rather worrying underlying trend for the rest of the events ? It is the future that will tell us ...

1987 ... certainly, the group is no longer familiar with the summit of the Charts but continues its adventure quietly but surely ...

1988 ... a single title year, but in their case, rarity rhymes with quality. The group continues to stay afloat with more than obvious ease ...

1987 ... another title of certain quality but which will not be released as a single. There will have been a few like that. Frankly shame ...

1997 ... then almost nothing during the 90s. Except for this title which will be their last notorious hit ... Goobye strangers !

1997 ... come on, the adventure is not entirely over. Another title in their inimitable style, an inimitable style that they will have kept until the end, for better and for worse as they say ...

2002 ... they will even attempt the transition to the 2000s. It is clear that the best years are now behind but with them everything remains possible ...

2002 ... an extremely rare thing concerning them, here they are in pure and hard Ultimate Slow. Who would've believed that...? Like what, with them, anything can happen. The proof !


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