Who is the Boss ?? Huh ...

Bruce Springsteen is an American singer-songwriter better known by the nickname "The Boss".

As a child, he saw THE revelation when he saw an Elvis Presley concert on TV : he would be a singer.

As a young man, he thought only of music and began to compose using his guitar.

He will perform with groups like "D. Zoom and the Sonic Boom", "Bruce Springsteen band" and other "Steel Mill".

He first stood out in 1972 by the talent discoverer John Hammond and a year later he released in 1973 his first album "Greetings from Asbury Park, New Jersey". Album hailed by critics but with very modest sales.

Shortly followed by the album "The wild, the innocent and the E street shuffle", an album of superior quality but which does not do better than the previous one.

The year 1975 will permanently change the singer's destiny when the now legendary album "Born to run" is released, from which the single of the same name will be extracted.

Three years passed before the album "Darkness on the edge of town" came out, which was far from rivaling the previous one.

But the Boss quickly rebounds by composing a title for Patti Smith "Because the night". Title that will become a huge hit.

In 1980 the album "The river" was released, from which the flagship title "Pointblank" was extracted. Followed in 1982 by the very minimalist album "Nebraksa" (guitar, harmonica, tambourine).

The planetary consecration arrived in 1984 with the release of the enormous album "Born in the USA" from which the legendary single of the same name will be extracted. As well as the no less famous "I’m on fire", "Dancing in the dark" and "Cover me". The success is colossal.

Three years passed before the album "Tunnel of love" was released in 1987, where we find a Bruce Springsteen more mature.

From 1989, the singer began a solo career by separating from his legendary "E Street band" with which he had previously performed.

He took the opportunity to release the albums "Human touch" and "Lucky town" in 1992, with certain but measured success and little praised by critics.

He came back in force in 1993 with his song "Streets of Philadelphia", soundtrack of the film of the same name. Title which meets a huge worldwide success. It will be his last major success despite an album "The ghost of Tom Joad" released in 1995 and unanimously acclaimed by critics.

But the story and the career of this extraordinary singer with such an easily recognizable voice have not ended.

Who can know what he has in store for us in the years to come. Case to follow…

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Blinded by the light 1973

• Born to run 1975

• Prove it all night 1978

• Badlands 1978

• Hungry heart 1980

• Fade away 1980

• The river 1981

• Atlantic city 1982

• Dancing in the dark 1984

• Cover me 1984

• Born in the USA 1984

• I’m on fire 1985

• Glory days 1985

• I'm going down 1985

• My hometown 1985

• War 1986

• Fire 1987

• Brilliant disguise 1987

• Tunnel of love 1987

• One step up 1988

• Tougher than the rest 1988

• Spare parts 1988

• Human touch 1992

• Better days 1992

• 57 channels (And nothin' on) 1992

• Streets of Philadelphia 1994

• Secret garden 1995

• Missing 1996

Clips :

1973 ... the first title of a young man, out of nowhere, which will become in the years which follow one of the most important figures on the musical scene across the Atlantic

1975 ... but it all really starts with THIS title. A first planetary hit that will change the artist's destiny forever. And the tone is set, the singer's career will be pure rock, rock as the Americans know so well

1978 .. it will be rock, that's for sure, but in a style that will be very particular to him. A clever mix of old and new sounds ...

1978 ... the Springsteen style is slowly but surely in place. A unique style that will forever remain its trademark

1980 ... new decade and new global mega hit. Surely one of its most emblematic titles. Springsteen is no longer just a singer, now he's the "Boss"

1980 ... he can also be gentle. In its own way, of course, but it is possible. He shows us here ...

1981 ... proof once again with this magnificent folk ballad. 100 % Made in USA, 100 % Springsteen

1982 ... in the same vein. We have changed the vintage but the recipe remains the same. It is once again a good job but there is still a level to go to reach planetary consecration ...

1984 ... 1983 was a white year, so we find the artist in 1984. All in a dazzling form. An Olympic form which allows him to pass the stage of ultimate consecration with this HUGE title which will undoubtedly remain as one of his most inspired. MAS-TER-FUL !

1984 ... and it's not over, it's a wave of mega hits on the horizon ! Now that it's launched, nothing and no one can stop him ...

1984 ... THE title which makes him enter definitively in the musical legend of the 80s. One of the biggest titles of the 80s and which will remain cult until the end of time for sure. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1985 ... the year 1984 was an exceptional vintage for the artist. 1985 will be even stronger with 4 mega planetary hits, just that. Starting with that one !

1985 ... each title becomes an event in itself. Everything he touches turns immediately into gold ...

1985 ... the least prestigious of the 4. And still, everything is relative because a good number of singers would be content largely with half success like this one !

1985 ... return to calm. A frankly welcome sweet break that once again shows the versatility of his talent

1986 ... back in force, we suspected that the natural would return at a gallop. And this time, we find a 100 % pure rage Springsteen

1987 ... a new year that starts slowly, it changes. And which also promises to be rich in titles of very large caliber

1987 ... the blows of rage and the brutal decelerations follow one another without end. Anyway, the public likes it, it's clear. New mega hit !

1987 ... a year marked by a more assertive, more controlled Springsteen. Well, with him, will it last, it's something else ...

1988 ... another magnificent ballad of which he has the secret. A mastery of himself and the elements that are confirmed, title after title, year after year ...

1988 ... more and more incursions into the Intimist register. And my faith, who would complain about it given the quality of the titles produced ...

1988 ... for the year 1988, the song that beats up, it will be this one. A register that no longer pays because it is in this area that he registers its most mixed successes ...

1992 ... 4 years without anything. A long parenthesis wanted or forced but which allows him to return once again in great shape. Be that as it may, a change of decade mastered with flying colors

1992 ... a blow, it's cool, a blow, it beats. We are going back to the same mode as the previous decade ...

1992 ... an indefinable title, completely against the flow of everything he has done so far. Astonishing ...

1994 ... with him, it's a top global mega hit per decade. For the 1990s, this will be it. A Springsteen at the height of his art who signs an AMAZING title to illuminate the soundtrack of a film that will strongly mark the minds of the time

1995 ... and what about that one ! A title with incredible inspiration and which literally floats in the air. MA-GIC !

1996 ... and it continues in the extraordinary inspiration. A Springsteen definitely transfigured ... Transfiguration, the word that perfectly sums up the Springsteen of the 90s ! To be continued ...

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