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Intimist version 80s Part 1 - The best of the Category 'France'

The playlist of phew in which you will find all the biggest hits 'France Intimist' of the 80s.

For those who know nothing about it, the ideal way to find everything you need to organize a most memorable romantic evening.

For connoisseurs, the means to complete their knowledge or to find titles whose names they no longer remember.

Take out the handkerchiefs !

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Les Charts - Aime moi encore 1993

  • Alain Chamfort - Geant 1980

  • Pacifique - Quand tu serres mon coprs 1989

  • L'Affaire Louis Trio - Succès de larmes 1988

  • Les Avions -Tombe la neige 1987

  • Jean-Luc Lahaye - Papa chanteur 1985

  • Corinne Charby - J't'oublie pas 1985

  • Art Mengo - Parler d'amour 1993

  • Rita Mitsouko - Un soir un chien 1987

  • Patrick Juvet - Rêves immoraux 1982

  • France Gall - Evidemment 1987

  • François Feldman - Les valses de Vienne 1989

  • Jeanne Mas - Bébé rock 1990

  • Loop The Loop - Au bout de la nuit 1987

  • Marc Lavoine - Elle a les yeux revolver 1984

  • Véronique Jannot - J'ai fait l'amour avec la mer 1982

  • François Valery - Dream in blue 1981

  • Elegance - Faut pas jouer avec les sentiments 1985

  • Lio - Seules les filles pleurent 1988

  • Frederic Chateau - Stop Lucie 1987

  • Gérard Blanc - Sentiment d'océan 1988

  • Julie Pietri - Immortelle 1988

  • Téléphone - Le jour s'est levé 1986

  • Elsa - T'en va pas 1986

  • Jean-Michel Jarre - Souvenirs de chine 1982


Clips :

1993 ... which will go down as one of their best titles. A magnificent ballad that suspends time as if by magic ...

Full Article Les Charts


1980 ... his first WONDER. The confirmation of an extraordinary talent and inspiration. A perfectly negotiated change of decade. MA-GNI-FI-CENT !

Full Article Alain Chamfort


1989 ... the WONDER that will reveal them ! One of the most beautiful titles of the French scene version 80s

Full Article Pacifique


1988 ... a magnificent ballad which confirms a talent for writing capable of apprehending very different sound worlds. MA-GIC !

Full Article L'Affaire Louis Trio


1987 ... a magnificent track full of finesse which shows all the versatility of this group. They are good in every way !

Full Article Les Avions


1985 ... a title which plays thoroughly in the register of emotion and which perfectly reaches its target. Surely one of his most emblematic titles ...

Full Article Jean-Luc Lahaye


1985 ... she will have remained mainly in the musical history of the 80s for an enormous Dance title. It is clear that it is not bad either in the Intimist register, it is clear

Full Article Corynne Charby


1993 ... when 2 stars of the moment meet, the result is necessarily up to the task. MA-GIC !

Full Article Art Mengo


1987 ... after the surge of Dance hits, back to Intimist mode. Disconcerting my faith, we were no longer used ...

Full Article Les Rita Mitsouko


1982 ... an 80s decade which will prove to be much more difficult to negotiate than expected for the singer. This does not prevent him from giving us a title of great beauty which will remain as one of his jewels. He still has some under the pedal the boy, it's clear .....

Full Article Patrick Juvet


1987 ... the magnificent hymn to a dear friend who died far too soon ! The WONDER OF WONDERS

Full Article France Gall


1989 ... magnificent waltzes of Vienna. Surely one of his most emblematic titles and which will remain as his biggest hit ranked

Full Article François Feldman


1990 ... a new decade that started smoothly for the singer. She signs here a sumptuous Intimist title which will find little echo with the public. Frankly shame because she still has some under the pedal but the fans of the first hour have already moved on ...

Full Article Jeanne Mas


1987 ... a single title, THIS title, will suffice to make them fit One Shot into the musical legend of the 80s. Here they simply sign one of the most beautiful pieces of the decade, a WONDER full of finesse. MAS-TER-FUL !

Full Article Loop The Loop


1984 ... the HUGE hit that will change everything and explode its notoriety overnight. He simply signs here one of the most beautiful pieces of the 1980s on the French side. MAS-TER-FUL !

Full Article Marc Lavoine


1982 ... the real beginnings on the song side. A magnificent tailor-made ballad which gave her a first notorious success !

Full Article Véronique Jannot


1981 ... aren't there cute ! When 2 stars of the moment meet, the result is necessarily up to the task

Full Article François Valery


1985 ... here they arrived in Intimist mode and my faith, they are far from being ridiculous in this field. A group of undoubted talent but which has not been able to capitalize on its many assets ...

Full Article Elegance


1988 ... still a nice title full of finesse which works very well. After almost a decade at the top, she shows once again that nothing is ever over ...

Full Article Lio


1987 ... the title that will change everything. Finished the Koeur's, the artist now plays it solo and we see the result. He signs here quite simply one of the most inspired titles of the decade. SUMP-TUOUS !

Full Article Frédéric Chateau


1988 ... the WONDER ! An Ultimate slow with incredible lyricism that suspends time as if by magic. At the height of its art !

Full Article Gérard Blanc


1988 ... a year with the only title for the singer a classy Ultimate Slow. We will largely be satisfied with it. Magnificent !

Full Article Julie Pietri


1986 ... in truth, it is the sun which will set on this extraordinary adventure. Adventure that will have established the group as one of the greatest French rock groups, if not the biggest !

Full Article Téléphone


1986 ... a HUGE entry-level hit for the "little one". Magnificent tailor-made title which elevates her One Shot to the rank of star and makes her one of the biggest phenomena of the moment. HU-GE !

Full Article Elsa


1982 ... a magnificent memory of China that suspends time as if by magic and takes us to sonorous lands that we never even imagined the existence ...

Full Article Jean-Michel Jarre

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