She gave everything for the music ...

Isabelle Gall, known as France Gall, is the daughter of Robert Gall, singer and author (among others, of "La Mamma" by Charles Aznavour) and therefore sees many artists in her childhood parade with her parents.

She started learning music very early and at 14, she played with her 2 brothers in a small orchestra, summer on the beaches and winter in Paris.

In 1963, while still a minor, her father gave recordings of her to a music publisher who auditioned her immediately.

His career is launched.

In return, she must abandon her first name Isabelle to take that of France, so as not to interfere with the singer Isabelle Aubret.

The 1960s will be a great launching pad for her through her victory at Eurovision Song Contest. And this thanks to the talent of composer of a certain ..... Serge Gainsbourg.

But it was above all her meeting with Michel Berger that made her the essential singer we know today.

Her fate will unfortunately be combined with several tragedies including 2 particularly significant deaths for her, namely Michel Berger and Daniel Balavoine.

Deaths which will stop dead in the early 90s, the rise of this gifted musician who had the privilege of having as main providers of songs 2 of the greatest composers of the twentieth century.

She will make a resounding comeback in 2004 with her title "The only thing that counts", title which will unfortunately be her last notorious success.

The one who will remain as one of the most emblematic singers of this end of the XXth century on the French side will in turn disappear on January 7, 2018 as a result of a cancer against which she will have fought for several years without ever being able to triumph. ..

Discography (among others ...) :

• Ne soit pas si bête 1963

• N'écoute pas les idoles 1964

• Mes premières vraies vacances 1964

• Le premier chagrin d'amour 1964

• Les rubans et la fleur 1964

• Laisse tomber les filles 1964

• Sacré Charlemagne 1964

• Poupée de cire, poupée de son 1965

• Christiansen 1965

• Attends ou va-t-en 1965

• Baby pop 1966

• Les sucettes 1966

• Bonsoir John John 1966

• La rose des vents 1966

• Bébé requin 1967

• Toi que je veux 1967

• A banda 1968

• Computer Nr 3 1968

• L'orage 1969

• Les éléphants 1970

• C'est cela l'amour 1971

• 5 minutes d'amour 1972

• Par plaisir 1973

• La déclaration d’amour 1974

• Mais aime là 1974

• Comment lui dire 1975

• Samba mambo 1975

• Ca balance pas mal à Paris 1976

• Musique 1977

• Si maman si 1977

• Le meilleur de soi-même 1978

• Viens je t'emmène 1978

• Monopolis 1978

• Besoin d'amour 1979

• Bébé, comme la vie 1980

• Il jouait du piano debout 1980

• Les aveux 1980

• Donner pour donner 1980

• Tout pour la musique 1981

• Résiste 1981

• Amor tambien (Tout le monde chante) 1982

• Diego, libre dans sa tête 1982

• Débranche 1984

• Hong Kong Star 1984

• Calypso 1984

• Cézanne peint 1984

• Babacar 1987

• Ella elle l’a 1987

• Dancing brave 1987

• Evidemment 1988

• Papillon de nuit 1988

• La chanson d'Azyma 1989

• Laissez passer les rêves 1992

• Superficiel et léger 1992

• Plus haut 1996

• Privée d'amour 1996

• Message personnel 1996

• La seule chose qui compte 2004

• Une femme tu sais 2005

Clips :

1963 ... at the origin of the genesis of the beginning of an adventure which will prove to be absolutely extraordinary for little Isabelle

1964 ... a meteoric rise in power that nothing and no one can stop. A decade of the 60s that started off with a bang with several entry hits. It promises !

1964 ... it's fresh, light, cheerful and airy. So it works perfectly and installs Isabelle as one of the biggest rising values of the moment

1964 ... a first WONDER of softness and finesse which shows that the little one really has talent to spare ...

1964 ... the hits are now followed at an impressive speed. And this is only the beginning !

1964 ... a decidedly exceptional year with an incredible number of titles of very high caliber. And it's not over !

1964 ... but it is THIS title that will accelerate everything ! His first title ranked No.1 and certainly not the last

1965 ... the enormous title which literally exploded its notoriety in France and in Europe. Thank you who, thank you Serge !

1965 ... of course, this title will not have the same impact as the previous one but has undeniable advantages, it is clear

1965 ... 1964 was an exceptional year for the singer, 1965 is not bad either. The years go by and they all look the same...

1966 ... after 1964 and 1965 which were exceptional vintages, here comes the year 1966. And we start again on the same bases ...

1966 ... the huge controversial hit that will propel her to stratospheric heights. She reaches an indisputable and undisputed star status

1966 ... a very pretty ballad typical of the 60s, a model of finesse and softness

1966 ... and what about this one ! Two titles in quick succession where time seems suspended as if by magic ...

1967 ... each year its share of hits. We start with this one for the year 1967 ...

1967 ... we will have to be satisfied with 2 hits that year. So Isabelle, a little drop in speed ...

1968 ... a German adaptation of the Brazilian song by Chico Buarque. Total delirium !

1968 ... a definitely 100 % Germanic year. For that alone, we had to see Isabelle singing in German again, an extremely rare thing ...

1969 ... the end of the decade that will prove to be more difficult than expected to negotiate ... Difficult to be on top all the time ...

1970 ... it is confirmed, it may be cheerful and festive, it is no longer enough to make the difference. Isabelle, you'll have to recover !

1971 ... ah, there is the best ! Change of vintage and return of inspiration which allows her to offer us a magnificent Ultimate Slow

1972 ... the beginning of the metamorphosis. Everything evolves : the look, the style, the sound of his songs. Isabelle moults and prepares for the sequel which promises to be super ...

1973 ... come on, one last year of preparation before the big fireworks display. An ideal transition title !