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François Valery, born Jean-Louis Mougeot, is a French singer-songwriter who distinguished himself on the one hand in variety but also in film music. His artist name, which dates from 1974, has nothing to do with the first names of the 2 presidential candidates that year, but was simply attributed to him by a psychic. It was at 14 that he made his first steps in music when his mother offered him his first guitar, redirecting the child on a path that was not his, he who, however, was destined rather towards a career of footballer. But it was not until 1974, at the age of 19, that his career really started when he participated in the radio radio show "RTL Non stop" by Philippe Bouvard. In the same year, he released his first album "Et puis c'est tout" under the pseudonym Claude Larra. Winning blow because it is noticed by the producers of AZ who will allow him to release the single "Une chanson d'été" this time under his future artist name on seeing François Valery. The single is a real success. Other titles will follow and in 1979, he released 3 singles which enabled him to obtain his 1st Gold Record. The year 1980 made him an international star with the single "Emmanuelle" which hit the headlines in Italy, Germany but also in Japan. 1981 was the year of consecration with the 1 million copies sold for the single "Dream in blue" which he recorded with Sophie Marceau. Everything succeeds for him, he composes for french singers like Jean François Michael, Annie Cordy, Line Renaud, Dalida, Lova Moor, Hervé Villard or Michèle Torr so that he composes the now cult "Emmène moi danser ce soir" which will sell more than 3 500,000 copies ! In 1983, he was a hit with ‘Elle danse, Marie" but it was 1989 which definitively brought him into the French musical pantheon with the huge hit "Aimons nous vivants". Which will be his last major hit. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• Et puis c'est tout 1973

• Une chanson d’été 1974

• Le prince d'amour 1974

• Toutes les chansons d'amour sont tristes 1975

• Dormir avec toi 1976

• Qu'est-ce qu'on a dansé sur cette chanson 1976

• Dinons ce soir en amoureux 1977

• Laisse tomber 1978

• La loi d'amour 1978

• Disco Brasilia 1979

• Emmanuelle 1980

• Symphonie pour coeur blessé 1980

• Chez Lola 1980

• Chanson d'adieu 1981

• Dream in blue 1981

• Comme une poupée 1982

• Stars, le samedi soir 1982

• Joy 1983

• Elle était venue du Colorado 1983

• Elle danse, Marie 1983

• Mon pote le DJ 1984

• You need love 1985

• Comme Jimmy Dean 1986

• Putain d'envie de vivre 1987

• Je sais que tu vis 1987

• Esclave de la musique 1988

• Aimons-nous vivants 1989

• C'est pas possible 1989

• Tout est écrit 1991

• Qu'est-ce que je t'aime 1991

• Dans les bras de la nuit 1991

• Loin d'être un saint 1992

• Changer de vie 1992

• Il est revenu le soleil 1994

• Cuba Cuba 1996

• Au nom de toi 1998

• Carmen 1998

• Nos DJ font danser le monde 2014


Clips :

1973 ... the very first steps, of quality, of one who will become one of the leading figures of French song for the next 15 years

1974 ... the first title under its definite stage name. Kitsch at will but So 70'S !

1974..a first high quality Ultimate Slow which shows all the future potential of the artist

1975 ... popular song, without fuss and so typical of those years. Nothing extraordinary but it works perfectly and that's it already !

1976 ... in the same vein. Simple melodies that hit home every time and smell the blessed carefreeness of that time

1976 ... everything is now stable in this mid-decade and the singer begins to unfold quietly without worrying about the next day ...

1977 ... a glamorous trendy version 70 romantic dinner. Who would dare to redo such simplistic songs today ? Nobody. And yet, these are the best !

1978 ... no, no, François, we're not going to give up. We like your very simple melodies that just do good

1978 ... a new Ultimate Slow special teen boom. Or an American quarter hour at the 'Blue Waves' campsite. Choice of cardboard insured !

1979 ... that's it, François embarks on the Disco wave. The dynamic Dance is launched for good !

1980 ... the title that changed everything and literally exploded its notoriety. One of the biggest Disco tubes Made In France. HU-GE !

1980 ... a quality suite but which cannot compete with the previous title as it has set the bar high ...

1980 ... a decidedly 100 % Dance year. The titles follow each other with more or less success ...

1981 ... tender break between 2 Dance tracks. Admittedly, it will not be the slow of the decade but whatever ...

1981 ... aren't there cute ! When 2 stars of the moment meet, the result is necessarily up to par

1982 ... a little flashback in the 70s with this title with a slightly offbeat sound ...

1982 ... it's true that with François, we are all stars. Simple melodies that make all generations dance !

1983 ... he signs here a nice soundtrack with this title which bears the name of the film. One of the very few times he sings in English ...

1983 ... new foray into the Intimist register, an area in which he is decidedly particularly comfortable ...

1983 ... which will surely remain one of his biggest hits. All Dancefloor in France still remember it !

1984 ... in the same vein. This one will go a little more unnoticed...but whatever. Not always be on top all the time !

1985 ... new soundtrack, this time for "Joy & Joan". And it works, in the "Emotions" area, as always !

1986 ... an Ultimate Slow of very large caliber which once again shows the artist's enormous talent in the Intimist world. MA-GNI-FI-CENT !

1987 ... back to Dance with a new title of certain quality. One of the rare artists able to alternate the Intimist with the Festive so easily

1987 ... new work-study program. We bring out the handkerchiefs again ... Snif, snif ...

1988 ... a title passed somewhat unnoticed, in an ocean of titles which make his discography one of the most prolific of this end of the XXth French side

1989 .... the title of the CONSECRATION ! His Mona Lisa. An HUGE intergalactic hit which makes him definitely enter the musical legend of the 80s. MAS-TER-FUL !

1989 ... a special year 'Dancefloor on fire'. He repeats with this title which will not have the same level of success as its predecessor but whatever ...

1991 ... he attacks his 3rd decade. And still not old-fashioned boy. Like what, talent, it keeps !

1991 ... never anything exceptional but always effective melodies. Talent, the real one !

1991 ... a big year 1991 with no less than 3 particularly successful singles. He still has it under the foot the guy, it's clear !

1992 ... efficient, rhythmic, dancing to your wishes. In short, pure Valery juice, a recipe that has worked for almost 20 years ...

1992 ... emotions, sensations. In short, pure Valery juice, a recipe that has worked for almost 20 years. Look, I seem to repeat myself ...

1994 ... certainly, he is no longer in the 'move' but he is still there. Few singers of his time can say the same ...

1996 ... when François starts Eurodance ! If, if, you are not dreaming. He will have done everything for us !

1998 ... the end of the 1990s, once again under the sign of romance and emotion. It surprises you ?

1998 ... when there is more, there is more. About what ?? But from the song 'Emotions' my Captain !

2014 ... the Phoenix is trying to rise from the ashes. A return which is far from being ridiculous but the gap is now really too great with the furious young people of the 2010s ...


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