Rémi without family ...

Child from the DDASS (modern orphanage) in France, sentenced in 1976 to 6 months in prison for minor crimes, Jean Luc Lahaye will be in turn adjuster, driver and bodyguard of Zizi Jeanmaire and finally bartender before a certain Dalida notices him and him rent a small apartment on the top floor of his residence. His first album "Pascal et Cécile" was released in 1979 without much success. Other titles will follow, too, without success being there. It was in 1982 that things accelerated. "Woman I love" hits the shelves and this time, the title hits home. Followed in 1984 by "Papa chanteur" which will remain 30 weeks in the French Top 50. In 1985, his autobiographical book "One Hundred Families" became a bestseller. 86 and 87 are the years of consecration with sold out concerts in all the legendary halls of the capital. His fourth album "En vol" unfortunately will fail and the years that follow will not allow him to raise the bar. As a result a decline that the artist can never reverse ... To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

  • Maitresse maitresse 1979

  • Allez viens ! 1980

  • Femme que j’aime 1982

  • Appelle moi Brando 1983

  • Decibelle 1983

  • Plus jamais 1984

  • Peur 1984

  • Pleure pas 1984

  • Papa chanteur 1985

  • Lettre à la vieille 1986

  • Il faudrait que tu reviennes 1986

  • Djemila des lilas 1987

  • Débarquez moi 1987

  • Dô l'enfant d'eau 1987

  • L'amour pour qui 1988

  • Partie sans laisser de tendresse 1989

  • Il faut vivre 1991

  • Tu peux lui dire 1993

Clips :

1979 ... the surreal beginnings of a young boy who will become one of the biggest stars of the 1980s on the French side

1980 ... change of decade and change of style. A salutary change that will quickly bear fruit ...

1982 ... then comes THIS title. A HUGE single that will reveal him and change its destiny forever. Surely one of the biggest Dance hits of the 80s and the end of the 20th century on the French side

1983 ... a little megalo delirium. Lahaye pure juice. But with him, everything is possible !

1983 ... a track in the same vein as 'Femme que j'aime' but which cannot compete with such a musical monument...

1984 ... a first draft of an Intimist song. Field in which he will soon be excelling ...

1984 ... an exceptional year which saw him produce no less than 3 top hits. Undeniably his best vintage !

1984 ... a year which ends in apotheosis with this title which will remain as one of its best classified at the level of Charts

1985 ... I told you he was going to excel in the Intimist mode. The proof ! A title that plays deeply in the register of emotion and that perfectly reaches its target. Surely one of his most emblematic titles ...

1986 ... and what about that one ! A WONDERFUL finesse and softness that magically suspends time

1986 ... we can't stop him ! It is an uninterrupted succession of tender songs of very very large caliber. One of the Masters in the matter, there's no photo !

1987..new big year with 2 top hits including this hymn to diversity and tolerance. 30 years later, this song would still be as much news ...

1987 ... new top hit with this title which serves as credits for his TV program Lahaye d'Honneur and which will surely remain as one of his best titles

1987 ... back in the Intimist register with a new WONDER of which he has the secret. He really has an extraordinary talent for interpreting this kind of songs, it's undeniable !

1988 ... one of his rare duets. And not necessarily any ! With hindsight, images which now belong to the past, literally as well as figuratively ...

1989 ... another wonderful sweet break, one more ! The years go by and he still excels as much in this area !

1991 ... change of decade and still there. But not for very long ...

1993 ... of Jean Luc Lahaye pure juice. It's light and airy and it eats no bread ... Long gone is the time of Maitresse Maitresse...

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