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Loop The Loop is a Belgian group from Liège, formed in 1982 and originally composed of Patrick Flamand, Philippe Julemont and Didier Dessers. Trio which will be quickly joined by Daniel Dupont. Group which released a first self-produced single called “Last night” the same year, a single which unfortunately went somewhat unnoticed. It was by taking part in the Rock Mitaine radio-hook organized by Belgian radio RTBF in 1985 that things suddenly accelerated. The group then offers the title "Miroir", a title that will ultimately prevail and launch for good the career of Loop The Loop. But it is above all the meeting with producers Jean-Marc Aouizérat and Robert Bindschedler (producers of Jeanne Mas) that will really change the situation and allow the group's career to take on a whole new dimension. Under their Platinum Records label released in 1986 the single "Sous la griffe de l'Animal", a single which was going to make a real splash and propel the group in a resounding fashion on the front of the stage. The final consecration arrived a year later in 1987 with the release of the enormous and sumptuous "Au bout de la nuit", a single which will remain as their Mona Lisa and which will definitively consecrate them as one of the major groups on the Belgian scene of the 80s. The sequel will unfortunately be much less favorable with a record company which drops them and ends up disappearing outright, forcing them to disappear in their turn at the dawn of the 90s. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• Last night 1982

• Human being 1982

• Miroir 1985

• Sonnez l’alarme 1985

• Sous la griffe de l’animal 1986

• Au bout de la nuit 1987

• Comme une aventure 1988

• Passer la rivière 1989


Clips :

1982 ... a first title in English which launches the dynamic but nothing more. It is clear that there is still work to be done by the group so that he can access the Great Court ...

1982 .... in the same vein. We will have to give them a little more time to gain consistency and above all in melodic quality ...

1985 ... it will take them 3 years to finally release the title which is going well. Admittedly, this title will know only a limited success but it is always better than nothing as we say ...

1985 ... there is talent in this group and it really starts to get along ! Title after title, the group begins to establish himself as one of the beautiful revelations of the moment, it's clear !

1986 ... the rise in power is evident with this Dance title with more than certain quality. The group finally crosses the threshold which he had not managed to cross until there and obtains its first notorious hit !

1987 ... it will be enough of a title, THIS title, to consecrate them definitively and make them fit One Shot in the musical legend of the 80s. They sign here quite simply one of the most beautiful pieces of the decade, a WONDER all softness and finesse. MAS-TER-FUL !

1988 ... the tempo suddenly re-accelerates, back to pure and hard Dance. The success was unfortunately short-lived because they will fall into oblivion as quickly as they were out of it. Frankly damage ...

1989 ... a final up to par with a title once again of quality. A group with an ephemeral existence but which can always boast of having produced one of the most beautiful pieces of the 80s and just for that, bravo gentlemen !


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