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They want to forget everything...

Very little information about Elegance apart from the fact that it consists of a French duo/trio namely Marc Ricci/Pierre Zito and incidentally Patrick Bourges.

What we will remember the most is that he is the author of the cult "Vacances j'oublie tout", released in 1982 and which everyone today knows the words of an unsuspected depth to know : "Holidays I forget everything, nothing more to do at all, I send it in the air, that's great, slight madness, it's crazy !"...

This group has produced other songs that have gone completely unnoticed but which are interesting to share in order to further enrich our own musical culture.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Vacances j’oublie tout 1982

• Jamais de risque 1983

• Le cœur en stéréo 1983

• Besoin de partir 1984

• Centre ville 1985

• Un tube sinon rien 1985

• Faut pas jouer avec les sentiments 1985

• Voyageur 1986


Clips :

1982 ... for a first title, it's a real master stroke ! The group simply signs here one of the biggest dance hits of the 1980s on the French side. A HUGE hit that will literally ignite all the Dancefloor in France. MAS-TER-FUL !

1983 ... the continuation is of quality and remains in the same atmosphere as the preceding title. Certainly, it will not have the same level of success but we will be largely satisfied with it !

1983 ... difficult to find the brilliant inspiration which propelled the first title to the height of glory. A group that will unfortunately stay in history for a 'One Shot' ...!

1984 ... pure ELEGANCE. A group that would have deserved a much higher recognition than it was ...

1985 ... they are not a bit discouraged. Unfortunately the competition is already light years ahead and the delay is now impossible to catch up...

1985 ... the will to do well is obvious but the public has already moved on. Mass is unfortunately said ...

1985 ... here they arrived in Intimist mode and my faith, they are far from being ridiculous in this field. A group of undoubted talent but which has not been able to capitalize on its many assets ...

1986 ... come on, a little last for the road. A group which will not remain as the best known but which can all the same boast of having produced one of the biggest hits of the 1980s on the French side and just for that, hat gentlemen !


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