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The beautiful Affair...

Our story begins in 1979 when a certain Hubert, a young Lyonnais by trade, founded the group Cleet Boris, a group rather oriented Hard Rock, in the company of his young brother Vincent who then called himself Karl Niagara. Everything accelerates at the end of 1981 when the 2 brothers meet François, who will take the name of Bronco Junior, through a classified ad. In 1982, Hubert, who in the meantime became Cleet Boris, with the genius idea of ​​founding the group "L'Affaire Louis Trio". Five years go by without the group really making people talk about it or at least very punctually. Then comes the year 1987. And the release of the album "Chic planet" which will propel them at the speed of light to the front of the media scene. Magical year which will see them even obtain a final consecration with a Victory of music. 6 full years will follow, dotted with several quality albums. The year 95 will see the departure of Karl Niagara and the split of the group. But we will always remember the improbable look of Cleet Boris and this banana which will remain for posterity his ultimate sign of recognition…. Discography (among others ...) :

  • Ce soir 1986

  • Tout mais pas ça 1987

  • Chic planète 1987

  • Cabane en rondins 1988

  • Succès de larme 1988

  • Il y a ceux 1990

  • Chacun de son côté 1990

  • Nous on a tout 1990

  • Mobilis in mobile 1993

  • Le capitaine 1993 

  • L'homme aux mille vies 1995

  • Le meilleur des mondes 1995

  • Tranquille aujourd'hui 1996

  • La vague 1997


Clips :

1986 ... the revelation ! The arrival of an extraordinary group with totally unbridled inspiration and which will quickly prove to be one of the best groups of the decade

1987 ... the HUGE title which will really change the game. The group signs here one of the biggest hits of the 80's on the French side. MAS-TER-FUL !

1987 ... one hit can hide another. The proof with this new title which definitely consecrates the group as one of the best of its generation...

1988 ... an inspiration among the best of the moment and which allows the group to become one of the biggest phenomena of the moment

1988 ... a magnificent ballad which confirms a talent for writing capable of understanding very different sound worlds. MA-GIC !

1990 ... a change of decade that rhymes with evolution of the sound. A necessary development, of course, but which is not necessarily going to succeed every time ...

1990 ... the age of full and complete maturity. For the moment the group continues to unfold and delivers here what will undoubtedly remain one of their most emblematic titles. HU-GE !

1990 ... the beginning of the 90s which succeeds them rather well thanks to an inspiration which does not weaken. For the moment...

1993 ... once again very smoothly. Time stands still on this sumptuous Intimist track which undeniably confirms a truly above-average versatility ...

1993 ... a colorful Captain who allows them to stay in the lead without too much difficulty. When the talent is there, everything is fine !

1995 ... the second half of the 1990s will prove to be more complicated to manage than expected. With an inspiration that begins to show serious signs of weakness ...

1995 ... the best of all worlds for one of the best bands of the 80s. Unfortunately, the end of the great adventure is fast approaching ...

1996 ... quality is still the order of the day, but we can clearly sense that the group no longer necessarily finds itself in this decade when everything is going very fast. Too fast...

1997 ... the delay compared to the competition becomes more and more important. A delay which is now impossible to bridge and which will seal the fate of the group ...


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