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Young travelers...

And yes, we find in this little group of the late 80s Calogero Maurici, one who will become a few years later one of the most prolific French composers, which one started in this group called Les Charts. Surrounded by his brother 'Jacky' (Gioacchino Maurici) and a 3rd thief named 'Francis', these 3 young people will produce some songs which certainly will not stay 30 consecutive weeks at the French Top 50, but will have the merit of have a very good Pop sound. We will especially remember the title 'Je m'envole', in a surrealist clip, showing a Calogero in the best of his teenage form, with amazing hair. Hair that will inspire one of the most accomplished musical parodies of the french comics Les Inconnus.... To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• Je ris, je pleure 1989

• Je m'envole 1990

• L'océan sans fond 1990

• Notre monde à nous 1992

• Aime-moi encore 1993

• Jeunes voyageurs 1993

• Hautbois dormant 1993

• Les moustiques 1994

• Libre enfin 1995

• Les filles de l'aurore 1995

• Changer 1997

• Être humain 1997


Clips :

1989 ... a first title which gives the start of an adventure which will prove to be HUGE. And who shatteringly launches the career of one of the greatest composers of this end of the 20th century on the French side !

1990 ... the HUGE title which will change everything and explode their notoriety. Who would imagine at that time the incredible career that awaits one of its members ...

1990 ... a sequel that says a lot about the group's potential. A certain talent for most and an extraordinary talent for one of them. Isn't it Charly ?

1992 ... hair euphoria and new intimate ballad. The physical contrast between the Calogero of yesterday and today is simply ... breathtaking !

1993 ... which will remain as one of their best titles. A magnificent ballad that magically suspends time ...

1993 ... an increasingly mature Calogero who shows a taste of what his future career will be. And my god, what a career it will be !

1993 ... another XXL category ballad. Everything is already there on the composition side for Calogero but no one at that time imagines what awaits the young singer in the decades to come ...

1994 ... a delirious little song that does not eat bread but that was not likely to finish N ° 1 in the Top50, that's for sure !

1995 ... a talent in the Intimist more than impressive with this new tailor-made title. The group shows a maturity in this area to say the least ...

1995 ... here they are, astonishingly revisiting this title by William Sheller dating from 1983. The copy is not worth the original but this slightly more punchy version largely holds up !

1997 ... the level of inspiration leaves something to be desired, it is clear. The group is no more than a shadow of its former self and we can clearly sense that the end of the adventure is fast approaching ...

1997 ... Calogero Season 1 ends here ... Calogero Season 2 will start soon. We all know the result ...

The Bonus Wink. There would not be an air of resemblance between the 2 groups ....? Hum hum...


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