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The most famous pinball ...

A student with little talent for studies (she left school at the age of 16), Corynne Charby first went through a modeling career in the late 1970s. 1st career that will see her cover major magazines and participate in parades of large fashion houses. The 80s came when she began a career change, notably in cinematography. Career which unfortunately will not bring him the same success as modeling. In 1984, a new change of course, she launched into song and released her 1st single "A cause of you" written by a certain ... Didier Barbelivien ... unfortunately without much success. Some others will follow, still without much success. But it was 1986 and the single "Boule de flipper" (composed by singer Christophe) which suddenly propelled her to the top of the hits. Followed 1 year later by the title "Pile ou Face" which also knows a certain success. This will not be the case for the album "Toi" released the same year. Sounding the knell for the career of this pretty "comet" spent as quickly in the media landscape as a pinball ... To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• À cause de toi 1984

• J't'oublie pas 1985

• Boule de flipper 1986

• Pile ou face 1987

• Pas vu, pas pris 1987

• Elle sortait tard le soir 1987

• Même 1987


Clips :

1984 ... the gentle beginnings of one of the prettiest shooting stars of the 1980s on the French side

1985 ... in the same vein. Another title in marshmallow sauce and which does not suggest anything further ...

1986 ... the HUGE hit that changed everything and brought her One Shot into the musical legend of the 80s. Surely one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade. Written by one of the greatest French composers of this end of the XXth century ... a certain ... Christophe ... just that !

1987 ... she repeats a year later. New hit and definitive consecration for the Bellissima !

1987 ... in boosted mode. A title that spins at 200 km/h. Be careful at the end of the road ...

1987 ... a particularly prolific year but very uneven in terms of song qualities. Awesome and all coming ... must sort !

1987 ... the final clap of a dazzling career which will have left some beautiful Dance nuggets


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