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This man has a fever in his blood ...

By his real name Alain Le Govic, Alain Chamfort will go down in history as one of the most gifted artists of his generation and the 80s. Despite a rather slow start in the 60s where he went from group to group without real success, it was by collaborating in certain ways with a certain Jacques Dutronc that he knew his first successes. Then it was with Claude François, 2nd mentor (he was the one who found his stage name, namely Chamfort), that his career took off. But it was a third meeting, that with Serge Gainsbourg, which propelled him to the top of the hit parade with, in 1979, the release of the now cult ‘Manureva’, of which Gainsbourg signed the lyrics. A decade of hits will follow, including the now famous Bamboo, Ivory Hunter, Paradise, Good kisses from here, Rendez-vous, Traces de toi, Fever in the blood, Smile since it's serious ... Still active today, Alain Chamfort unfortunately surfed on chess like many "colleagues" of the time. Either way, her sweet pop melodies will continue to ring wonderfully in our ears for decades to come ... Discography (among others ...) :

• Signe de vie, signe d'amour 1972 • Je pense à elle, elle pense à moi 1973 • L'amour en France 1973 • Madona 1974 • Adieu mon bébé chanteur 1974 • L'amour n'est pas une chanson 1974 • Le temps qui court 1975 • La musique du samedi soir 1975 • Un coin de vie 1975 • Mariage à l'essai 1976 • Seul à la fin 1978 • Manureva 1979 • Géant 1980 • Palais royal 1980 • Bambou 1981 • Malaise en Malaisie 1981 • Paradis 1981 • Chasseur d'ivoire 1982 • Bons baisers d'ici 1982 • Rendez-vous 1983 • Traces de toi 1986 • La Fièvre dans le sang 1986 • Revenir avec vous 1987 • Souris puisque c'est grave 1990 • Ce ne sera pas moi 1990 • L'amour samplé (Dis le moi) 1990 • Clara veut la lune 1993 • Vu du ciel 1993 • Les majorettes 1998

Clips :

1972 ... the particularly promising beginnings of a young boy who will become one of the greatest singers of the years to come. But at this point, no one knows yet. Not even him ...

1973 ... he returns a year later with a crazy, light and airy title as we knew so well in the 70s. What a blessed time !

1973 ... it's fresh, it's marshmallow, but what does it feel good ! And it looks very strangely like Patrick Juvet ...

1974 .... the title of the real revelation. A title that will forever change the fate of the singer ...

1974 ... he now connects hits at a staggering speed. Few at that time were able to produce as many high-quality titles in such a short time ...

1974 ... his first big romantic ballad. We can already see the boy's full potential in this area. And the best is yet to come !

1975 ... in the same vein, he signed in the process a luxury revival of the legendary title of Barry Manilow "Could it be magic". Title itself from Prelude N ° 20 Opus 28 by Fréderic Chopin !

1975 ... and off we go again for light and aerial titles. What talent ! Nothing and no one can stop him ...

1975 ... and it rocks seriously ! Another super fresh track against a background of Bossa Nova rhythm. We want more ...

1976 ... an intimate title this time with a jazzy influence. And again, it works !

1978 ... an inspiration that never falters from an Iota and that produces magnificent titles in this style

1979 ... the HUGE intergalactic hit which makes him definitively enter the musical legend of the XXth century on the French side. Surely one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade and of this end of the century, all on the French side. Thanks WHO ? Thank you Gainsbourg !

1980 ... the first WONDER. The confirmation of an extraordinary talent and inspiration. A change of decade perfectly negotiated. MA-GNI-FI-CENT !

1980 ... and what about that one. As long as this song lasts, time stands still, suspended like magic ...

1981 ... back to Dance with a new mega hit which confirms the status of the star of the moment for this singer, who is decidedly out of the ordinary

1981 ... the WONDERS follow one another at an impressive speed ! Surely one of the biggest suppliers of pure emotions of the 80's

1981 ... an incredible inspiration constantly renewed and which hits the target every time

1982 ... the years go by, Premium quality is constant. Admittedly, he does not have the voice of a Johnny, but on the compositions side, he will really remain as one of the very best !

1982 ... of the dance class XXXL hit. Hyper versatile, it is good in all areas. And that is not given to everyone !

1983 ... in the same vein. Always as effective, the Dancefloor still remember it !

1986 ... a new Ultimate Slow of very large caliber. More than 15 years after the singer's first steps, it is clear that he is still on top !

1986 ... a last big Dance hit for the road. This time, the machine is really starting to slow down ...

1987 ... yes, it's over on the dance hits side, but on the intimate song side, it's far from over. The proof !

1990 ... new decade change. After going through the 70s and 80s, here comes the 90s. And still there !

1990 ... always there and always as inspired in large caliber ballads ...

1990 ... we thought he was out of breath on the Dance rhythms. What a mistake ! The proof with this title which runs at 200 km/h !

1993 ... another title of certain quality which shows us that the animal is far from finished ...

1993 ... he is already in his third decade of career and continues to deliver absolutely sumptuous titles to us. What talent !

1998 ... the end of a decade that rhymes with the title delirium, a story to show that ridicule does not kill, far from it ...

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