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The misfortune of some and the happiness of others...

Frédéric Château is a French singer-songwriter himself, from a family of artists. It was at the age of 17 that he started his musical career with the group "Koeur’s" which in 1983 released the single hit "Elodie". And it was in 1987 that he experienced solo consecration with the title "Stop Lucie", and to a lesser extent with the singles "Le malheur des uns et le bonheur des autres" as well as "Les liaisons dangereuses". A prolific composer, he is notably responsible for the titles “Un ange frappe à ma porte” and “Mourir demain" for Natasha St Pier. But also "Mon pays" for Faudel. His career is far from over, he collaborates today with many artists as well as on musicals. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• Elodie (Koeur’s) 1983

• Flirt (Koeur’s) 1984

• Lolly Pop (Koeur’s) 1984

• Les clefs du paradis (Koeur’s) 1985

• Stop Lucie 1987

• Quand la pluie tombera 1988

• Le malheur des uns et le bonheur des autres 1988

• Ferme les yeux 1989

• Elle a quitté la maison 1990

• Le mélange toi et moi 1991

• Les liaisons dangereuses 1992


Clips :

1983 ... little youngsters fully motivated for their debuts, to say the least. A promising group but which unfortunately will not go to the end of its dreams ...

1984 ... a nice suite with the sound so typical of this mid-decade. Nothing exceptional but just a good job ...

1985 ... it is clear that this group will not remain as the most brilliant of the decade but hecertainly does not have to be ashamed of all that he could have produced !

1987 ... the title that will change everything. Finished the Koeur's, the artist now plays it solo and we see the result. He simply signs here one of the most inspired titles of the decade. SUMP-TU-OUS !

1988 ... an undeniable talent for composition which once again produces a high-flying title. A talent that deserved recognition far superior to what it was

1988 ... second big hit which makes him definitively enter the musical legend of the 80s on the French side. A largely deserved success !

1989 ... a title with the frenzied rhythm passed somewhat unnoticed. Difficult to compete with the previous steamroller ...

1990 ... change of decade and change of tempo. He tries big ballads and my faith, the result is once again up to par

1991 ... another title with certain quality. But which no longer really fits with the musical movement of this early 90s ... too bad !

1992 ... this time, it "sounds" good in the 90s. But it is already too late for the artist who will bow gently on this track ...


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