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The night is hot ...

Once upon a time ... in 1979, 2 friends ... On the one hand, Jean-Pierre Morgand, singer and on the other, Jean Nakache, guitarist, who have the good idea to found Brain Trust. The 2 friends are joined for a time by Pierre Sonigo, molecular biologist of his state but also synthesizer player and by Jérôme Lambert, student in art history who "hits him on bamboo". The analogy with the Trust group quickly becomes embarrassing and so they have to change the name of the group. "Les Avions" was born. The year 1982 will be the year of takeoff with the title "Trio" which the trade press echoes in rather laudatory terms. But the real "false" start will take place in 1985 with the writing of "Nuit Sauvage" which turns out to be ... a flop as incredible as it may seem ! It was not until a year later, in 1986, that the title emerged miraculously and this time, the success was immediate with 19 weeks of ranking in the French Top 50, just that. Will follow "Be Bop", "You change", "Tombe la neige", other interesting titles of the group, which unfortunately will not know the success of the now cult "Nuit Sauvage" .. In 1997, after a final show organized in St-Petersburg, the group split. But no one will forget that the night is hot, the night is wild ... Discography (among others ...) :

  • Trio 1982

  • Twist and shout 1982

  • Nuit sauvage 1986

  • Be bop 1986

  • Tu changes 1987

  • Tombe la neige 1987

  • Fanfare 1988

  • Tous ces visages 1989

  • Désordre 1990

  • Mélodie 1992

  • Monsieur Moyen 1992


Clips :

1982 ... somewhat confidential beginnings. Impossible to imagine at this stage the enormous continuation which awaits the group in the future years ...

1982 ... they deliver here a revisited version to say the least astonishing of the title of Beatles dating from 1963. Unfortunately, for the big takeoff, it will still not be for the moment ...

1986 ... The TUBE ! It only took one title, THIS title, to bring the group One Shot into the musical legend of the 80s. They sign here a first masterful title which not only will explode their notoriety but which will also remain as one of the biggest Dance hits of the 80's on the French side. A-MA-ZING !

1986 ... a large caliber suite which confirms an obvious talent. We suspected that there was potential in these little guys ...

1987 ... second year of existence and total mastery of their subject. The group unrolls quietly and proves title after title that he is really part of the phenomena of the moment ...

1987 ... magnificent title with finesse which shows all the versatility of this group. They are good in all registers !

1988 ... the years pass without weakening their level of inspiration. This is how we recognize the Great ...

1989 ... the end of the decade perfectly mastered with this title which plays thoroughly on the very subtle mixture of strength and emotions

1990 ... a new decade that is restarting in style with a title of certain quality. Still there the little guys !

1992 ... a final up to par for this group which will remain as one of the best of the French scene in the 80's version

1992 ... come on, it's not quite over. A last nice title but nothing more. It is time for the adventure to end, it is clear that ...


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