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Cathy's nice demons ...

Formed at the end of the 1980s in Toulouse, Pacifique came from the so-called Toulousaine ‘sector (which will include Images, Gold, Jean-Pierre Mader, Art Mengo, Pauline Ester…) Trio composed of singer Catherine Nozeran and brother musicians Stéphane Després and Christophe Després (to whom we owe the ‘Midnight Demons’ from the group Images - just that - which he will be part of at the start). Their main hit, titled ‘Quand tu serres mon corps’, is still one of the cult songs of the 1980s in France to this day. The group, for lack of success in the 1990s, dissolved in 1994. To discover or to rediscover ! Discography (among others ...) :

  • Sur les ailes des alizés 1988

  • Quand tu serres mon corps 1989

  • Sans un remords 1990

  • Another Love in L.A. 1990

  • Chacun cherche sa voie 1990

  • Manhattan 1990

  • Quelque chose en toi 1991

  • Anges ou démons 1993

  • Les bateaux 1993

  • Sous les baobabs 1993

  • Il y a toujours quelque part 1994


Clips :

1988 ... a first title with more than certain quality that immediately shows the full potential of the group. And there is potential !

1989 ... the WONDER that will reveal them ! One of the most beautiful titles of the French scene version 80s which shows in a striking way that this group really has talent, and not least it is clear !

1990 ... a nice suite with strong accents of Hi-NRG. Even if this title will not have the same level of success as its predecessor, it works my faith very well

1990 ... once again with finesse and softness. A field in which the group excels, it is clear and in which it will have produced its most emblematic titles

1990 ... an omnipresent quality on each title. A discography in the end which will hold on 2 albums but in their case it is quality rather than quantity !

1990 ... in just 2 years, the group will have demonstrated that it is really part of what we do best at that time. Without unfortunately winning the laurels at the height of their merits ...

1991 ... the other HUGE hit, this time in the Dance section! A limitless inspiration that really does wonders and also proves that this group is good in all areas. The brand of the Great !

1993 ... a title which will be passed under the radars because not released in single. But which still allows you to enjoy a little more of this group and that's already it

1993 ... just like this one. Whatever the register in which it is expressed, there is always inspiration. And yet they will not have remained as the best known of their time, a cruel paradox ...

1993 ... this title will not necessarily be their most successful title but it is not without interest, far from it. So why deny it ...

1994 ... an end of beauty for a group which would have deserved recognition far superior to what it was !


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