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Jeanne Mas, of Spanish origin, arrived in Paris at the age of 18 to take language courses there. She took the opportunity to also take dance, singing and piano lessons. Parenthèse quickly turned because she leaves 1 year later in Italy, assembles a punk group there, leaves a first title "On the moon", made of TV and plays the actress. It was in 1983 that things accelerated when she signed with EMI-Pathé Marconi, but it is especially in 1984 that France will discover, dumbfounded, this singer with an improbable look thanks to the now cult "Toute première fois" that she herself wrote. The year 1985 saw the release of "Johnny, Johnny", a single flagship that grabbed 1st place in the French Top 50. In the aftermath released her first album, of which she signed all the texts and in which a certain… Daniel Balavoine participated. 2 Victories of Music follow. The singer even allows herself the luxury of refusing a title that is offered to her, a title that has become cult today, a certain "Ouragan" ... Stéphanie de Monaco can say thank you! Released in 1986 the 2nd album from which will be drawn "En rouge et Noir" and "Sauvez moi". She can boast that year of being the 1st artist to be simultaneously at the top of the Top 50 and the Top Albums in July 86, just that. She then begins a break which will last ... 3 years. In particular because of pregnancy. She returned in 1989 with the album "Crisis of the Soul" which would not meet the colossal success of the previous ones. The stop period has been too long, the decline is irretrievably underway, other albums will come out that will only have a esteem success. But we will remember for a long time this androgino-gothic look and this gesture on a unique stage that made her one of the flagship figs of the 80s.

To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• On the moon 1978

• Toute Première fois 1984

• Johnny Johnny 1985

• Cœur en stéréo 1985

• En rouge et noir 1986

• Femmes d'aujourd'hui 1986

• L'enfant 1986

• Sauvez moi 1987

• La bête libre 1987

• Y'a des bons 1989

• Les crises de l'âme 1989

• J'accuse 1989

• Carolyne 1989

• Bébé rock 1990

• Shakespeare 1991

• Angela (L'art des femmes) 1991

• Au nom des rois 1992

• Dors bien Margot 1992

• Aime moi 1993

• C'est pas normal 1994

• Côté H côté clean 1996

• Anna 1997

Clips :

1978 ... incredible but true, it is the same Jeanne Mas who will become a few years later the most famous Vamp of the 80s on the French side ...

1984 ... very first time but what a first time ! France is literally in shock, but above all under the spell, of this young unknown woman with a totally improbable look and who signs here one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade. And that's just the beginning. MAS-TER-FUL !

1985 ... one would have thought that she would be only one shooting star among many others and that she would disappear as quickly as she appeared. Not only does she confirms all the good that one could think of her, but she also becomes one of the biggest phenomena of the moment in France. A truly amazing climb !

1985 ... the hits follow one another at an impressive speed. Now, every title that comes out immediately turns into gold and inexorably brings her closer to the rank of undisputed star of the decade

1986 ... a rank of undisputed star who arrives with THIS title. She delivers here a HUGE Dance song which makes her enter definitively in the musical legend of the 80s on the French side and which offers her at the same time a ticket for posterity. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1986 ... she is incredibly effective in the Dance register but she shows here that she can also do in the Intimist area. Versatility reserved exclusively for the most gifted !

1986 ... an Intimist interlude that lasts with a second title in stride. Certainly, she will not record her biggest success with these 2 titles but it allows her to show all the facets of her talent. And talent, she has everything to spare !

1987 ... strong comeback on the Dance side with a track speeding at 200 km/h. Always as effective, always as formidable, she unfolds with disconcerting ease !

1987 ... a style that evolves somewhat with a more posed Jeanne. Unfortunately, this development will not really succeed, as paradoxical as it may seem ...

1989 ... after an empty year 1988, we find a Jeanne in Che Guevara version in this year 1989. If the idea is laudable in principle, it will harm her more than anything else. This is the starting point for the start of a stall which will now be impossible to stop ...

1989 ... a BIG year 1989 with a plethora of titles but the end of the decade turns out to be much more complicated to manage than expected. A new generation of singers is born and relegates more and more little Jeanne in the depths of the Charts ...

1989 ... you can't say it was his talent that was at stake in this slow, but irreversible, plunge. Simply an increasing gap with what the competition offers ...

1989 ... she resists, hangs on and tries everything for everything. But a plethora of titles unfortunately does not necessarily rhyme with guaranteed success and she learns at its expense ...

1990 ... a new decade that starts slowly. She signs here a sumptuous Intimist title which will find little response from the public. Frankly a shame because she is still under the pedal but fans of the first hour have already moved on to something else ...

1990 ... she is far from being ridiculous in this 90s decade when everything goes at the speed of light. Too fast, moreover, so much so that it is increasingly difficult for her to keep up ...

1991 ... but we really love our Jeanne and even if she no longer approaches the stars like before, we appreciate what she offers us. And we want more !

1992 ... she continues on her little path without worrying about a world around her that mutates and evolves in a direction which is not really the one for which she opted. Always so "aware" our little Jeanne ...

1992 ... the problem is that one has the impression that she remained stuck in the 1980s and that she does not manage to be in this 1990s when the codes are necessarily different. A necessary adaptation that she will never manage to achieve ...

1993 ... it's been a long time since she created an event, but its strength of resistance is a pleasure to see. And she is far from being ridiculous in all that she will have offered us in this decade 90

1994 ... she finally realized what musical era she was in. But the delay is too substantial and the competition is now light years ahead ...

1996 ... well, there, it borders on caricature and especially the exit of road. It is time for the adventure to end because we are losing our Jeanne ...

1997 ... after an 80s decade which made her a half goddess, the 90s will unfortunately have relegated her to the depths of oblivion. A sad fate for one of the most gifted artists of his generation. Tough law of the trade ...

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