There's Joy ...!

It was at the age of 14 that François Feldman created his first group with which he appeared in a few clubs. In 1980 things accelerated very clearly when he met Ernest Salfati, songwriter, with whom he recorded his first title with his group "Yellow Hand". Other titles will follow without much success. The year 1986 arrives and the release of the single "Rien que pour toi" which hits the headlines with 300,000 singles sold. He released his first album "Vivre vivre" in 1987, then "Une presence" in 1989 which contains at least 4 tracks that will work very hard ("Joue pas", "Les Valses de Vienne", "C'est toi qui m 'did "…). The third album released in 1991 saw sales settle down despite interesting titles like "Joy" in particular, which will rank No. 1 in the Top 50. The singer will then become the first to have occupied the head of the Top 50 with three different singles. He will experience his last success - relative - with the single "Existe" released in 1992. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• You want every night 1980 • Can you feel it ? 1980 • Ma petite vidéo 1982 • Wally boule noire 1984 • Obsession 1984 • Amour de corridor 1985 • Rien que pour toi 1986 • Demain c’est toi 1987 • Slave 1987 • Je te retrouverai 1988 • Le mal de toi 1989 • Joue pas 1989 • Les valses de Vienne 1989 • C’est toi qui m’a fait 1990 • Petit Franck 1990 • J'ai peur 1990 • Le serpent qui danse 1990 • Magic’ Boul’vard 1991 • Joy 1992 • Fais tomber la pluie 1993 • Le p'tit cireur 1994 • Exit de la nuit 1995 • Love platonique 1996 • Comme un film 1996

Clips :

1980 ... the beginnings totally unrealistic. And yes, there is a Feldman version Disco nights. Incredible but true...

1980 ... better and better. Here comes the Feldman Funky music. Too much of the ball ! Especially the look ... lollll

1982 ... there, on the other hand, we can see the Feldman on the horizon, which will explode a few years later ...

1984 ... the style evolves slowly but surely. It's gaining in efficiency, it's clear

1984 ... well, clip side and look side, there's everything to review. We touch the caricature. It is true that we are in the early 80s ...

1985 ... the metamorphosis is underway. His first title really accomplished. The best is yet to come...

1986 ... the title that will change EVERYTHING and launch his career for good. A HUGE hit that will remain as one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade on the French side. MAS-TER-FUL !

1987 ... the confirmation of an undeniable talent which allows a rise in power of the very first order. Surely one of his best titles

1987 ... a first Intimist title which prefigures many others. An area in which he will truly excel !

1988 ... the years go by, the quality does not weaken. Result of the races, it is now almost 1 title = 1 hit !

1989 ... his first very large Ultimate Slow. I said he would excel in this area ...

1989 ... the duo of hell which definitively consecrates him as one of the major singers of the decade on the French side

1989 ... magnificent Vienna waltzes. Surely one of his most emblematic titles and which will remain as his biggest classified hit

1990 ... a change of decade perfectly negotiated with this new hit of very large caliber. Undeniably one of his best titles !

1990 ... small but strong ! A new sweet parenthesis that works perfectly. What talent !

1990 ... he puts back the cover with his favorite accomplice and the result is explosive. 1000% Dance !

1990 ... straddling the Intimist and pure Dance. Suddenly, the result also straddles the good and the medium ...

1991 ... once again all smoothness and finesse. 100% pure emotions. MA-GIC !

1992 ... fresh, light and airy, everything you need to make this title a nice little unpretentious success !

1993 ... a decade of the 90s that will prove more complicated to manage than expected. There is good and much less good ... This title is part of the 1st category, phew ...

1994 ... a new unpretentious title that balances well. 100% efficiency !

1995 ... in Euro Beat mode. He will definitely have tried everything. Well, concerning this title there, we will say that the result is rather nice

1996 ... again with his old accomplice to try to save what can still be saved. And it works again ...

1996 ... an excellent title gone completely unnoticed ... A decade 90 decidedly ungrateful with the singer ... But in the end, anyway, what a career !

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