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They loved to sing in the shower ...

It all started in 1979, when Catherine Ringer, singer and actress in her spare time in pornographic films, had the good idea of ​​meeting Fredéric Chichin, musician by trade, on the musical "Flash rouge". They start performing with the Argentinian dancer Marcia Moretto, the famous Marcia from the now cult song "Marcia Baila", a dancer who will unfortunately die from cancer. The duo grew in size from 1982 and performed on various stages, most of them linked to alternative rock, with covers and some original compositions. And they immediately attract attention by their "quirky" side. The name "Rita Mitsouko" comes in part from their constant reference to South American music, but also in reference to actress Rita Hayworth. And it was only in 1985 that they took the name "The Rita Mitsouko". 1985 saw this now legendary duo enter the French Musical Pantheon with the title "Marcia Baila", a single that will be one of the biggest cultural and media events of the year. Followed by other quality singles like "Andy", "It’s like that", "The little train" ... titles boosted by the making of clips made in Jean Baptiste Mondino. Several successful years will follow and 1988 will see Catherine Ringer at the height of her possibilities through her magnificent duet with Marc Lavoine on the single "Que-ce que t’es belle". Unfortunately, the group will gradually run out of steam in the years that follow without ever finding the inspiration of their beginnings. And the great adventure will definitively end in 2007 with the death of Fred Chichin. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• Don’t forget the nite 1984

• Restez avec moi 1984

• Martia Baila 1985

• Andy 1986

• C’est comme ça 1986

• Les histories d’A 1986

• Un soir, un chien 1987

• Qu’est-ce que t’es belle 1987

• Singing in the shower 1988

• Le petit train 1989

• Tongue dance 1990

• Hip kit 1990

• Y'a d'la haine 1993

• Les amants 1994

• Femme d'affaires 1994


Clips :

1984 ... the shattering arrival of one of the most barred and emblematic duets of the 80s

1984 ... like an aftertaste of Eli & Jacno. In any case, a title that works perfectly and shows the full potential of the 2 lovebirds

1985 ... the atomic bomb ! The group signs here quite simply one of the biggest Dance hits of the 80s and of the end of the XXth century, all on the French side. A title that makes them break into the musical legend of the 80s. MAS-TER-FUL !

1986 ... an equally powerful sequel. Hits are now linked at Big S speed !

1986 ... the visual and sound shock ! One of the best clips of the decade to sublimate this title which, in turn, sets fire to all Dancefloor in France

1986 ... an inspiration that never falters and that keeps them permanently in the French Top 5 of the best groups

1987 ... after the wave of Dance hits, back to Intimist mode. Disconcerting my faith, we were no longer used ...

1987 ... the WONDER ! When 2 of the best French singers of the moment meet ... Surely one of the most beautiful duets of the decade

1988 ... the crazy duo ! When 2 heavyweights of madness meet, it gives this kind of result ... crazy .... necessarily !

1989 ... in delirious fashion as always, their inseparable trademark ! And 1 new little hit on the counter !

1990 ... a decade change that takes place in rhythm and ... in English. Why not ...?

1990 ... they have lost nothing on their wacky side ... Especially when they put the cover with the Sparks !

1993 ... their biggest hit of the decade and their last notorious hit. HUGE title that proves that they have talent left to spare, it's clear !!

1994 ... a light and airy title that does not require much, except that we listen to it quietly ...

1994 ... a last high class title for a decade which will prove to be much more difficult to negotiate than the previous one ...


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