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Desperately looking for women ...

An early musician, Patrick Juvet began playing the piano at the age of 6 at the Lausanne Conservatory. It was in 1971 that his musical career really started when he decided to go and live in Paris. He was introduced to Eddy Barclay that year, but it was only a year later that he experienced his first big success with the single "La Musica". In the same year, he composed "Le Lundi au Soleil" which was a huge success for ... Claude François. In 1974, he met a young lyric writer who was none other than ... Jean Michel Jarre. From this meeting will be born 2 titles which will permanently mark the career of the singer: "Faut pas rêver" and "Où sont les femmes ?". He left France in 1978 to join the United States and signed with Casablanca Records. Released the single "I love America" ​​which immediately became a hit. Then released the album Lady Night, in the middle of the disco period, an album that hit the headlines. He had one of his last successes with the single "Rêves immoraux" in 1982.

The singer will leave us definitively on April 1, 2021, when he will die in his Barcelona apartment as a result of a cardiac arrest. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• La musica 1972 • Je vais me marier Marie 1973 • Sonia 1973 • Toujours du cinéma 1973 • Love 1974 • Rappelle toi Minette 1974 • Regarde 1974 • Ce n'est pas qu'un chagrin d'amour 1974 • Il est déjà trop tard pour faire l'amour 1975 • Magic 1975 • Faut pas rêver 1976 • Où sont les femmes ? 1977 • Les bleus au coeur 1977 • Got a feeling 1978 • I love America 1978 • De plus en plus seul 1978 • Lady night 1979 • Swiss kiss 1979 • One way love 1979 • Viva California 1979 • Rêves immoraux 1982 • Getting to the heart of me 1983 • Je tombe amoureux 1983 • L'amour avec les yeux 1987 • Rêve 1988 • Solitudes 1991 • Cruising bar 1992 • Deep dark night 1993

• Rester cool 1998

• Ca c'est Paris 2000

• Don't be afraid 2010


Clips :

1972 ... the shattering arrival of a little Swiss who offers us here one of the biggest hits of the early 1970s

1973 ... ABSOLUTELY mind-blowing and kitsch images of what the Eurovision Competition was in 1973. Light years away from Conchita Wurtz ... Although ...

1973 ... the confirmation of a certain talent with a second light and airy hit to wish so typical of the time

1973 ... a year 73 which allows the artist to gain momentum and prepare a suite that promises to be HUGE !

1974 ... his first title Dance. We already see the full potential of the artist at this level. And the future will prove that he is particularly gifted in this area ...

1974 ... back to popular song, an area in which he excels for the moment and which offers him a new mega hit

1974 ... after the popular song and a first title Dance, here it is in the field of Ultimate Slow. Versatile boy !

1974 ... he repeats in stride with the same caliber title. A particularly inspired title !

1975 ... decidedly, the slow fits him like a glove. And again, in this area, the best is yet to come !

1975 ... once again light and airy. A real treat. Ah, what a magnificent era ...

1976 ... there he is, his Ultimate Slow phew ! Surely one of his most beautiful titles, written in collaboration with a stranger that will not be very long ... a certain Jean-Michel Jarre !

1977 ... then arrives the transcosmic mega hit which will literally set fire to all Dancefloor in France. A HUGE hit Dance which will remain as one of the best of the decade and surely of the XXth century on the French side. MAS-TER-FUL !

1977 ... new Ultimate Slow of phew ! He alternates with unparalleled virtuosity the Dances hits and the clearly more Intimist hits

1978 ... 77 was an exceptional year for the artist, 78 will do just as well, starting with this 1st International Class Dance Hit

1978 ... his 2nd mega hit but this time of Interplanetary Class. A title that definitely consecrates him as one of the biggest planetary stars of the Disco wave

1978 ... and it went back to the register of emotions. New Premium Premium Slow. It's a mania with him !

1979 ... and 1, and 2 and 3 mega hits ! New HUGE Dance tube that will go around the world and will also remain one of the biggest Dance tubes of the decade

1979 ... a sequel passed somewhat unnoticed and which nevertheless deserves a detour. But difficult to compete with the previous steamroller !

1979 ... when one of the trendy directors of the moment calls on a singer who is also trendy, it gives that. And once again, it works perfectly

1979 ... another title that went somewhat unnoticed and which deserved recognition far superior to what it was

1982 ... an 80s decade that will prove much more difficult to negotiate than expected. This does not prevent him from delivering us a beautiful title which will remain as one of its jewels. There are still some under the boy, it's clear .....

1983 ... like an aftertaste of Imagination. And frankly, the copy is not that bad, far from it !

1983 ... another magnificent Intimist ballad which shows us that he has lost none of his talent. Always there Patrick !

1987 ... and what about that one ! Another WONDER that enriches a decidedly incredible prize list !

1988 ... and it continues ! A second part of career almost confidential and yet so rich in titles of very high class !

1991 ... he will have crossed the decade 70, then the decade 80 and now attacks the decade 90. Mighty longevity the little Swiss !

1992 ... we believe it finished, well no, nothing helps. He always rises from the ashes ... mighty resistance the guy !

1993 ... in Euro-Beat mode, he had to try it. But that will not be enough to relaunch his career. This time, it is indeed the end. But Hat for your career Monsieur Juvet !

1998 ... come on, it's not quite finished but it is clear that he will only be figuring from now on. His will to believe in it still commands respect but unfortunately it is wasted effort ...

2000 ... he will continue to release a few titles very episodically but none will have an impact on the general public, especially young audiences ...

2010 ... trendy sound, lyrics in English, a title that could possibly have put him back in the saddle. But when it doesn't want any more, it doesn't want any more ...


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