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Dance version 80s Part 33 - The best of the International Category

The playlist of phew in which you will find all the biggest hits 'Dance International' of the 80s.

For those who know nothing about it, the ideal way to find everything you need to organize a memorable evening.

For connoisseurs, the means to complete their knowledge or to find titles whose names they no longer remember.

Just Dance !

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Doris D And The Pins - Shine up 1980

  • Poésie Noire - Tragedy 1988

  • Comsat Angels - Will you stay tonight 1983

  • Anything Box - Living in oblivion 1990

  • Eddie Money - Take me home tonight 1986

  • Voyage - Let's get started 1982

  • Ankie Bagger - Where were you last night 1989

  • Ellen Foley - Nightline 1983

  • Shy - Break down the walls 1987

  • Ratt - Round and round 1984

  • Future World Orchestra - Theme from E.T 1983

  • Skyy - Call me 1981

  • Giuni Russo - Alghero 1986

  • The Farm - All together now 1990

  • Jimmy Ross - First true love affair 1981

  • The Cult - She sells sanctuary 1985

  • Dazz Band - Let it all blow 1984

  • The Ritchie Family - I'll do my best 1982

  • Positive Noise - Million miles away 1984

  • Mobile Homes - I know I will die 1988

  • Oscar Benton - Ooh what a night 1986

  • Soundgarden - Hands all over 1989

  • Paul Parker - Rigth on target 1982

  • The Quick - Rhythm of the jungle 1982

  • Bill Medley - (I've had) The time of my life 1987


Clips :

1980 ... first title and biggest success of their entire discography, just that. A group that borders on caricature but with formidable efficiency !

Full Article Doris D And The Pins


1988 ... a truly unique 'Belgium Touch' which will forever be the trademark of this country. We won't do them again ...

Full Article Poésie Noire


1983 ... the year of the big takeoff, here it is ! Starting with this first title of more than certain quality. The group has finally found the style that goes well. You can see it, especially you can hear it !

Full Article Comsat Angels


1990 ... this title will actually be released two years earlier in 1988 but only in demo mode. It is its release in single format that will change everything and offer the group the biggest success of all its discography. It was worth it to take it out again, that's for sure !

Full Article Anything Box


1986 ... after an empty year 1985, the singer comes back pumped up and delivers here quite simply what will remain as his highest ranked title of all. The title of the final consecration which allows him to register his name for good in the musical legend of the 80s. HU-GE !

Full Article Eddie Money


1982 ... a year 1982 which saw the group come back in force in terms of inspiration. But the competition in front is now bloated and it will be extremely difficult for them to exist at the highest level in these conditions ...

Full Article Voyage


1989 ... comes THIS title for the singer. This time the composition is original and allows her to finally obtain the major success after which she has been chasing since her beginnings. HU-GE !

Full Article Ankie Bagger


1983 ... a shame because the singer gradually came to the surface in this year 1983. She had everything to do great things but fate will have decided otherwise ...

Full Article Ellen Foley


1987 ... the BIG year of the group because here comes THE title of the consecration ! They sign here quite simply the biggest success of all their discography and at the same time offer themselves a direct ticket for posterity. MA-S-TER-FUL !

Full Article Shy


1984 ... from the 2nd title, it's the jackpot ! The group won here its first star and was propelled to the front of the stage in a shattering way. All good little guys !

Full Article Ratt


1983 ... which will surely remain as their reference title. A Dance version of the E.T. soundtrack to say the least astonishing but with certain effectiveness !

Full Article Future World Orchestra


1981 ... comes THIS title for the group. It is with this title precisely that they will definitively return to the musical legend of the 80s. With the key the biggest success of all their discography. HU-GE !

Full Article Skyy


1986 ... a mid-decade that sees the singer perfectly in tune with her time. Nothing exceptional but a good job, quite simply ...

Full Article Giuni Russo


1990 ... which will stay as one of the most iconic titles of the decade. The group delivers here quite simply the biggest title of all its discography and enters definitively in the musical Pantheon of the end of the XXth century. MAS-TER-FUL !

Full Article The Farm


1981 ... a metamorphosis to say the least beneficial since the singer will obtain here the biggest success of all his career, just that. Hu-GE !

Full Article Jimmy Ross


1985 ... this time the group has finally found the right recipe and the result in the Charts will exceed their expectations with international notoriety which will literally explode. Hu-GE !

Full Article The Cult


1984 ... it is the year 1984 which will allow them to finally know the semblance of consecration after which they have been chasing for years. In particular thanks to this title which will allow them to be recognized on both sides of the Atlantic. At last !

Full Article Dazz Band


1982 ... they will have adapted perfectly to the latest musical trends of the moment. There was really not much missing to make everything start again ...

Full Article The Ritchie Family


1984 ... another title of more than certain quality for the group. Title that will surely remain as their most successful. We would have liked the adventure to continue a little longer but unfortunately fate will have decided otherwise ...

Full Article Positive Noise

1988 ... after a first title passed completely under the radar, the group is back in force with this title. Title which will undoubtedly remain as one of their most successful. All good little guys !

Full Article Mobile Homes

1986 ... a mid-decade that sees the singer transformed, to say the least. When you think back to what he offered a few years ago, this sudden change in style and sound is rather good !

Full Article Oscar Benton


1989 ... a year 1989 which sees the group growing in strength in an obvious way, both literally and figuratively. Sensitive ears refrain !

Full Article Soundgarden


1982 ... a first title which will launch in a sensational way the career of the singer. It must be said that with Patrick Cowley in charge, we suspected that the result would exceed all expectations. And that's the case. HU-GE !

Full Article Paul Parker


1982 ... then comes THIS title for the group, an enormous Dance title which will bring them fame and fortune ! With the key to a direct ticket for posterity. MAS-TER-FUL !

Full Article The Quick


1987 ... cult title for cult film ! It took time for the singer to find the miracle recipe but on this one, it is a real masterstroke thanks to the presence on this title of Jennifer Warnes ! The duo sign here quite simply one of the hottest titles of the moment and enter fully into the legend. CULT !

Full Article Bill Medley

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