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Bensonhurst blues...

Oscar Benton, whose real name is Ferdinand Van Eis, was a Dutch singer who started his artistic career by forming the group Oscar Benton Blues Band in 1967. A group which will experience its heyday a year later in 1968.

He was found in duet mode the following decade when he teamed up with singer Monica Verschoor, a duo that would become known as Monica & Oscar Benton.

New change in the mid-1970s and return to group mode under the name Blue Eyed Baby. Van Eis takes the opportunity to rename himself Billy Boy Bishop…

Switched to solo mode from the early 1980s and released a debut album "Bensonhurst blues" in 1981, which will stay as the biggest success of the artist's solo discography. Notably thanks to the single which bears the name of the album.

Other albums will be released later but will only experience a fairly limited level of success.

An adventure that will end definitively on November 8, 2020, when the artist will be struck by a cardiac arrest at the age of 71.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • All I ever need is you 1971 (Monica & Oscar Benton)

  • Everybody is telling me 1972 (Monica & Oscar Benton)

  • Today is yesterday tomorrow 1975

  • Woolly boolly boogie 1976

  • Bensonhurst blues 1981

  • I believe in love 1982

  • Josie 1982

  • Not the same dreams anymore 1983

  • If you go away 1984

  • Ooh what a night 1986

  • Ma petite fleur 1987

  • St Louis blues 1988


Clips :

1971 ... beginnings that are combined with many, whether in a group or a duo. Regarding the 70s, we will mainly remember the duo part of shock and especially charm ...

1972 ... a duo that works pretty well, to say the least. Nothing fancy but a good job, quite simply ...

1975 ... the epic at 2 ended, the singer finally flies with his own wings. Unfortunately the 1970s will not be the decade of the big takeoff for him ...

1976 ... a decade which will serve him above all to gain momentum and prepare for a decade of the 1980s which will prove to be much more generous in terms of major success ...

1981 ... five years will separate this title from the previous title. Five years that will change everything and allow the artist to deliver this revisited version of a Kaplan and Kornfeld title dating from 1973, a title to say the least surprising and above all outside all the standards of the moment. And it is THIS totally improbable title that will bring him fame and fortune, like what. HU-GE !

1982 ... the least we can say is that nothing brings the previous title closer to this one. We go from one extreme to another and the surprise is total to say the least !

1982 ... the adventure continues but it is clear that the singer will never find again the level of success reached with 'Bensonhurst Blues'. Hard law of the trade ...

1983 ... it must be said that the musical style used during the 1980s does not really match what the younger generation expects. A daring bet and above all a very risky bet ...

1984 ... here it is in a style much more suited to the latest trends of the moment. But the train of novelty has already passed for a long time and unfortunately he missed ...

1986 ... a mid-decade that sees him metamorphosed, to say the least. When we think back to what he was offering a few years ago, this sudden change in style and sound is rather good !

1987 ... what a pity that he missed the beginning of the 1980s in terms of musical reorientation because anything would have been possible. On the other hand, he would never have produced 'Bensonhurst Blues' ...

1988 ... an adventure that comes to an end with this title. An adventure which allowed him to deliver at least 1 major title and just for that, respect !


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