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Start of a romance...

Skyy is an American group formed in 1973 in New York and originally composed of sisters Denise, Dolores and Benita Dunning. Three sisters who will be joined by Solomon Roberts, Anibal Sierra, Larry Greenberg, Gerald Lebon and Tommy McConnell.

Group which released a first eponymous album 6 years later in 1979, album which will know a great success in the USA and produce their first title classified "First time around".

Success confirmed and amplified the following year in 1980 with the release of 2 albums in quick succession. Starting with "Skyway", album from which the flagship single "High" will be extracted. Followed by the album "Skyyport", more successful but which, paradoxically, will not succeed in producing a notorious hit.

The year 1981 will consecrate them with the release of the album "Skyy line", album which remains to this day their biggest record success on the album side. A huge success from the big part to the huge single "Call me" and to a lesser extent "Let’s celebrate".

New album "Skyy jammer" in 1982, album which will not really meet the same level of success as its predecessor. “Skyylight”, which came out a year later in 1983, did not do much better. And "Inner City" which will be released in 1984 will do even worse by going squarely under the radar.

It is the change of label, from Salsoul to Capitol, which will change the situation a little in 1986. New label which allows the group to release the album "From the left side", album which sees the group temporarily reconnect with the success on both sides of the Atlantic. Album carried round the clock by the big caliber single "Givin’ it (To you)".

New label change three years later and move to Atlantic in 1989. Label with which they released their new album "Start of a romance". Album which will meet only a limited level of success after all but which will nevertheless produce 2 major singles with the titles "Start of a romance" and "Real love".

The adventure will continue at the very beginning of the 90s with the release of the album "Nearer to you". Album with very limited success and which will precipitate the fall of the group, which will eventually separate in 1993.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • First time around 1979

  • Let's turn it out 1979

  • High 1980

  • Skyyzoo 1980

  • Here’s to you 1980

  • Superlove 1981

  • For the first time 1981

  • Call me 1981

  • Let’s celebrate 1982

  • When you touch me 1982

  • Movin' violation 1982

  • Let love shine 1983

  • Bad boy 1983

  • Show me the way 1983

  • Dancin' to be dancin' 1984

  • Givin’ it (to you) 1986

  • Non-Stop 1986

  • Love illogical 1986

  • Start of a romance 1989

  • Love all the way 1989

  • Real love 1989

  • Up and over (Stronger and better) 1992

  • Nearer to you 1992


Clips :

1979 ... first title and already first success. It must be said that everything is there for this title to work, the style as the sound !

1979 ... a nice sequel but nothing more. The basics are good, it's clear, but the group will still have to raise its level of play a little to hope to compete on an equal footing with the best ...

1980 ... a level of play that goes up a notch with this title. The group cannot yet fight with the planetary gratin but is slowly approaching it ...

1980 ... nothing exceptional for the moment but a good job, quite simply. We will largely be satisfied ...

1980 ... three titles in this year 1980 and three classified titles. Rather flattering as a result and especially encouraging for the rest of the events ...

1981 ... the least we can say with them is that there is rhythm. An essentially Dance goodwill which works very well

1981 ... as paradoxical as it may seem, it is on Intimist titles that they will have the least success. Sometimes you don't have to try to understand ...

1981 ... then THIS title comes ! It is with this title precisely that they will definitively return to the musical legend of the 80s. With the key the biggest success of all their discography. HU-GE !

1982 ... the group having reached its maximum level, one imagines that the continuation will be inevitably lower level. But not without quality, it is clear ...

1982 ... a level in the Intimist worthy of the best anyway. But it will not bring them more than that unfortunately ...

1982 ... a 1982 Cru which will not be remembered as their best vintage. The loss of contact with the leading pack is becoming more and more obvious ...

1983 ... business picks up somewhat in 1983 but the group will never regain its level reached in 1981. Hard law of the trade ...

1983 ... they still believe in it anyway. And my faith, given what they continue to offer, we take, we take. For how much longer is that something else ...

1983 ... another excellent track which shows that they still have some under the pedal, it is clear. Quite simply a good job !

1984 ... despite an obvious quality, this title will go completely under the radar. Once again, we must not try to understand ...

1986 ... after an empty year 1985, they are back in a form that we will qualify as certain. Largely sufficient in any case to allow them to sign here a new - and unfortunately last - major hit

1986 ... rhythm, rhythm, rhythm again ! A Dance niche that they will have exploited to the end. With more or less success depending on the years ...

1986 ... and as soon as they slow down, it's a free fall. And yet this title is far from unworthy ! When it doesn't want anymore, it doesn't want anymore ...

1989 ... there, it's downright 3 years that will separate this title from the previous one. Three years which will nevertheless have allowed the group to recharge his batteries once again and to give us a title with more than certain inspiration. What more...

1989 ... the end of the decade which saw them particularly inspired with several high-caliber titles in a row. Like what, nothing is ever finished !

1989 ... finally an 'emotional' title that pays off, it's about time ! Because they have never been ridiculous in this area but it had never paid more than that until then. Time has fixed its mistakes ...

1992 ... they will even attempt the transition to the 90s. Unfortunately, this time, Mass is well and truly said. But the adventure was beautiful and that's the main thing !

1992 ... come on, a little last for the road and moreover all in finesse with this highly inspired title. This is called an ideal ending !


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