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Dazz Band, originally named Kinsman Dazz, is an American band formed in Cleveland in 1976 and originally composed of Bobby Harris, Kenny Pettus, Isaac Wiley, Jr., Michael Wiley and Michael Calhoun.

The group signed with the label 20th Century Records in 1977, label which allowed them to release a first album "Kinsman Dazz", album produced by a certain Philip Bailey (who is none other than one of the flagship singers of the group Earth Wind & Fire). Album from which their first two singles will be extracted : "Get down with the feelin" and "I might as well forget about loving you".

The same Philipp Bailey who will also produce their next album "Dazz" which was released a year later in 1979. Album whose flagship single will be "Catchin 'up on love".

Two first albums which allow the group to break in and especially to stand out. So much so that it was the Motown Records label that signed them in 1980. A change of label that also rhymes with a change of name to be called this time Dazz Band.

The group under its new name released a first album "Inivitation to love" the same year, album with mixed success after all. But who will still produce two high caliber singles with the titles "Shake it up" and "Invitation to love".

The next album, "Let the music play", was released a year later in 1981 and earned the band their debut album ranked. Paradoxically, this time, it is on the singles side that the success will be mixed ...

Success is finally at the rendezvous in a global way when the album "Keep it live" was released in 1982. Album which will remain as the highest ranked of all and which will produce the biggest single of all their discography with the enormous "Let it whip". An exceptional year 1982 which saw him release a second album in the wake with "On the one".

The latter will not achieve quite the same level of success as its predecessor but fares with the title "On the one for fun".

New album "Joystick" in 1983, album which sees the group retreat in the Charts in a consequent way but which will manage to save the furniture with the single of the name of the album. The album "Jukebox" which came out in 1984 will do even worse in terms of charts in the Charts but will still produce what will remain as one of their biggest singles namely "Let it all blow".

A major success that will be their last because anything that will come out afterwards will only meet with limited success ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Get down with the feelin’ (Kinsman Dazz) 1978

  • I might as well forget about loving you (Kinsman Dazz) 1978

  • Catchin’ up on love (Kinsman Dazz) 1979

  • Keep on rockin’ (Kinsman Dazz) 1979

  • Dancin free (Kinsmann Dazz) 1979

  • I searched around (Kinsman Dazz) 1979

  • Shake it up 1980

  • Invitation to love 1981

  • Knock knock 1981

  • Let it whip 1982

  • On the one for fun 1983

  • Cheek to cheek 1983

  • Party right here 1983

  • Joystick 1983

  • Let it all blow 1984

  • Heartbeat 1985

  • Hot spot 1985

  • Love M.I.A. 1986

  • Wild and free 1986

  • Anticipation 1987

  • Single girls 1988

  • Open sesame 1988

  • Girl you got a body 1998


Clips :

1978 ... from the start, everything is already there : the sound and the style. So we imagine that this group will necessarily do great things in the future ...

1978 ... to this is added a versatility of style which does not spoil anything, quite the contrary. We must therefore expect very beautiful achievements in both Dance and Intimist !

1979 ... title after title, the group shows a more than obvious potential which only asks to be expressed. In just a few titles, they will have displayed a maturity that is surprising to say the least ...

1979 ... each title is inspired, it is clear. The big take-off will not take place during this decade of 70 but will have allowed the group to gain strength in an obvious way ...

1979 ... not sure that overspeed in the Dance register is the right method to allow the group to reach the top of the Charts. Copy to review ...

1979 ... almost no waste during the 1970s. We therefore impatiently await a sequel that we imagine to be fruitful and above all grandiose ...

1980 ... the first title classified under the reference Dazz Band. A first classified title and certainly not the last, that's for sure

1981 ... they alternate with an obvious mastery purely Dance titles and titles with finesse. A versatility that is only found with the greatest, necessarily ...

1981 ... decidedly, 1981 will be the year of the 'With emotions' register. Even if this title there will only know a fairly limited level of success, we take anyway !

1982 ... we had been waiting for it since their beginnings, we knew it was going to happen, here comes their first Planetary class success. All on a Dance title that works perfectly. HU-GE !

1983 ... unfortunately, the bellows will fall somewhat just behind. The group does not manage to capitalize on the suction effect created by the previous title and relapses directly in the Charts. Pity...

1983 ... we thought that the group had left to smash everything but its rise is going to slow down somewhat, even to freeze altogether. Cruel reversal of the situation ...

1983 ... and yet he is far from demerit, it is clear. He always sticks perfectly to the latest trends of the moment but does not manage to pass the level of the very Great ...

1983 ... four classified titles, just for this year 1983. A year that will remain as their BIG year even if this one did not allow them to win the cup in the end ...

1984 ... it is the year 1984 which will allow them to finally know the semblance of consecration after which they have been chasing for years. In particular thanks to this title which will allow them to be recognized on both sides of the Atlantic. Finally !

1985 ... they will have known their biggest success Dance on the previous title. They will know their biggest Intimist success with this title. They will have been consecrated in all areas. A well-deserved recognition !

1985 ... the sweet parenthesis only lasted for a moment. Here they are restarting thoroughly, all thanks to this title which works very well ...

1986 ... the rest will prove to be much less favorable unfortunately. The group will relapse certainly in the Charts and gradually disappear from the radars ...

1986 ... and yet what they continue to offer is far from ridiculous. But it lacks the little extra that makes all the difference and that they will never find again ...

1988 ... the end of the 1980s which saw them really struggling despite an obvious desire to do well. But when it doesn't want anymore, it doesn't want anymore ...

1988 ... they will still get one last 'little' success with this title. 10 years after their debut, the circle now seems to have come full circle ...

1988 ... a talent in the Intimist which will be present until the end. It would have been a shame to hide this title, that's clear ...

1998 ... we thought the adventure was over but here they are back 10 years later with this title. And even if it will not change the course of time concerning them, we take, we take !


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