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Life for the taking...

Eddie Money, real name Edward Mahoney, was an American singer-songwriter who originally intended to be a police his grandfather, father and brother. Career thwarted by his refusal to comply with the requirements of clothing and appearance related to the profession ...

A career as a police officer which therefore turned into an artistic career from the year 1977 when he signed with the Columbia Records label, label which allowed him to release a first self-titled album the same year.

And for a first try, it was particularly successful since the album was a hit across North America and ideally launched the career of the young singer. Album whose flagship single will be "Baby hold on" which was released a year later in 1978.

New album "Life for the taking" in 1979, album which will remain as the highest ranked opus of all the artist's discography but which, paradoxically, will not produce a major hit. Apart from the title "Maybe I’m a fool" which will be the only one to succeed.

New album "Playing for keeps" a year later in 1980, album with less success and which, once again, struggles to produce a large single.

Business resumed in 1982 with the release of the album "No control", which finally produced a planetary-class single with the title "Think I’m in love".

There was a big relapse in 1983 with the failed release of the album "Where's the party", a commercial failure that comes on top of the singer's drug addiction problems. Two major problems that point to a premature end of career to say the least ...

But that's without counting on his ability to bounce back with the release of the album "Can't hold back" in 1986, an album that saw him return to the race in a spectacular fashion with the enormous single "Take me home tonight" . Single which will remain as the biggest success of all his discography on the single side.

The upturn was short-lived with the once again failed release of the album "Nothing to lose" in 1988. Only the track "Walk on water" managed to win the favor of the public.

New album "Right here" in 1991, album with modest success but which will nevertheless produce a new single of very high caliber with the title "I'll get by".

A major success which will unfortunately be his last.

The adventure will end for good on September 13, 2019, when the singer will die at the age of 70 from esophageal cancer.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Baby hold on 1978

  • Two tickets to paradise 1978

  • You've really got a hold on me 1979

  • Maybe I’m a fool 1979

  • Get a move on 1979

  • Let's be lovers again 1980

  • Think I’m in love 1982

  • Shakin' 1982

  • The big crash 1983

  • Club Michelle 1984

  • Take me home tonight 1986

  • I wanna go back 1986

  • Endless nights 1987

  • Walk on water 1988

  • The love in your eyes 1989

  • Let me in 1989

  • Peace in our time 1990

  • Heaven in the back seat 1991

  • I'll get by 1991

  • Fall in love again 1992


Clips :

1978 ... a start to his career with this first title of more than certain quality. So much so that it allows the young singer to attach a first star to his prize list. Ideal start as they say !

1978 ... a sequel which confirms all the good we could think of him. This young man has talent and the years to follow will prove it in a brilliant way !

1979 ... a certain talent which is confirmed the following year with this title. The rise in power is linear and is bound to produce something great at one point or another ...

1979 ... a decade of 70 which will reveal him and allow him to make its ranges. But we will still have to wait the following decade to see him explode into the open. So let's be patient ...

1979 ... a BIG year 1979 with a plethora of titles and quality across the board. The young singer is establishing himself more and more as one of the sure values of the moment and certainly does not intend to stop there ...

1980 ... at 2 is so much better ! Here he is playing it to us as a shock and charming duo with Valerie Carter. And the result is very nice my faith ...

1982 ... we suspected that at some point, his talent would burst the screen. This is now done with this title which brings him a first planetary crown. First and certainly not last !

1982 ... he laid the foundations during the 1970s. Now he is set to unroll for no less than 10 years with a succession of very large caliber titles as a result ...

1983 ... of course, 1983 will not remain as its most prolific, but the main thing is that the momentum is now firmly in place. The best is therefore bound to come ...

1984 ... for the great fireworks display, we will have to wait a little longer. We approach it slowly but surely ...

1986 ... and the great fireworks display, here it is ! After an empty year 1985, he comes back pumped up and delivers here quite simply what will remain as its highest ranked title of all. The title of the final consecration which allows him to register his name for good in the musical legend of the 80s. HU-GE !

1986 ... he plays it to us as a luxury cover on this track with this revisited version of the Billy Satellite track dating from 1984. A cover that will surpass the original in terms of success. A daring bet but a winning bet !

1987 ... even if the year 1987 will not be able to equal the year 1986, what he continues to offer largely holds up. We will still have to count on him for a few years, that's clear !

1988 ... single-title year but who says single-title does not necessarily mean lower quality in its case. The singer manages to stay in contact with the best without too much difficulty and that's the main thing

1989 ... already 10 years in the leading pack. The singer will not remain as the most brilliant of his generation but does not have to be ashamed of his discography, far from it !

1989 ... the last title in a decade which saw him reach a level of notoriety worthy of the best. It remains to be seen what the next decade has in store for him. Good question...

1990 ... no worries for now. The singer begins the 90s in the best possible way with this title, a title which clearly proves that he still has some under the pedal ...

1991 ... new luxury cover his time on the title of Romeo's Daughter dating from 1989. And once again the copy will be stronger than the original. Too strong !

1991 ... a year 1991 which sees him in an Olympic form with this new title of very big caliber. He will have crossed the decade of the 70s, then the decade of the 80s and he is still there in this decade of the 90s. The mark of the Greats !

1992 ... we thought he was on his way to another decade of non-stop success. Unfortunately, the machine will seriously seize, with the key this last notorious hit. Anyway, he will have remained at the highest level for nearly 15 years. What more !


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