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Turn off the silence...

Not much information about Mobile Homes except that it is a Swedish group formed in 1984 by brothers Andréas and Patrik Brun, who will be joined by Hans Erkendal and Per Liliefeldt

A group that will remain mainly in the musical history of the 1980s for the high caliber single "I know I will die" released in 1988.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Don’t give it up 1986

  • I know I will die 1988

  • Feeling better 1989

  • Let this be forever 1989

  • Something better 1990

  • Hurt 1990

  • Afraid 1991

  • Love to be loved 1991

  • I can’t believe you 1992

  • Turn off the silence 1994

  • You make the sunshine 1998

  • Definitively wrong 1998

  • United 1998

  • It's all for the best 2000

  • Nostalgia 2001

  • The bitter end 2016


Clips :

1988 ... after a first title passed completely under the radar, the group is back in force with this title. Title which will undoubtedly remain as one of their most successful. All good little guys !

1989 ... trendy sound, just like the style. And yet this group will not manage to break through internationally as it should. Frankly shame ...

1989 ... a band with certain talent, just like almost all the Scandinavian bands of the time. After, there were the Very Great and the Pursuaries. This group will unfortunately be part of the second category ...

1990 ... after an 80s decade which saw them hatch more slowly but surely, here they are entering the 90s without complex. Afterwards, for what results, only the future will tell ...

1990 ... what is paradoxical with them is that they will have started very strongly then will have almost disappeared from the radars thereafter. Without demerit. Hard law of the trade ...

1991 ... anyway, they believe in it and that's the main thing. After what are their real motivations, that's a good question ...

1991 ... an inspiration that does not weaken even if it still does not allow them to reach the highest level. Largely enough to still be interested in them anyway ...

1992 ... the only small problem is maybe the fact that they stuck too much on a typical 80 tone. Because their style is very similar to the Depeche Mode style of the previous decade ...

1994 ... they will never manage to produce THE title that could have set them apart once and for all. And yet it is not for lack of trying ...

1998 ... a decade 90 which will have seen them stay afloat for too many problems without allowing them to finally obtain the consecration after which they have been chasing for years. Hard law of the trade ...

1998...a decade of 90 which is not quite over with a year 1998 which lasts, which lasts, which lasts. As long as the music is good, it would be wrong to do without !

1998 ... three titles in this year 1998, a productivity to say the least surprising but which reassures somewhat on the state of form of the group. Good job once again !

2000 ... here they are in this new 2000 decade. Always so motivated and always so inspired. Never tired little guys ...

2001 ... they try to adapt to the latest musical trends and the result is far from ridiculous. It starts from a good feeling but it will not change the course of time unfortunately ...

2016 .... we thought the adventure was definitely over and they are back as if by a miracle. It may well be that we find them again later. With them, anything is possible ...


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