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Bill Medley, whose real name is William Medley, is an American singer-songwriter more particularly known for having been one of the members of the duo The Righteous Brothers, a duo which will go down mainly in history for their incredible title "Unchained melody" released in 1965.

It was at the age of 19 that he started his artistic career by setting up a first duet with his friend Don Fiduccia. But he also begins to compose also for the others, in particular for the group The Diamonds, group which will record two of its titles.

The Medley/Fiduccia duo was transformed into a group called The Paramours in 1960, a group which signed with the Mercury Records label and which would release three titles. Three titles with limited success ...

We find Medley in a new duo The Righteous Brothers from 1963, this time in the company of a certain Bobbu Hatfield. Duo which had a first success the same year with the title "Little rabbit Lupe lu".

The adventure will last nearly 5 years and produce 3 major titles which are "You've lost that lovin 'feelin'" in 1964, "Unchained melody" in 1965 and "(You're my) Soul and inspiration" in 1966 .

The solo career began in 1968 with the release of 3 successful songs "I can't make it alone", Brown eyed woman" and "Peace, Brother, Peace".

The singer will experience a slight crossing of the desert during the 70s but come back in force during the 80s. With the climax of 1987, the year that sees him in the company of Jennifer Warnes with which he performs the title "(I've had) The time of my life". Flagship title that we will find in the soundtrack of a small film called…Dirty Dancing !

Notorious success which will unfortunately be the last ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • I can't make it alone 1968

  • Brown eyed woman 1968

  • Peace brother peace 1968

  • This is a love song 1969

  • Statue of a fool 1979

  • Don’t know much 1981

  • Right here and now 1982

  • Til your memory’s gone 1984

  • I still do 1984

  • I’ve always got the heart sing the blues 1984

  • Is there anything I can do 1985

  • Loving on borrowed time 1986

  • (I've had) The time of my life 1987

  • He ain’t heavy he’s my brother 1988


Clips :

1968 ... the Righteous Brothers adventure about to end, the singer decides to take his destiny back in hand. With a potential like his, all hopes are allowed ...

1968 ... of the first solo titles mainly oriented Intimist. It must be said that the time is particularly suitable ...

1968 ... even if he shows real predispositions in this particular area, it would be good if at some point he showed us another facet of his talent ...

1969 ... for a little more rhythmic titles it will be necessary to wait a little longer. A late 1960s that saw him stay in his comfort zone. Rightly or wrongly, good question ...

1979 ... wrong at first glance since he will disappear from radar for almost 10 years. Before coming back to this year in Intimist mode, once again ! Return losing inevitably ...

1981 ... it's a luxury cover of Barry Mann's title dating from 1980 that will finally put him back afloat. Always in Intimist mode but in a sound which sticks much more in tune with the times. It was time !

1982 ... he stays braced on this Intimist register in a surprising way. Certainly, it is his original musical culture, but all the same. A little diversity doesn't hurt, on the contrary ...

1984 ... nothing changes for the moment. We will therefore have to be content with what he offers us and wait for better days in terms of tempo acceleration ...

1984, finally, the miracle happens ! Here he is finally out of his comfort zone and as luck would have it, success will follow. Like what, not much was enough !

1985 ... hunt the natural, it comes back at a gallop ! The tempo acceleration will only last for the duration of a title. He returns once again to his fundamentals. Frankly shame ...

1986 ... a passage in duo mode of shock and charm which will bring no more than that. At least on this title because on the next one, it will simply break the house !

1987 ... cult title for cult film ! It took him a long time to find the miracle recipe but on this one, it was a real master stroke ! The duo signs here quite simply one of the most torrid titles of the moment and enter fully into the legend. CULT !

1965 ... another cult title ! Long before standing on his own feet, he was part of this magical duo that will go down in history, especially for this incredible title. Certainly, it is not him who sings but we take anyway !!


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