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Rhythm of the jungle...

The Quick is an English duo formed in 1978 and composed of Colin Campsie and George McFarlane.

Duo which released his first single "Sharks are cool, Jets are hot" in 1979, single which unfortunately will go somewhat unnoticed.

A semblance of recognition arrives with the release of the following single "Hip shake Jerk", a single which will be a great success in 1980 throughout the southern sphere. This will not really be the case for the next two, namely "Young men drive fast" and "Ship to shore" which will also be released in 1980.

A poor performance that was quickly forgotten with the release in 1981 of the enormous single "Zulu", a single that would hit the shelves across the Atlantic and bring them fame and fortune. A year 1981 which also sees the release of their first album "On the uptake".

Success was confirmed the following year in 1982 with the release of the album "Fascinating rhythm", an album of consecration which brought them a new notorious success on the single side with the title "Rhythm of the jungle".

A great adventure which will take a much less favorable turn with the failed release of the album "International Thing" two years later in 1984. Album which will not produce any major hits.

A counter-performance that the group will try to erase in 1986 with the release of the album "Wah wah". Unfortunately, the result will not be much more brilliant except for the title "Down the wire" which will be the only one to perform pretty well.

A new underperformance from which the group will unfortunately not recover ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Sharks are cool, Jets are hot 1979

  • Hip shake jerk 1980

  • Youg men drive fast 1980

  • Ship to shore 1980

  • Zulu 1981

  • Rhythm of the jungle 1982

  • Touch 1982

  • International thing 1984

  • Missing you now 1984

  • Down the wire 1985

  • Bed of nails 1986

  • We can learn from this 1986


Clips :

1979 ... a first perfectly trendy title which shows at the outset that this group has everything he takes to break through at the highest level. Let's wait for more ...

1980 ... the group immediately confirms all the good that one could think of him. Admittedly, this title may be going a little quickly but it allows them in any case to obtain their first classified title !

1980 ... a BIG year 1980 with a plethora of titles. Unfortunately, there are winners and losers in terms of success in Charts. It will rather be part of the second category ...

1980 ... ditto for this one. Too bad because the adventure started off rather well. But given what is looming on the horizon, no worries about this slight air hole ...

1981 ... they immediately raise the bar with THIS title. A title that will make a real hit across the Atlantic and make them enter in a shattering way in the big leagues !

1982 ... but that's without counting on THIS title, an enormous Dance title which will bring them glory and fortune ! With the key to a direct ticket for posterity. MAS-TER-FUL !

1982 ... unfortunately, the fall will be as violent as the ascent. The group cannot capitalize on the enormous success of the previous title and will disappear as quickly from the radar as it appeared there ...

1984 ... and yet they are far from demerit, far from it ! When we see the quality of the titles they continue to deliver, we really wonder why this group did not break through as he should have ...

1984 ... a quality discography which shows that this group really had talent. He simply did not know how to impose himself as he should have. Hard law of the trade ...

1985 ... they will get a last unexpected hit with this title. But this will indeed be the last time we will talk about them at the highest level ...

1986 ... the adventure continues but the heart is no longer there as they say. The group is now doing more some figuration than anything else and the end is fast approaching ...

1986 ... they will even try to switch to the Intimist to save what can still be. And despite a title of more than obvious quality, they will unfortunately not manage to reverse the course of time ...


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