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A summer by the sea...

Giuni Russo, real name Giuseppa Romeo, was an Italian singer-songwriter who truly began her artistic career at the age of 15 by reaching the semi-final of the Castrocaro Festival. Festival which she won unanimously a year later! We are then in 1967.

In 1968, she even tried the Sanremo Festival under the pseudo of Giusy Romeo but this time the attempt was not unsuccessful, partly at her too young age. A year 1968 which saw her all the same release two titles which are "No amore" and "L’Onda", two titles which will unfortunately go somewhat unnoticed ...

In the early 1970s we find her as a backing vocalist for several artists and it is only in 1974 that things will finally accelerate concerning her. It was by signing with the German label BASF that she would finally be able to produce her first album a year later in 1975 under the pseudo Junie Russo. An album called "Love is a woman" which will know a nice esteem success with titles like "Everything is gonna be alright" and "Milk of paradise".

It was the end of the 1970s that saw her finally take off when she obtained her first notorious success in 1978 with the title "Soli noi", a single which was released under her final pseudonym, Giuni Russo.

But it is above all the meeting with the Italian singer-songwriter Franco Battiato in 1979 that will really change the situation. An association that will allow him to release a new album “Energy” two years later in 1981.

The real consecration came the following year with the release in 1982 of the single "Un’estate al mare". Single which will make a real hit and propel it in a shattering way on the front of the stage.

A short-lived consecration unfortunately because the result will be much less favorable with the release of several albums which will experience only a fairly limited level of success.

Artist who died on September 14, 2004 at the age of 53 after having fought for years against cancer.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • L'onda 1968 (Giusy Romeo) 1968

  • Milk of paradise 1975 (Junie Russo)

  • Everything is gonna be alright 1975 (Junie Russo)

  • Mai 1976

  • Soli noi 1978

  • Una vipera saro 1982

  • Good goodbye 1982

  • Un’estate al mare 1982

  • Mediterranea 1984

  • Alghero 1986

  • Con te 1986

  • Piove piove 1986

  • Adrenalina 1987

  • Ragazzi al Luna Park 1987

  • Mango papaja 1987

  • Se fossi più simpatica sarei meno antipatica 1994

  • Gabbiano 1997

  • Moriro d'amore 2003

  • Una rosa è una rosa 2003


Clips :

1968 ... a career start under the name Giusy Romeo. At this stage, it's hard to imagine the long career looming on the horizon for this very young girl ...

1975 ... big air gap of 7 years then here she is back under a new name. The will to do well is essential, but it is clear that she still has work to do before she can hope to fight on an equal footing with the gratin ...

1975 ... a much more structured track which finally allows her to show what she is capable of. Rather a good omen for the rest of the events ...

1976 ... where the art of going from one extreme to another. While she played her rather in vocal demonstration since her debut, here she shows us a very different side of her. And what a facet !

1978 ... then THIS title comes ! The title of the real takeoff, all on a new Intimist title in addition absolutely sumptuous. In 2 titles, she has just shown that in this area, we will have to rely on her. MA-GIC !

1982 ... finished the parenthesis 'Take out the handkerchiefs', here she is back in a very different musical universe. Not sure that this option is the best for the rest of his career ...

1982 ... this title there on the other hand already corresponds a little more to the latest trends of the moment at least those which work with the general public. We were afraid ...

1982 ... THE title of recognition, the real one. This time will be the good one and she finally reaches a semblance of consecration, consecration after which she had been chasing since her beginnings. All good !

1984 ... she is never as effective as when she calms the game. We love to find her in this register all in finesse and lightness. We want more !

1986 ... a mid-decade that sees her perfectly in tune with its time. Nothing exceptional but a good job, quite simply ... title full of finesse and lightness on a tempo that will forever remain one of the main markers of this blessed decade... excellent year 1986 which saw her skim over her subject brilliantly, to say the least. We definitely want more...

1987 ... hunt the natural, it comes back at a gallop. We find her here in high-voltage mode and in bellow mode. Totally counterproductive unfortunately ...

1987 ... frankly a shame because the talent was real and the potential more than obvious. But she will never have succeeded in producing the title of planetary recognition, the real one ...

1987 ... there, we almost border on caricature. With her, we will have gone without stopping from one extreme to another. With to finish a real feeling of dizzy ...

1994 ... the metamorphosis ! 7 years will have passed between this title and the previous one and the least we can say is that everything has changed. And in a good way !

1997 ... yet another title of which she has the secret and which shows once again that she will never do anything like the others. We won't change her ...

2003 ... she will even attempt the transition to the 2000s and what a transition with this absolutely sumptuous title ! Unfortunately, fate awaits her around the corner and the end is fast approaching. Both literally and figuratively ... Tchao Bella !

2003...a title which will not be released as a single but which frankly deserved to be. Talking about it at least has the merit of putting it back in the light...


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