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American generation...

The Ritchie Family is an American concept-project but conceived by the French Jacques Morali, the same who will be at the origin of the Village People. Concept-project whose name is actually taken from the first name of the producer of the group Richie Rome to which will be added simply a "t" ...

Based on a triplet of female singers, the adventure begins with Cassandra Wooten, Gwendolyn Oliver and Cheryl Jacks. Three singers who released a first single "Brazil" in 1975. And for a first try, it is a real masterpiece since the title will make a real worldwide hit and launch the trio on the international scene in a sensational way.

Single from the album of the same name which was also released in 1975 and which will also be popular with the public. Album from which another large-caliber single "I want to dance with you (Dance with me)" will be extracted.

Success confirmed and especially amplified the following year in 1976 when the album "Arabian nights" was released. Album which will remain as the trio's biggest success on the album side and from which will be extracted the huge single "The best Disco in town". Single which definitively consecrates the group.

New album "Life is music" a year later in 1976, album with less success but notorious success all the same. Album whose flagship single will be the single bearing the name of the album.

Major success on the album side which will unfortunately be the last but that will not prevent them from experiencing two new successes on the single side with "American generation" in 1978 and especially "Give me a break" in 1980.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Brazil 1975

  • Peanut vendors 1975

  • I want to dance with you (Dance with me) 1975

  • The best disco in town 1976

  • Life is music 1977

  • Quiet village 1977

  • African queens 1977

  • Summer dance 1977

  • American generation 1978

  • I feel Disco good 1978

  • Music man 1978

  • Put your feet to the beat 1979

  • Where are the men 1979

  • Give me a break 1980

  • All my love 1980

  • I'll never be able to set you free 1980

  • I’ll do my best (for you, baby) 1982

  • All night, all right 1983


Clips :

1975 ... for a first title, the trio covers the cult 'Aquarela do Brazil', Brazilian flagship title released in 1939 and composed by Ary Barroso. A risky bet but a gamble won hands down since this revisited version will make a real worldwide hit and launch the trio in a brilliant way on the front of the international music scene. HU-GE !

1975 ... for their second title, the girls transport us from Brazil to Cuba. This time they revisit the title 'El manisero' by Moises Simon dating from 1930 with a result in the Charts which will have little to do with the previous title. Frankly shame ...

1975 ... business resumes with this new title. We suspected that the unscrewing on the previous title was only a simple mishap ...

1976 ... a return to business so well orchestrated that they will land here the biggest record success of their entire career. In just 2 years, girls will have become one of the biggest musical phenomena of the moment on a planetary level. MAS-TER-FUL !

1977 ... a quality sequel, but which will not be able to compete with the enormous previous title. This does not prevent the girls from maintaining themselves at a level worthy of the greatest. It's already that...

1977 ... one would have imagined that the girls had left to smash everything for several years. Unfortunately, the fall is going to be as fast as the ascent was. Cruel reversal of fortune ...

1977 ... and yet their total mastery of the Disco style is impressive and gave hope for very good achievements. They will not be unworthy, far from it, but in the face of excessive competition, it is difficult to exist at the highest level without producing an exceptional title after an exceptional title ...

1978 ... a salutary change of year which allowed them to come back to the race somewhat. All is not finished, you just have to believe in it a little longer !

1978 ... a year 1978 which saw them particularly in good shape. Nothing fancy, just a good job. We will largely be satisfied ...

1978 ... despite an obvious goodwill, it becomes harder and harder for them to fight on an equal footing with the rest of the planet Disco. And yet they are far from demerit, it is clear ...

1979 ... the more the years go by, the more the fall accelerates. The results in the Charts become insignificant or even non-existent. Attention danger...

1979 ... a year 1979 that really sees them struggling. A year 'without' as they say. It is difficult in these conditions to keep the motivation when we had the highest level two years ago ...

1980 ... we thought they were definitely lost and here they are again in dazzling form at the start of the new decade. Sustainable return or flashback, good question ...

1980 ... flashback unfortunately. The upturn was very short-lived despite the delivery of a high-caliber Intimist title. When it doesn't want anymore, it doesn't want anymore ...

1980 ... the girls continue their adventure no matter what. A trio that would have frankly deserved a much higher recognition than it was because their entire discography really holds up ...

1982 ... not to mention that they will have adapted perfectly to the latest musical trends of the moment. There was really not much missing to make everything start again ...

1983 ... an adventure which finds its epilogue with this title. An adventure that will have lasted almost 10 years and produced several titles of very high caliber. Mission accomplished as they say !


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