What’s a matter baby...

Ellen Foley is an American singer who will begin to be known in 1977 when she performs in duet with the group Meat Loaf the title "Paradise by the dashboard light".

His first solo album "Night out" came out two years later in 1979 and for a first album, it was successful to say the least given the level of success achieved by the latter. Album from which will be extracted the same year the 2 biggest hits of the singer on the single side, namely "We belong to the night" and "What’s a matter baby".

An album which will produce two other singles in 1980 namely "Sad song" and "Stupid girl", two singles which will not really meet the same level of success as their predecessors.

New album "The Spirit of St Louis" in 1981, album with certain success but which will struggle to produce any single of global class. An album however produced in part by 2 members of the Clash namely Mick Jones and Joe Strummer.

A Foley-Jones relationship that we will find surprisingly in 1982 in the flagship title of the Clash "Should I stay or should I go", a title written by Jones to describe precisely the relationship, to say the least, conflicting he had at that time with the singer…

The album "Another Breath" which was released in 1983 only experienced a limited level of success, a relative failure which unfortunately put a serious stop to the singer's recording career ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Paradise by the dashboard light 1977

  • We belong to the night 1979

  • What’s a matter baby 1979

  • Sad song 1980

  • Stupid girl 1980

  • The shuterred palace 1981

  • Torchlight 1981

  • Boys in the Attic 1983

  • Nightline 1983

Clips :

1977 ... the first steps. She prefers to play it collectively for her first title and it works out pretty well. It remains to be seen what she is really worth in solo ...

1979 ... the real solo take-off will take place on this track. And my faith, given the success achieved, it starts off pretty well this story !

1979 ... she immediately confirms all the good we could think of her. We are certainly far from the top of the Charts, but the main thing is to stand out from the crowd ...

1980 ... after a most promising start, the rest will prove to be more complicated to manage than expected. Astonishing turnaround ...

1980 ... a year 1980 which saw her somewhat in pain. She nevertheless has an obvious goodwill in it, but unfortunately this is not always enough ...

1981 ... business picks up somewhat in 1981. A breakthrough that risks being very furtive given a style and a sound that no longer really matches the expectations of young audiences ...

1981 ... how to compete with the competition with such an offbeat style ? It is almost impossible mission with the key to an outright disappearance of the Charts ...

1983 ... after a year 1982 empty, here she is back in this year 1983 in a form that we will qualify as certain. But the competition is now light years away and she will never come back to the race ...

1983 ... a shame because she gradually rose to the surface. She had everything to do great things but fate will have decided otherwise ...

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