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Hearts and minds...

The Farm is an English band formed in Liverpool in 1983 and originally composed of Peter Hooton, Steve Grimes, John Melvin and Andrew McVann. The same Andrew McVann who will be shot dead by the police 3 years later in 1986 after a chase ...

It was Madness frontman Graham McPherson who kicked them off in 1984 with the release of their first single "Hearts and Minds". A first single that will unfortunately go somewhat unnoticed ...

The next three singles won't do much better, whether it's "Steps of emotion" in 1985, "Some people" in 1986 and "Body and soul" in 1989 ...

So they will have to wait another year and the year 1990 to finally see their efforts rewarded with the release of the single "Steppin 'stone", single which finally allows them to obtain their first ranked title.

A year 1990 which saw them rise in power in an impressive way since the title “Groovy train” was released in the process, but also, and above all, the title “All together now”. Single flagship of their discography which will make a true planetary success and which remains to this day their title the best classified of all.

1991 saw the release of their debut album "Spartacus", an album that confirmed the band's status as a phenomenon of the moment. Notably thanks to the release of their new single "Don’t let me down".

A great adventure that will begin to come to an end when the album "Love see no color" was released in 1992, an album which did not really achieve the same level of success as its predecessor. Only the single that bears the name of the album will save the furniture.

The album "Hullabaloo" which will be released in 1994 will not allow the group to return to the race. A new underperformance from which the group will unfortunately not recover ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Hearts and minds 1984

  • Steps of emotion 1985

  • Some people 1986

  • Stepping stone 1990

  • Groovy train 1990

  • All together now 1990

  • Sinful ! (Scary jiggin’ with doctor Love) 1991

  • Don’t let me down 1991

  • Mind 1991

  • Love see no colour 1992

  • Rising sun 1992

  • Don’t you want me 1992

  • Messiah 1994

  • Comfort 1994


Clips :

1984 ... a first title which will go somewhat unnoticed. The potential is real, but it is clear that there is still a little work to do before they can hope to compete with the best ...

1985 ... at the rate of one title per year, it is clear that the group has not reached the end of its troubles. We will therefore have to be patient to see them take down the cup ...

1986 ... it will not be for that year either. Nor for that decade, let's be clear. For the big takeoff, we will have to wait the following decade ...

1990 ... and it's a luxury cover that will finally allow them to take off. Their revisited version of the title of Paul Revere & The Raiders dating from 1966 finally opens the doors to the big leagues. It was time !

1990 ... it took them 4 years to find the right recipe but it was well worth the wait. The metamorphosis is obvious and above all beneficial, to say the least !

1990 ... with what will remain as one of the most emblematic titles of the decade. They deliver here quite simply the biggest title of all their discography and return definitively to the musical Pantheon of the end of the XXth century. MAS-TER-FUL !

1991 ... they team up for one title with Pete Wylie on one of his flagship titles. Admittedly, the success met will have nothing to do with the previous title but the group continues on a dynamic now well in place ...

1991 ... the group is now firmly in place at the start of the 90s and is unrolling quietly. The sound, like the style, are perfectly trendy. All good little guys !

1991 ... second year with 3 titles. After a decade of the 1980s which saw them frankly struggling on the production side of titles, it is clear that inspiration is in good shape during this decade of the 1990s ...

1992 ... the year 1992 continues on roughly the same bases as before. Clearly, The Farm in the '80s version doesn't have much to do with The Farm in the' 90s version. Who would complain !

1992 ... and here they are even in Ultra Dance mode, moreover in sampler mode of the enormous Pavane by Gabriel Fauré. When we review their style a few years earlier, it is clear that the metamorphosis is complete. Bluffing ...

1992 ... here they take again the cult title of Human League dating from 1981. This revisited version is nice, certainly, but is far from equaling the original ...

1994 ... after 3 totally euphoric years, the rest will seem somewhat pale. With the consequence of a vertiginous fall in the Charts. All the lights are now red ...

1994 ... a title full of finesse as a farewell, what better way to end this magnificent adventure. Magnificent adventure which will have consecrated them as one of the outstanding groups of this end of the XXth century. Just for that reason, respect gentlemen !


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