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Living in oblivion...

Anything Box is an American band formed in 1986 and originally composed of Claude S. (real name Claude Strilio), Dania Morales and Paul Rijnders. Group whose name is based on Zenna Henderson's short story of the same name.

Group which released a first single "Beat of life" in 1988, single which unfortunately went somewhat unnoticed.

They will have to wait until 1990 and the release of the single "Living in Oblivion" to see their efforts finally rewarded. Actually, one came out again because the single had already been released 2 years ago but at the time had gone somewhat under the radar.

Success confirmed in the wake of the release of their new single "Jubilation", single which allows them to obtain the biggest success of all their discography, just that.

A year 1990 which also sees the release of their first album "Peace", an album which, in spite of a limited level of success in the Charts, will meet a nice success esteemed on the electronic scene.

The sequel will prove to be a little more complicated to manage than expected with the painful release of their new album "Worth" in 1992. A conflict with their lable Epic prevents the album from being released to the general public and the latter will only be distributed to grassroots fans, greatly limiting its impact.

New album "Hope" in 1993, this time produced under their own label Orangewerks. An album which allowed them to return to success thanks to their single "Where is love and hapiness" which was released the following year in 1994.

We will have to wait until 1997 to see their new album "Elektrodelica" released, an ambitious album which unfortunately did not produce any major titles. A poor performance that will mark the beginning of a slow decline, an inexorable decline that the group will never be able to stop ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Beat of life 1988

  • Living in oblivion 1990

  • Do you hear me anymore 1990

  • Jubilation (This thing called life) 1990

  • When we lie 1990

  • Soul on fire 1991

  • World without love 1992

  • Wedding day 1992

  • Worth 1992

  • Where is love & happiness 1994

  • Conscious 1997

  • I watch the world 1997

  • Relics 2001


Clips :

1988 ... from the first title, the talent of the group is evident. It remains to be seen what they will actually do with it ...

1990 ... this title will actually be released two years earlier in 1988 but only in demo mode. It is its release in single format that will change everything and offer the group the biggest success of all its discography. It was worth it to bring it out, that's clear !

1990 ... a year 1990 which sees them reveal themselves like never before. The group has grown in maturity and it shows in the finishing of the titles, it is clear !

1990 ... new classified title. The group is on a dynamic that does not weaken and which makes him one of the obvious revelations of the moment ...

1990 ... which will undoubtedly remain as one of their most successful titles. The group has perfectly made the junction between sounds from the 80s and those now in vogue ...

1991 ... few titles produced but more than certain inspiration for each title. We will keep repeating it, quality is better than quantity !

1992 ... a group which would have frankly deserved a recognition much higher than it was. But drowned in the mass, not easy to exist at the highest level ...

1992 ... a nice title full of finesse which shows that they also know how to do in this area. Beautiful versatility that is only found with the best as always ...

1992 ... a year 1992 definitely placed under the sign of gentleness. Certainly, a rather dark sweetness but with certain effectiveness. We want more !

1994 ... new classified title. But who will be the last unfortunately. Anyway, the group definitely inscribes its name in the musical Pantheon of the end of the 20th century. What more !

1997 ... slight air gap of 3 years and here they are back in this year 1997 in a form that we will qualify as certain. Certain but not sufficient to stay in touch with the best ...

1997 ... a title which literally floats in the air and which simply feels good. Often, finesse and lightness are enough to transport us to imaginary worlds that we do not even imagine ...

2001 ... they will even attempt the transition to the 2000s. Unfortunately, however, there will be no miracles and they will never be able to catch up with the leading pack. When it doesn't want anymore, it doesn't want anymore ...


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