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Intimist version 80s Part 3 - The best of the Category 'France'

The playlist of phew in which you will find all the biggest hits 'France Intimist' of the 80s.

For those who know nothing about it, the ideal way to find everything you need to organize a most memorable romantic evening.

For scholars, the ideal way to find what was best at the time.

Take out the handkerchiefs !

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Buzy - Gainsbarre 1986

  • Gérard Berliner - Louise 1982

  • Didier Barbelivien - Elle 1980

  • Yves Simon - Qu'est-ce que sera demain ? 1981

  • Partenaire Particulier - Volodia 1988

  • Peter & Sloane - Ma vie avec toi 1984

  • David Koven - Ne me dis rien 1986

  • Felix Gray - Histoire d'amour raté 1987

  • Florent Pagny - N'importe quoi 1988

  • Patricia Kaas - D'Allemagne 1988

  • Renaud Hantson - C'est du sirop 1988

  • Elli et Jacno - Pour toi 1982

  • Gérard Blanchard - Amour de voyou 1987

  • Chagrin d'Amour - Monte Carlo 1984

  • Julien Clerc - Femme je vous aime 1982

  • Richard Gotainer - Falbala 1988

  • Stephan Eicher - Sois patiente avec moi 1989

  • Lova Moor - Danse encore 1990

  • David Christie - Des vacances à Cap Breton 1987

  • Michel Jonasz - Lucille 1983

  • Catherine Lara - Nuit magique 1986

  • Daniel Lavoie - Ils s'aiment 1984

  • Stéphanie - Fleurs du mal 1987

  • Axel Bauer - Laura 1988

  • Jean-Jacques Lafon - Le géant de Papier 1985


Clips :

1986 ... a nice Intimist title very simple but of a formidable effectiveness. Definitely, she has this Gainsbarre in her skin !

Full Article Buzy


1982 ... the WONDER ! What will surely remain as one of the most beautiful songs of the 1980s on the French side. Incredible lyrics and inspiration that literally transcend an amazing song that will make the glory and success of its performer. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

Full Article Gérard Berliner


1980 ... the composer signs here quite simply one of the most beautiful ballads of the decade and of the end of the 20th century, quite simply on the French side. THE HUGE title that will really reveal him and that will bring out a truly extraordinary talent

Full Article Didier Barbelivien


1981 ... the end of the 1970s which did not bring major changes in the artist's career. On the other hand, the change of decade will see him completely metamorphose ! A healthy adaptation that will relaunch him like never before

Full Article Yves Simon


1988 ... one of their very rare soft titles. Even in this area, they display obvious aptitudes. Too bad they didn't use it more often ...

Full Article Partenaire Particulier


1984 ... after a major Dance hit, the duo tried their hand at Ultimate Slow. My faith, are not bad either in this register the 2 lovebirds !

Full Article Peter Et Sloane


1986 ... a magnificent ballad which simply feels good. Certainly, it will not reach the first places of the Top50 but it at least has the merit of existing, it is already that !

Full Article David Koven


1987 ... the Ultimate Slow which arrives in the wake of its previous top hit. But which unfortunately will not have the same level of success as its predecessor ...

Full Article Felix Gray


1988 ... this is where it all begins. The shattering start of a youngster who was to become one of the greatest French singers of the end of the 20th century, just that !

Full Article Florent Pagny


1988 ... the rise of power. Power is the word that qualifies this singer out of nowhere and who balances heavy, very heavy !

Full Article Patricia Kaas


1988 ... the singer's resounding return in the Intimist with this title which will surely remain as one of his most inspired. A sumptuous track that literally floats in the air. MA-GIC !

Full Article Renaud Hantson


1982 ... a nice title that literally floats in the air, very simple but of certain quality. Business is picking up as they say ...

Full Article Elli & Jacno


1987 ... in reggae mode. The more it goes, the more it slows down on the tempo side for the singer. Will soon make us an Ultimate Slow le Gérard ...

Full Article Gérard Blanchard


1984 ... a light and airy title to show that they are still there and that everything is still possible. It's fresh, it doesn't eat bread and it just feels good !

Full Article Chagrin D'Amour


1982 ... the WONDER of the WONDERS ! He will have interpreted Masterpieces of emotions. But here, we are almost touching the divine. An absolutely insane title which will remain as one of the most beautiful songs of the end of the 20th century on the French side. A hymn to the woman of a beauty rarely achieved. MAS-TER-PIE-CE !

Full Article Julien Clerc


1988 ... another nice interlude with this particularly inspired title which takes us to regions of Gotainer unexplored until then ...

Full Article Richard Gotainer


1989 ... he signs here one of his most beautiful ballads. The range of its possibilities is impressive : it is good almost in all registers !

Full Article Stephan Eicher


1990 ... and Marie-France tried her hand at Ultimate Slow. She, who usually plays it rather crazy, this time must play it with finesse. And my faith, it all works quite well ...

Full Article Lova Moore


1987 ... every decade, he gives us an Ultimate Slow which he has the secret. In the 1970s, it was "Our first child". For the 1980s, this will be it. And rare thing, he sang in French !

Full Article David Christie


1983 ... which will surely remain as his most successful Ultimate Slow. A WONDER of finesse and softness that literally floats in the air. Simply MA-GIC !

Full Article Michel Jonasz


1986 ... then his Masterpiece arrives. An A-MA-ZING title with extraordinary lyricism and which will undeniably remain as one of the most incredible Intimist titles of the decade. MA-GIC !

Full Article Catherine Lara


1984 ... after a quiet start to the decade without any real relief, the time for recognition has finally come. But above all of the consecration. Thanks to this title to magical lyricism and inspiration. He signs here the title of his life and surely one of the most beautiful songs of the end of the XXth century. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

Full Article Daniel Lavoie


1987 ... after the mega hits Dance, here comes the break 'take out the handkerchiefs' with this title in tribute to her ex-boyfriend ... An ex-boyfriend who is none other than Paul Belmondo. As a farewell gift, we do worse !

Full Article Stéphanie De Monaco


1988 ... an astonishing foray into the Intimist register. Clearly more accustomed with him to punchy titles, he gives us here a title full of finesse that largely holds up

Full Article Axel Bauer


1985 ... his Masterpiece. Surely one of the most beautiful songs of the decade on the French side. THE title of a lifetime that makes him definitively enter the musical history of the 80s

Full Article Jean-Jacques Lafon

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