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Samba Maria...

David Koven, whose real name is David Cohen, is a French singer born in Morocco and whose family moved to France when he was only 3 years old.

He learned the guitar at the age of 14, as well as the piano and the drums.

The real start of his singing career came in 1983 when he released the album "Samba Maria", from which the single of the same name will be extracted, with a suave and captivating heat and which will become a huge hit.

In 1985 he returned with the album "Eté torride" from which the flagship titles "Afrique", "American dream" and "Ne me dis rien" would be extracted.

His last major success was in 1988 with the title "Marvin", a tribute to singer Marvin Gaye. Single extract from the album "Soul".

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Samba Maria 1983

  • Désolé Bébé 1984

  • Charlie turquoise 1984

  • Afrique 1985

  • Ne me dis rien 1986

  • American dream 1986

  • Eté torride 1987

  • Marvin 1988

  • Elle danse 1989

  • Bord à bord 1991

  • Changez d'air 1993

  • Si c'était à refaire 1993

  • Le sel 1996


Clips :

1983 ... the title which will reveal him and lift him One Shot to the summit of fame and success. A wonder of finesse and softness. Here he simply signs one of the most beautiful titles of the decade on the French side. MAS-TER-FUL !

1984 ... a quality suite that cannot compete with the previous gem as the bar has been raised. But the style is still as effective and brings a certain freshness in the French musical landscape

1984 ... fresh, light and airy, the key word of his discography, it's clear. Admittedly, he does not manage to repeat the exploit of the first title but one will be largely satisfied

1985 ... after a year 1984 a slight notch below, the year 1985, her, restarts on the wheel caps and offers him a new hit. All good !

1986 ... a magnificent ballad that simply feels good. Admittedly, she will not reach the first places of the Top50 but she at least deserves to exist, that is already it !

1986 ... in jazzy delirium. A daringly daring bet in the mid-1980s where this musical style does not correspond to the musical standards of the moment ...

1987 ... back to South American rhythms, the style that suits him best. There is no photo between this title and the previous title on the public waiting side ...

1988 ... another magnificent title which offers him his last heavy hit. A discography which will have really produced very beautiful things. Respect !

1991 ... this does not prevent him from attempting the transition to the next decade. And even if there is very little chance that he remains in contact with the best, what he continues to offer is far from being ridiculous ...

1993 ... it is clear that he will mainly do some figuration in this 90s decade. His style does not correspond at all to the new standards of the moment but he is far from being ridiculous on this title, it is clear

1993 ... if it had to be done again ? Well do the exact same thing, dear David. Your discography has nothing to envy most of your competitors. You just produced a few fewer hits than some, that's all ...

1996 ... this time, the adventure is indeed coming to an end. 15 years of a busy career, which will have produced several very large pieces, what more could you ask for !


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