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To all the girls...more

Felix Gray, whose real name is Felix Boutboul, is a singer-songwriter who will stay in history mainly for the huge title which he performed in 1990 in duet with Didier Barbelivien "A tous les filles".

He also had some personal successes, notably with the title "La gitane" in 1987, a title which revealed him to the general public.

He has also composed for David Charvet, Patrick Bruel among others and will be the author of the musical "Don Juan" in 2004 which will be a hit in Canada.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • La gitane 1987

  • Histoire d’amour ratée 1987

  • Fille des nuits 1988

  • Si tu t’en vas 1988

  • Te revoir à Madrid 1989

  • Quand tu t’endors 1989

  • A toutes les filles 1990

  • Il faut laisser le temps au temps 1991

  • Nos amours cassés 1991

  • Mourir pour elle 1992

  • Chanson Pour Marie 1992

  • Tellement je t’aime 1992

  • Bahia 1994


Clips :

1987 ... the HUGE title which will reveal him and launch his career in a meteoric way. A title of formidable efficiency and which will remain as one of the most emblematic of the year on the French side

1987 ... the Ultimate Slow which arrives in the process to capitalize on the previous huge success. But which unfortunately will not have the same level of success as its predecessor ...

1988 ... back to Dance with this much more rhythmic title. But impossible to repeat the feat of "La Gitane". Pity...

1989 ... shy return to the front of the stage with this title with a particularly swaying tempo. Good will is obvious, but the Hispanic side does not necessarily pay at the end of this decade ...

1989 ... a magnificent ballad which shows the quality of his talents as a composer. He will have tried everything but it is still not enough to put him back in the lead pack ...

1990 ... then comes THIS title. Surely one of the biggest hits of the decade on the French side. A very simple Ultimate Slow but of a frightening effectiveness and which devotes them both definitively. HU-GE !

1991 ... a year later, the duo of hell hits the bull's eye again. As long as the recipe works, you might as well enjoy it to the end ...

1991 ... the pass of 3 ! And 1, and 2 and 3 hits for the 2 friends ! Male duos are rather rare at the end of the 20th century on the French side, but there, it is clear that they have found the vein !

1992 ... solo return with a quality track but which cannot compete with the 3 previous road rollers. Difficult landing ...

1992 ... a new foray into the Intimist world, an area he particularly likes at first sight. But he tends to forget which decade he's been in, the one that goes fast, very fast !

1992 ... this one is also pretty in the same style. But the result will be exactly the same as for its predecessor. It's time to question yourself otherwise ...

1994 ... we finish as we started, on swaying rhythms. Nice attempt to save the furniture but it is already too late, far too late ...


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